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  1. US Cellular is way behind on this. They are usually not this slow on the update. There's gonna be S6's with N before we get it. I haven't rooted a phone in over a year. It's very sad. Although I've heard you can root the US S7's now.
  2. With TW themes now you can make it a very stock like experience now. Obviously nothing will still compare to the greatness of the stock feel but it's slowly getting better.
  3. Displays the same but S7E still the best measured display. The tests have shown the battery to be better on S7E (by how much idk just going by the benchmarks). Pretty much everything I stated was based off benchmarks which is all you can really do to compare without bringing in opinion. 6P camera is very good at taking pictures. The video however is not very good which is why I can't agree they are euqal. Two very good devices. I just didn't want everyone to think the S7E was garbage which is how that post made it sound. The only complaint you'll see is TW which is much improved with M
  4. 2 things better than the S5? No mention of battery? My S7E hasn't lagged once in 3 weeks. The amount of bad information in this post is astonishing. Every reputable phone reviewer has praised the S7E. I really don't know what else you want in a phone. Want faster software android updates and a better speaker? Stick with the 6P. I'll take a better camera, display (and no massive bezels), battery, CPU, GPU, gaming, water resistance, and expandable storage.
  5. I have it. Literally amazing. There was almost no bloat on it. No rooting yet unfortunately
  6. I just went to Best Buy to check out the S7E. Mind blown. Smooth as I've ever seen. Camera looks like what your eyes see. I'm not disappointed anymore about the silver because the gold was beautiful. Black was a little bland IMO.They didn't have silver on display but they are so reflective it'll be hard to even distinguish between gold and silver.
  7. Not to mention their LTE coverage seems to be top notch. Only reason I'm still with USC is I get perfect LTE where I'm at all times and they still offer contracts
  8. I'm so pumped that getting shafted out of the silver isn't a big deal because the S3 is so crappy lol And US Cellular decided not to carry the damn silver color for whatever dumb reason.
  9. honestly not even worth waiting for a different color. I'm using an S3 right now that restarts like 5 times a day
  10. Good call on that. I did chat with a representative on the their website and he had no information about silver.
  11. Well Best Buy doesn't have anything for US Cellular yet. What other stores you think would even carry for USC? The one downside of the smaller carrier for sure cuz the big 3 carriers all have silver. Might be stuck with the gold it looks like cuz I don't wanna wait for the device
  12. The website just opened up for preordering and I only see the gold and black available. Where is the silver option? Anyone know anything about this?
  13. I figured that. Thought it was worth a shot on the off chance someone saw. Luckily I've found a stable ROM that works. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  14. My Sim card wasn't even recognized when I went into the mobile plan settings. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  15. I've tried to flash several different unified D2LTE ROMs and what I've found is any unified build after September 1st 2014 build I flash I cannot get data and baseband just says unknown. I've tried everything with no luck including re- flashing just the modem after the ROM and still no luck. Did unified builds after September 1 stop supporting our provider?