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  1. Roaming issue

    I don't have the phone in front of me but I do know the model is Lg USxxx so I'm guessing it would be the uscc version. The sales associate at us cellular said he thought it was a different carrier phone, same as you. Has me wondering if you flash a us cellular Rom over say a Verizon phone will it change how the device model is displayed in the about phone section of settings?
  2. Roaming issue

    Hey everyone. I don't know if this forum is still very active. I've lurked around for a while and have gotten so much info the last few years. Thank you to everyone who's posts have helped me solve issues in the past. I cannot find any info on the problem I'm currently having. I just cracked the screen on my s4. It was a good phone but time to move on now. I got a used LG G5 the other day(after searching it seems that is my main problem lol). Had to get a new sim card since it uses the mini and my old one was to big. Took it to uscellular. He put the new sim in and can't get it to stay connected to the network. It constantly switches to roaming and back. It loses signal whenever that happens so data and voice keep cutting out. Anybody know of a fix? I'm downloading the stock MM firmware. It has N on it now. I was gonna see if it's a problem with that. I don't know? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.