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  1. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    Android 7.0 is out (at least on us cellular site it list the note 5 now) i see it at sammobile too
  2. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    i been pretty busy lately. switched my router over to dd-wrt and had to redo all my passwords on all my devices and all the settings in dd-wrt itself. i then got a laptop and downloaded windows 10 pro and did a format and fresh install to the hdd. i then used acronis true image home to clone the hdd to an ssd and had to get all settings correctly for windows on laptop. finally getting back to this thread. about samsung pay and even google vr (i believe) i think i did read on xda that there is a work around to fix both those (again i believe). i read read and read all the time. for someone to say "google it" or "RTFM" they are pretty much jerks. when i come here (teamuscellular note 5 forums) and ask about rooting or flashing recovery it is not because i havent read its because there is NO good guide in a sticky. if there was a guide maybe we wouldnt have to ask the same questions over and over. googling.... xda dont have a us cellular section. i know about the sprint and verizon (cdma) areas but these are not us cellular. yes sometimes we get lucky and a sprint recovery will work but there has also been times in the past where i would use a sprint recovery and it would overheat my phone because it would have different clocks for cpu etc... anyhow to the great guys here that do contribute thank-you will be doing the root maybe tonight but not sure really why. there is no custom android 7.0 rom avail that we can flash is there? i do like to root just to mess around in the / area of the phone and i like to use the secret dial codes. thats probably enough reason to root right there. glad i didnt use that supersu you linked me to. it is only working on a two devices and note 5 isnt one. i read the last few pages on that thread. think i will look at the stable version
  3. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    thanks for all the info. will be giving this a try. i guess what was confusing me the most was either having a modified kernel or the supersu (systemless) the correct twrp was also confusing because we usually have a special twrp that is modified from the sprint and it usually hard to find unless in the forums xda is basically garbage info when it comes to us cellular. we all come here for us cellular phones and there really isnt a proper guide with all working links or even filenames so we can (google) i think everything is here now so will give it a try in next day or 2 and report back will this break samsung gear and samsung pay?
  4. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    yes the links are dead no kernel either that is why I asked for exact file names and or links
  5. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    can someone verify if root still works and if it does make a short guide process of the exact files names to use with links. cant wait for 7.0 without root for that long i waited for a bit already thinking 7.0 was gonna be released but instead just a 6.0.1 update
  6. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    Verizon and sprint both have 7.0
  7. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    getting a note 5 delivered from us cellular today. its used and am not sure what version of android is on it. thinking about rooting but I see almost every carrier has Android N (7.0) update. is us cellular going to be releasing this update to 7.0? is QD1 really 6.0.1 or is it the 7.0 android
  8. 6.0.1 Root, Custom Recovery, & XPOSED

    from what I read I thought the kernel had to have se enforcing to off. (could be wrong because I only finding bits and pieces scattered) in the sprint thread for rooting on xda I (believe) they are using a custom kernel with sprint twrp and supersu above 2.71 like yu mentioned. of course I can find odin flashable supersu (only can be flashed from within twrp. I not sure about this method since the note 5 don't have external storage so I would prefer odin flashable everything (supersu, kernel and twrp) just to make things easier. if you put together something I can help test but I don't have otg cable I don't think. gave both my cables to friends for gifts. I might have a straight micro usb to standard usb but will have to verify it works. I did wind up having a usb cable (straight micro to standard) looks like it works in the note 5 UI but not sure from within twrp
  9. 6.0.1 Root, Custom Recovery, & XPOSED

    would be GREAT to have the following available in this thread or at least a sticky on the Note 5 forums 1) which TWRP with Matching KERNEL (do we use Sprint twrp as in their stickies on xda they use philz and also a different kernel that is not SpaceX) I'm on 6.0.1 and would like to root but all links are dead. it would have been helpful if the exact file names were mentioned in the links instead of just (twrp) I'm very familiar with twrp and like to use that instead of philz 2) I do have odin 3.10.7 but can we use newer or should we just stick with 3.10.7? 3) which SuperSU and can we goto the highest version which is 2.78 and do we install with Systemless? also there is no kernel in the OP. I know some of you guys will help. iRIO
  10. Nougat

    Does the root and recovery work with "PL1" (6.01)? Since it most likely does (from what I have read so far) I'm wondering if I should do it since there will be a 7.0 release
  11. Nougat

    Almost all major carriers received the 7.0 update What about us cellular?
  12. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    getting a note 5 delivered from us cellular today. its used and am not sure what version of android is on it. thinking about rooting but I see almost every carrier has Android N (7.0) update. is us cellular going to be releasing this update to 7.0?
  13. Official Firmware ( Possible Root Method)

    here is another root method that might "possibly" work. does not trip knox.
  14. Official Firmware ( Possible Root Method)

    if you want to test this method now would be the time (before you exchange for the new version) to my understanding samsung is exchanging all phones no matter the condition
  15. Stock Firmware XDA Thread Firmware Possible Root Method i think we could follow guide and instead of using the verizon files use the us cellular note 7 files that are in rom i linked to in this post in other words (still use sprint recovery but with us cellular csc, ap and bl listed in the guide instead of verizons?