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  1. Suggestions on ROM's

    Kinda bored and want something new and if you guys got any suggestions on any good roms please share, I'd prefer stable but if you think I'd like it then I'll do nightlies as well, I've already had Baked, Cyanogenmod, and currently running Beanstalk so please throw any suggestions at me, thanks (:
  2. Need with help with S4.

    Okay I followed gr33nd3vil's thread on how to root my phone, and did everything he said other than use PAC and I didn't use the CrossBreeder which was needed exactly on how he said, should I make a video trying to flash it back to stock?
  3. Need with help with S4.

    Yes I used NAE.
  4. Need with help with S4.

    Yes I have already tried flashing it back to stock and it is stock as the "Baked" loader doesn't appear no more but it won't boot all the way up past the Samsung logo.
  5. Need with help with S4.

    Which version of TouchWiz (stock firmware) were you on before rooting and ROMing? Were you on the most up-to-date system? Or, conversely, we can determine this by how long ago you rooted and/or if you remember the last time you took a system update before rooting. I was on 4.4.2 and I just rooted yesterday.
  6. Need with help with S4.

    I'm sorry but I don't think I know all I know of is that I installed the "Baked" custom rom, I think what went wrong was maybe the Chronic Kernel I tried to install.
  7. Need with help with S4.

    I have the stock firmware already, do I use MF5 or MJA or both?
  8. Need with help with S4.

    I rooted my phone following a thread in here and all worked out good until I installed a few of the things I was told to, I went to reboot the phone and it took forever and won't get passed when the Samsung Logo comes up and that is all that comes up it won't go passed that it just turns off, I then tried to flash it over back to the stock rom and and after it was finished flashing it showed US Cellular and the other things it's suppose to show but stops and Samsung again and sits there for a while and then turns off, any ideas on what to do to fix this? I really hope it's nothing major.
  9. S4 Unroot/Reset to factory settings.

    Yeah with the help of a few users I have got it all fixed, but I don't understand what the term "flash" means when using Odin, could you explain that a little better, TIA.
  10. I would like to reset my S4 to factory settings and I'd like someone who could help me with each problem I run into while doing as I already have tried and can not figure it out, thanks to anyone willing to help