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  1. I can confirm root using cf auto root on PL1 and was able to flash TWRP after.
  2. Anyone know if the PK1 and PL1 are still able to be rooted?
  3. Thanks for the heads up! wiped and flashed back to stock rooted! Thanks again!
  4. What happened to the note 7 rom port that was here a few days ago?
  5. anybody try this? any issues with the csc file and do you flash the zip or extract it first? thanks guys
  6. CurbThePain you rock! Thanks for making this lollipop and xposed! With touchwiz thanks!
  7. Do you have a link for the xposed you are running?
  8. only deodex'ed ROMs are supported and I can't find one for our phone
  9. Looking for a deodexed lollipop touchwiz ROM anyone have one?
  10. Anyone have just the boot tar file for lollipop so I can try to reroot with towleroot?
  11. If you had problems you did it wrong and edited the wrong line.
  12. http://d-h.st/pj9h Try this link and click the download now button
  13. Sorry don't know what happened Here is a link for it enjoy! Pandora patcher for 5.7!