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    tdbone1 got a reaction from iR1O in Note 5 Stock Firmware   
    Android 7.0 is out (at least on us cellular site it list the note 5 now)
    i see it at sammobile too
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from iR1O in Note 5 Stock Firmware   
    i been  pretty busy lately.
    switched my router over to dd-wrt and had to redo all my passwords on all my devices and all the settings in dd-wrt itself.
    i then got a laptop and downloaded windows 10 pro and did a format and fresh install to the hdd.
    i then used acronis true image home to clone the hdd to an ssd and had to get all settings correctly for windows on laptop.
    finally getting back to this thread.
    about samsung pay and even google vr (i believe) i think i did read on xda that there is a work around to fix both those (again i believe).
    i read read and read all the time.
    for someone to say "google it" or "RTFM" they are pretty much jerks.
    when i come here (teamuscellular note 5 forums) and ask about rooting or flashing recovery it is not because i havent read its because there is NO good guide in a sticky.
    if there was a guide maybe we wouldnt have to ask the same questions over and over.
    googling.... xda dont have a us cellular section.
    i know about the sprint and verizon (cdma) areas but these are not us cellular.
    yes sometimes we get lucky and a sprint recovery will work but there has also been times in the past where i would use a sprint recovery and it would overheat my phone because it would have different clocks for cpu etc...
    anyhow to the great guys here that do contribute thank-you
    will be doing the root maybe tonight but not sure really why. there is no custom android 7.0 rom avail that we can flash is there?
    i do like to root just to mess around in the / area of the phone and i like to use the secret dial codes. thats probably enough reason to root right there.
    glad i didnt use that supersu you linked me to. it is only working on a two devices and note 5 isnt one. i read the last few pages on that thread. think i will look at the stable version
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from iR1O in Note 5 Stock Firmware   
    thanks for all the info. will be giving this a try.
    i guess what was confusing me the most was either having a modified kernel or the supersu (systemless)
    the correct twrp was also confusing because we usually have a special twrp that is modified from the sprint and it usually hard to find unless in the forums
    xda is basically garbage info when it comes to us cellular.
    we all come here for us cellular phones and there really isnt a proper guide with all working links or even filenames so we can (google)
    i think everything is here now so will give it a try in next day or 2 and report back
    will this break samsung gear and samsung pay?
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    tdbone1 reacted to Coolasice in Note 5 Stock Firmware   

    Moral of the story? Google It!

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    tdbone1 reacted to BoгИX in Note 5 Stock Firmware   
    You only need a kernel to root using the traditional "non-systemless" (systemfull?) mode.  Installing any version of SuperSU above version 2.60 (most recent is v2.79 SR3) through TWRP will root systemlessly and does not need a special kernel, because the SuperSU zip will modify your boot.img (kernel) to set SELinux appropriately.
    If you'd rather, you can use CF AutoRoot.  This will also root your device systemlessly, modifying your boot.img appropriately, but can be done through Odin.  Download it here:
    Unzip the file, boot to download mode, launch Odin, connect your phone, put "CF-Auto-Root-noblelteusc-noblelteusc-smn920r4.tar.md5" into the AP slot (used to be PDA), and flash it.

    Easy peasy.  I literally spent 3 minutes after googling "how to root note 5 xda" to find all of this information.  It took me longer to type this up than it did to figure all that out about a device I've never even owned.
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    tdbone1 reacted to iR1O in Note 5 Stock Firmware   
    Google is your friend (you dont need a kernel i don't think)
    use the same method as every single samsung, ever.   Took 5 minutes to find all of it. 
    If the original method doesnt work, then idk. The links are to the newest and most up to date versions available. 
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    tdbone1 reacted to iR1O in 6.0.1 Root, Custom Recovery, & XPOSED   
    I will try to put something together - I'm not very familiar with the N5 but I can try.
    I have no idea about the kernel, I doubt you need a custom one. The Sprint TWRP should work just fine.  You dont NEED a kernel to use TWRP.
    As for Odin, you can use 3.12 - as long as it's 3.10 or newer, you're fine - once 7.0 hits though you'll NEED 3.12.
    For SuperSU, don't use Systemless, thats for the Nexus/Pixel only I believe. You can use any SuperSU version 2.71 or newer on 6.0.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from phalkon30 in Official Firmware ( Possible Root Method)   
    if you want to test this method now would be the time (before you exchange for the new version)
    to my understanding samsung is exchanging all phones no matter the condition
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from slim2none4u in Official Firmware ( Possible Root Method)   
    Stock Firmware XDA Thread
    Possible Root Method
    i think we could follow guide and instead of using the verizon files use the us cellular note 7 files that are in rom i linked to in this post
    in other words (still use sprint recovery but with us cellular csc, ap and bl listed in the guide instead of verizons?
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from iR1O in Debrick file for r530U 16gb   
    i think i can also use one if someone has the 16GB 
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from Jake Davis in [12/24][CM12][TEMASEK][LOLLIPOP][5.0]   
    i hope i can find a place that can do the note 3. when i put a different sim card in it never asks me for an unlock code
    works great in cm11 but cm12 looks like it actually does have a root problem as neither file manager works on that one.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from Jake Davis in [12/24][CM12][TEMASEK][LOLLIPOP][5.0]   
    im not sure which phillz would you mind offering a direct link. im usually in twrp all the time on some phone eventhough i started out on phillz and loved it.
    just want to make sure i dont get the wrong one as im careful like you said with the twrp versions.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from MAXAWILLI in Root and Recovery for 4.4.2 (NF3)   
    im on android 4.3 (mja) right now.
    im about ready to odin over 4.4.2 (nf3) and just want to know what process people are using to root and which recovery?
    i prefer twrp if possible
    i imagine after twrp is flashed i can just install supersu 2.02?
    i dont prefer a universal toolkit.
    just like the plain and simple method of putting phone in DL/Odin more and flashing a recovery then booting to the recovery and installing supersu.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from HikingMoose in [ROM] Working CM11 HLTEUSC   
    Here it is
    official cm11 nightlies for hlteusc here
    changelog located here
    TUSCC Link:

    Get twrp hlteusc
    I'm told by bigbiff its final
    Install and reboot
    Calling worked for me
    You can report problems with cm11 here (i believe.)
    I'm so happy we get nightlies and hopefully the phone working like it is supposed to.
    Thanks to the people here that shared the files with team cm to make us get into cm11.
    It saved alot of time for them I'm sure
    Good teamwork
    One more thing
    #twrp bigbiff helped out alot
    #koush clockworkmod recovery gweedo helped out too
    #cyanogenmod Slayher really responsible for getting this done so quickly and also Psycho3ioy too as he got on it. He also from #cyanogenmod
    So nice looking at all the settings.
    I bet nfc works. someone try it.
    GPS Toolbox in device only mode picked me up within 6m.
    It took along time and i told it to download the gps data file.
    It was quicker after that.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from BoгИX in New TWRP HLTEUSC Test Build   
    can 100% confirm twrp for hlteusc works 100% with 9-16 cm11 nightly hlteusc
    all is good
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from hawksfan2 in Official CM 11 HLTEUSC OUT!   
    it is a shame that people work so hard and put out our own device tree hlteusc and we can not even install because it detects twrp as hltespr
    can someone for the love of god please fix this so we can run official cm11?
    thank-you in advance

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    tdbone1 got a reaction from Zenzr in new info on cm11 nightly hlteusc and recoveries   
    been trying to get cwmr installed and i did
    hlteusc 6050 is the version
    1st i converted that .img file to tar.md5 with carboni's img to tar converter which flashed ok but would not stick
    so here is what i did
    from windows cmd with android sdk installed (samsung    1.54 drivers installed only)   place these files on / of external sd card recovery.img (cwmr 6050 for hltuesc) cm11 hlteusc copy those 3 from external sd to internal sdcard after copy shut down device and remove ext sd card boot phone back up into ui and enable usb debugging mode (tab on build no 7 or 8x in settings/about phone go into developers options and enable usb debugging mode and plug phone into computer get android sdk (4.4.2 platform) open a cmd prompt (as administrator) and "cd C:\adt\sdk\platform-tools" adb devices (you should see some numbers by your device) adb shell su dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p15 exit exit power off phone or pull battery boot into recovery (which is now cwmr) whoot guess what it dont have a way to mount external sd card so thats ok because we will be installing from internal sd where the files are so do NOT wipe /storage when wiping wipe everything but that reboot to recovery install from zip BAM reboot to system guess what happens stuck   cwmr or cm11 nightly still screwed up how can they put nightlies up on site when it dont even work   1 more thing could have saved a ton of time because twrp installs so simple with odin and yet it results in the same outcome will not boot after you install cm11 nightly for hltuesc same exact scenario   WE CLOSE THOUGH its coming    
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from hawksfan2 in New TWRP HLTEUSC Test Build   
    new twrp out
    it not perfect with slim
    getting FC alot
    but it boots
    i testing for him.
    he making another one.
    might be the one
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from hawksfan2 in New TWRP HLTEUSC Test Build   
    new twrp recovery that works but cm11 has a bug or omething
    works with w03 slim v15
    [19:05] <@bigbiff> [19:05] <@bigbiff> [19:05] <@bigbiff>   i used the tar and odin and it worked. this is a work in progress.   i think its now working with slim and might be compatible with cm11 nightly BUT i think cm11 has to make a couple changes.   anyhow its getting close now!
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from trvbone in ★☞ [ROM][4.4.2][N900R4][MAR12] W03 Slim V15 *The clean AOSP* ☜★   
    data, text and sms were working until i ran out of my pageplus minutes
    i flashed the mk2 modem over the stock nab modem in 4.4.2 because people said there were problems but both were ok to me.
    never tested mms
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from hawksfan2 in [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 (3/27)   
    i was told in #cyanogenmod on freenode to keep an eye out for hlteusc in the official supported devices.
    i been checking it all day.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from hawksfan2 in [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 (3/27)   
    I talked to someone and said it going back together in a couple days. Merge back
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    tdbone1 reacted to hawksfan2 in [ROM] CyanogenMod 11 (3/27)   
    Cm just split up the hlte branch so I'm actually not sure which we could use or if they just dropped support.
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from iR1O in ★☞ [CM11][4.4.3][N900R4][ROM][KERNEL] Temasek's ☜★   
    there is no pageplus file for any note 3 i dont believe.
    when you activate "any" phone with pageplus (except verizon i believe) they just ask for the meid and then in return they give you the following
    to set the above you have to switch the phone from RUIM_Only to NV_Only
    flash a us cellular custom prl that make the triangle go away so your are not roaming (the cust prl connects to verizon towers)
    with that info is entered into an app like DFS or CDMAWS then you can get voice and text
    the data and mms is a different story
    also you can normally do a *228 or *22890/*22891 and it will OTA and also get the PRL
    if you just want to test it out pageplus gives you a $2.00 credit for free when you give them your esn.
    i think to switch right back to us cellular you just put back in your sim card and make sure it is set to RUIM_Only
    getting voice and text working is a snap
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    tdbone1 got a reaction from WoundTight in help needed. screwed phone with EFS Professional 2.0.91 >>>>STAY AWAY<<<<< from it   
    radionerd got my phone working again
    used a good /fsg and /backup from a verizon DE note 3
    working just like it was
    saved my 455
    phone was sold on ebay for $290
    i was gonna net $230 after all the fees and shipping
    omg i issued a paypal refund and an apology to the guy
    looks like ebay is still charging the $29 but paypal returned its $8.00
    im just happy my phone is back to how it was