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  1. Using phone on prepaid

    When i was outside St. Louis, TMO was all the rage. US Cellular has awful service there. I believe AT&T also has pretty good service there, which for their best prepaid, Cricket is the way to go.
  2. Using phone on prepaid

    Google Voice is awesome for phone number sharing (though i dont know if you can use it with US Cellular, I use it with Sprint). Just install google voice on your device and setup with your phone number and away you go! Again, I am unfamiliar if this works with US Cellular, though knowing how cheap and shady we are, likely not.
  3. The kitkat rom that is posted here is locked. I am currently working on unlocking it and ill get it back to you guys ASAP
  4. LG G4

    As of now there is nothing that we have been told about it. Judging by how quickly we got the G Flex 2 (on release), and how well the G3 has sold, i can imagine that we will likely it right when it comes out, but they will slide it out quietly like the G Flex 2. NOTE: This is not per USCC and simply my best guestimate on it.
  5. GSM International Roaming

    We wont have them until the Galaxy S6 release from the sounds of it, I have a call tomorrow morning to which I hopefully will have more info. But yes, that is what it sounds like.
  6. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    Any more on this? Any employees want to venture some input? I hate to burst your bubble, but at this time, there has been no talk of this, except for us of course. But not to fear, I'm am sadly just a salesman, so I dont know all the things
  7. GSM International Roaming

    Call it taking out of context? Upon opening our AOLR (agent online reference) and checking the Buzz (basically their way of telling us stuff without telling us stuff), there is this nifty article about the new SimTrio cards that we will be carrying. Starting with the S6 (and subsequently all other phones below that take a SIM card), all phones will use this new SimTrio card. But we are to use our remaining SIM Cards unless the customer says something about GSM Roaming. taken straight from the Lions mouth, Quote "To simplify SIM card options, a SIM Trio Card (SKU 181730) is being introduced and will first be seen installed in the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and 6 edge devices, and available as an inventory item beginning 3/31. The SIM Trio Card is a three-in-one card, supporting 2FF, 3FF and 4FF sizes. The SIM Trio card can be easily disassembled and re-assembled, if necessary. It can be used for any device, regardless of the device’s operating system, with the exception of the Rugged Vehicle Router that uses the ruggedized SIM card (SKU 175467). Associates will need to continue to use the current inventory of SIM cards until they are depleted, unless the customer asks for GSM Roaming capabilities, as this new SIM Trio card is required for GSM international roaming. Similarly to how associates are being asked to use the remaining inventory of SIM cards before the new SIM Trio card, our OEM partners will be working through their remaining inventory as well, before introducing the new SIM Trio card in their devices (with the exception of the Galaxy S 6 and 6 edge which will launch with the new SIM Trio card). Therefore, there may a gap between when new-for-sale devices are arriving with the old cards and then begin to arrive with the new SIM Trio cards." - Pulled from the Buzz Maybe I'm reading into this too much, but it sounds to me like we are going to have some international roaming plans on their way (for World phones only of course)?
  8. Got my Nexus 6 today.....fail

    Little known fact. Leaving yourself a voicemail (from another device) often times fixes this issue. If not, then give the factory restore a shot
  9. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    You know whats silly? As an agent, I use the same website you use to redeem your points. Completely useless and waste of time. Our plans will be cheaper then VZW, pretty much which ever way you look at it. Just the nature of the beast. As much as people like to complain about USCC (Me included) we do have arguably the cheapest plans available for a decent phone on contract (disregarding Sprint)
  10. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    This was just passed to me today as well. Word is that points will stop accruing as of May 1 2015. and points will no longer be redeemable as of September 1 2015. Isn't that just grand?
  11. Yup that is exactly correct. This isnt an official USCC page or website, so basically we would have you call up Customer Service. Anytime you pitch a fit and talk about leaving to Verizon, they transfer you to people whos job it is to care about customers and their issues. So complain and talk about how no other company mess's up like this. And future reference, instead of posting another thread, simply ask a mod or admin (unsure who is in charge of moving threads) to move the thread to the appropriate section
  12. What is going on with my battery?

    Download Titanium backup and back your stuff up. Seems that you cant find the issue, Factory data reset. Then restore app data 1 app at a time and see if you can find any issues.
  13. Activating a "New" Phone without a SIM Card

    I cannot speak for US Cellular as I have not tried to swap an active USCC SIM between 2 devices, however technologically, yes you should be able to swap your SIM as all customer info is provisioned to the SIM not the ESN. Though if USCC like Sprint "pairs" the ICCID of the SIM with the phone's MEID then you will have to call USCC to have the SIM assigned to a new MEID even though all customer info is stored on the SIM and the phone is completely unusable without it, it's an additional security measure I guess to prevent people from taking an unlimited data SIM and sticking it in a hotspot or something like that. USCC says the SIM needs to remain in the original device at all times according to: http://www.uscellular.com/uscellular/support/faq/faqDetails.jsp?topic=4G-LTE.html Sadly this is not correct. The sim is needed for activation as 4g capable phones use the 4G network to provision themselves, but this is initiated by the network, not the sim card. In other words, your 4G will work (as long as the sim card is active) but your phone number will not move over, because the SIM card does not request activation, it just connects to the 4g network. The sad thing is this is very true. US Cellular employees in store are generally very uninformed (of course excluding me ). That being said, be firm but fair. Likely if they say no, it is simply because someone above them told them that it cant happen and that is that. So your tactic is correct, have them call up CS and basically have CS do it through the employee. I just cant teach everyone in US Cellular =P
  14. As i said earlier with my mother, i called up the customer relations team. They told me that because (in her case, she used about 30GB a month), the 7GB offer wouldn't work, they were willing to do a double data (i posted about this a few months ago, those double data promo offers in our system). In her case, 2 in contract lines, 1 smart, 1 basic, with device protection on both, and a 32GB plan would cost them about $300. They dropped the data cost to that of a 16GB plan though they will still have 32GB of data to use. total cost is $10 less then what they pay right now. Call up and threaten to cancel because of it, they will send you to customer relations and you will be able to negotiate something like this out.
  15. *7GB of high-speed data (3G or 4G), then user is throttled to 64Kps (2GB). that is what was offered to my mom. I asked them if that means that she has unlimited that throttles down after 7GB and they said no, so i have no idea what that even means, and nobody (USCC Side) will tell me.