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  1. Actually, someone in another forum helped me. All I needed to do was to recreate a folder named "Ringtones" (with a capital "R") in the internal device storage. Then, I had to restart my phone. Now, at least the default ones are working again! So, I'm thinking that if I put others in that folder, they will show up too...if not, no biggie, at least I have some and am able to get message notifications again.
  2. I have a bunch of custom ringtones and notification sounds downloaded from several different websites, apps, etc. Some of them are from downloads on previous phones that transferred over on my SD card. In an attempt to "clean up" my phone yesterday, I moved any/all sounds (ringtones, music, audio, notifications, etc.) to my external SD card using "My Files." I then also DELETED any music/audio/ringtone folder on the internal device storage, since I had move the contents to the SD card. I now realize, however, that I can locate ringtones on the SD card and change them (both as a global ringtone and for individual contacts), I am UNABLE to change a ringtone. When I go to SETTINGS>My device>Sound>Default Notification Sound>, it provides a list of "standard" notification tones (i.e., Pure Bell, Temple bell, Whisper, USCC, etc.) However, NONE of them work...I hear no sound when I select them. I think it is because I deleted the notification folder from the storage location on the internal device. Also, I only have a CANCEL and an OK option for default notification sounds - I don't have an option to ADD (and search for a tone on the SD card or otherwise), like I do if I follow SETTINGS>My device>Sound>Ringtones>. That will let me choose "Add," and then I can use Sound picker to access where they are stored on my external SD card. Does anyone know how I can either get the standard notification sounds back, or what the folder name/path was that I deleted, so that I can recreate the folder and put notifications back into it? All I really need is a way to set a default notification sound that works (although i'd like to get custom ones back, and be able to change them for different things, at this point, I just want to have some tone, any tone, to use)! For the record, I have also tried going into a specific contact, selecting "Message Alert" and I run into the same problem - no default tones listed actually "work," and I have no option to add them from the sound picker. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks. I was considering doing a factory reset, but since they are a pain, I thought I'd see if you guys had any other ideas first. It's on my "to do" list if I don't find any other easy fixes. I haven't tried the memory card idea yet, so I will start there. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. First of all, let me apologize in advance if this has been asked/answered previously. I did perform a search, but didn't find anything that addressed my issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Model SCH-R970) running Android version 4.3 (Baseband version R970TYUEMK2), with hardware version R970.03. Beginning last week, I noticed that there were several times (both when the phone was charging and not charging) that the screen would turn on and start flickering/blinking/flashing very rapidly. It almost seemed like it was "interference" with another electronic device, etc. It has happened on my desk at work, in my car while traveling, and at home. It has also happened when connected to WiFi, and when not connected to WiFi. Several times, I have been woken up in the middle of the night due to the light from the phone's screen display rapidly flashing (obviously, it wasn't doing it when I plugged it in to charge, or when I had fallen asleep). Around the same time, I noticed excessive battery drain as well. I have not changed or altered my noficiation times, sync frequency, or anything of that nature in the past 3 or 4 months. Previously, I was able to let the phone sit on my desk at work for the entire day, and I would have almost a full battery when I would leave. Now, it sits on my desk and is almost empty when I check it around mid-afternoon. I have swapped batteries (thinking it might just be a bad battery), updated all of my apps from the Google Play store, uninstalled an app that I had recently downloaded, etc. None of this seemed to make a difference. I have been using the OS Manager app to see if there is an app that might be running in the background and consuming a lot of battery, but I am not seeing anything unusual. When the screen turns on and starts randomly flashing/flickering/blinking, it appears that the Android System is the process using the most CPU at the time. The flashing/flickering/blinking usually lasts for about 3-5 seconds, and then the screen goes black. It seems to be happening more frequently over the past two weeks. A few times, it has continued until I have manually turned the display off (e.g., it didn't stop on its own and turn the screen dark). I have had the phone for about a year, and have mostly stock apps on it that I have purchased through Google Play - nothing very unusual or technically specific. In addition to the excessive and very unusual battery drain, as well as the random screen flashing, it is also VERY sluggish when I press the home button. It takes forever (okay, really like 2 seconds, but noticeably longer than before) to get to the main/home screen and to have the 4 apps appear on the main screen. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?