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  1. Getting TWRP installed

    Actually, thinking more on it, all I really would like to do is get xposed installed. But even that seems to get me into troubles also. Way too many links and I am scratching my head as to what to download/use anymore. It has been way too long since I last looked into this stuff and I am getting a tad bit lost and overwhelmed over the last few days. I did try flashfire which seems like it is the way to go, but ran into a no boot issue and again had to reflash stock and start over. Don't know if it was the wrong xposed version or what the issue was.
  2. Getting TWRP installed

    Back on my G3 with 5.0.1 for a bit and I am having a bugger of a time trying to figure out how to get TWRP on it. Rooting was no problem but everything I can find for recovery doesn't seem to work anymore. A bunch of broken links or ADB commands that I am guessing are for previous versions of android as they always come back with errors about not finding correct files for things. The only thing I was able to find that I had hope for was the official TWRP app from the play store but I have tried multiple versions of TWRP through that and all of them just give me, I think it said secure boot?error, and just goes into a recovery bootloop. I have had to reflash stock recovery and re setup the phone way too many times now. Is their anything out their yet that still works?
  3. I had that thought also. I am still not sure if I want to try to send mine in for repair or just buy a new one off ebay. Not sure what would be cheaper/easier/faster at this point. Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  4. LG G3 Root Guide

    Necro post I know.....LOL BUT... Being That I recently had to return to my G3 for a while, just in case anyone else is still using one and wants root, the "NEW METHOD (5.0 Lollipop)" works beautifully
  5. LOL I actually kind of had that same thought about a self destruct mode. This is the first phone I actually bought new full price day of launch and also the first phone that has ever just up and quit on me.
  6. After more messing with things, still no joy in getting it to power up Connecting to the computer it isn't even recognized as being connected. My pictures at least are thankfully all on my sd card so no worries their but I think it is pretty safe to assume the phone made its way to the great electronics pile in the sky I would assume that any kind of recovery would be dependent on it at least being recognized by other hardware? If my computer don't know it's connected, software I'm guessing will probably not be able to do anything. As a side note, It has been a couple years since I used my G3, but I don't seem to remember it feeling kind of slow and jittery. Not horrible per say, but noticeable now after using the G4 for a couple years lol.
  7. Thanks Rub. I will try it again when I get home tonight. I keep hoping it would just be some fluke thing and it will start working again[emoji4] Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  8. Has anyone used LGs repair service for a out of warenty phone? Or any thoughts about trying them? Phone is two years and two months old. Have been having the odd issues for maybe a month or so like aftermarket launcher stopping occasionally and double tap to wake seeming not work reliably anymore but otherwise phone has been fine. Using it over lunch today no problem, came back to it two hours later and it was off. Won't power back on Tried a new battery when I got home along with the charger and even plugging in to my computer.....nothing... Not a dang thing Dug out my G3 and ran to the store to get it back up so I have a phone, but now I don't know what to do with the G4. I am going to assume it is out of warranty and would have to pay LG for repairs, and I am not real keen on them having to wipe the data as I haven't been able to do my weekly backup lately and kinda have a few things I really don't want to loose. I got a card from the dude at the store for a guy that does repairs and possible data recovery. I will try him tomorrow for kicks but I am wondering if it might be cheaper/better money wise just to send it LG and live with the lost data. Any thoughts on things? Thanks
  9. Root

    Edited first post with better links.
  10. Root

    Oops. I guess i did miss one. Their is one thread with the instructions and I think the link for the image and one thread with the needed commands to run. I will update here once I get home. Sent while swerving from my LGG4
  11. Root

    Link to XDA Thread. U.S. Cell specific thread Works like it should. Just follow the instructions to the letter. Edit for better links... Link to thread with the instructions. Follow everything in the first post except for the "commands" part. Post for the image download and correct commands to run. Both are in the first two spoilers boxes.
  12. Stock KDZ available

    Found this on XDA. Wasn't sure if I could post a direct link or not so this will go to the thread on XDA.
  13. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    So it seems I will apparently be keeping the phone. I just ordered a case and screen protector for it.
  14. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    Ok, so I went and bought one. Not sure if I should start a new thread or not tho. Haven't activated it yet. Gonna play with it for a couple days and see how I feel about it. I have 15 days to return it if I change my mind.