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  1. Does anybody use a Pixel XL on USCC and have trouble keeping LTE? I just picked up a Pixel XL 128GB (Verizon model with the locked bootloader) from Woot and am having trouble with the LTE keeping signal. Below are some readings reading the dbm and asu: -89dbm, 50 asu-104, 37-105, 35-102, 99 What I see happening is that the LTE signal starts out "good" then after a minutes gets weaker and the signal bars go empty for 2-3 seconds and then LTE comes back. This happens when the ASU hits 99. The Pixel constantly does this yet I haven't noticed a hit on the battery as if the device were constantly scanning for signal. I took the SIM and put it in my Nexus 6P and the signal was much more reliable & stable, below are some numbers for dbm & asu: 103dbm, 37 asu102, 38 For laughs, I set the Pixel to 3G and got these numbers and didn't loose connection: 86 dbm, 4 asu I saw that the Pixel XL does have issue with weak reception and the TMobile & Verizon LTE bands have been problematic but it may have been a manufacturing issue that has since been corrected. I'm wondering if I received an unlucky refurb model from Woot. Any other Pixel experience on USCC is appreciated, because I can't have a phone that constantly looses signal, so I'm really thinking I'll need to return this ASAP. Thanks!
  2. This really helps. It gives me a plan of attack when we go into the store.
  3. Thanks for the detailed response. Since i'm out of contract, but she is still in her contract, it sounds like we can merge onto a Shared Data Plan (let's say the new 10GB for $70 plan) and i'd pay $15 connection charge for my Nexus 6 (since i bought it unlocked from Amazon) and she'd have a $40 connection charge for her Moto X 2014 (since she is still under contract)....this means we'd be paying $125 until her contract is up in November 2016 at which point it could go down to $100 (since the Moto X connection fee will decrease from $40 to $15). Is that correct? If so, what if we just buy a brand new Moto X 2015 and give them back the Moto X 2014, would her connection fee immediately go from $40 to $15, or would the connection fee still be $40 until the contract is up in November 2016? Thanks again!
  4. okay, that's not too bad. thanks for the help!
  5. hmmmm, i may be interested in that. any guesstimates on how much an ETF would be on a 2 year contract that's about half up? $150? 200?
  6. well, i think i'll just have to go to the store and see what they have to say. if they do want the phone back, we'll just have to order a Moto X 2015 and come back a week later, toss them the old phone and activate the new one on the new shared plan.
  7. i figured i'd have to head into the store and figure it out there, but i was just hoping to get a heads up on what to expect and you've been a help with that. thanks!
  8. Question, what if I buy a new Moto X 2015 for my wife's line, do you think that will ease any complications since the device will be ours outright as it'll be purchased from Motorola?
  9. Okay, that helps. Sounds like I'm going to have to spend an afternoon in store haggling with them.
  10. I bought the N6 in full from Amazon so it looks like i'm good, but my wife's Moto X was at a discount when it was purchased last fall, i think it was holiday promo for $50. What types of problems are we looking at? Fees for "breaking contract"?
  11. So I'm looking to save money by combining my plan and my wife's plan into a shared plan. Here's the current situation: I have an old Belief Plan with 5GB data and i think 450 minutes & unlimited texting; this costs about $75 per month. My wife has a newer Belief plan with 2 or 3GB data and similar talk & text. I think this is about $80 a month. I have a Nexus 6 and my wife has a Moto X 2014; we're fine staying with these phones and any future phones will be bought & paid in full so we're not doing installments or financing. My contact is up at the end of this November and hers is up in November of 2016. I'd like to combine into a 8GB Shared Data Plan with unlimited talk and text as this will be about $100 a month ($80 + $10 connection fee for Nexus + $10 connection fee for Moto X). Is my assumption correct that we'll be paying $10 connection fee since we're using our existing phones and not buying new ones? Since my wife's contract is not done yet, will we run into any problems switching to this new plan? If we are allowed to move to the new plan, will we be under a new 2 year contract? I'd really like to avoid 2 year contracts if at all possible. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. BYOD Coming?

    I just activated a Nexus 6 (2014) last week. It was super easy. I walked into the store and told them I needed to activate it and 40 minutes later it was on the network. The only reason it took that long is that the USCC rep made a typo in the ESN so we had to start over. I dont know why people say they have trouble with the N6, for me at least, it was super easy. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and they'll allow BYOD.
  13. USCC Sim card swap question

    Thanks, that helps. I may give Cricket a test run if switching networks is that simple. I'm in south central Wisconsin so hopefully coverage is better here. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  14. USCC Sim card swap question

    So Zenzr, you said you were using your Nexus 6 to swap between USCC and Cricket. I was thinking about doing the same thing as I'm thinking of switching from USCC to Cricket, but I'm worried about Cricket's coverage and wanted to test drive their network before taking the leap away from USCC. How has your coverage been in Wisconsin (I'm in WI too)? How was the process of switching between USCC to Cricket, did you just swap the SIM's and reboot? Note: sorry if it seems like I'm hijacking the thread. Thanks!