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  1. Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    Pasted a site below that I felt had good info. I've also been looking at switching to Fi. They have a deal right now to buy the AO x4 for $249, and if you get a second you'll get $249 credit to your Fi account. What I've seen, and this article describes, is the AO x4 and regular x4 are essentially the same. Difference is the AO version is pure Android. The regular version has some Lenovo/Motorola customizations, also has Tempow Audio where the AO version does not. Per the Fi FAQ, both versions work with Fi but only the AO version is available to purchase through Fi.
  2. Phone to buy for ~$150-$200?

    Since I moved to smart phones I had nothing but Samsung. Decided to give the LG G5 a try, moving from an S5. I was reluctant and not sure I'd like it, but wanted something new and didn't want to spend the coin on a S8. On my Sammys, I had rooted and custom ROMs. Haven't done any of that on the G5. I like it a lot. I know there are better phones, but it does everything I need. I wouldn't be affraid of it if I were you. Had it about 9 months now and no issues, with the exception of broken camera lens. My wife and I both cracked ours within a week of each other. Both have protective cases.
  3. T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I'm in the Quad Cities area. I was thinking of jumping to Fi, and then USC came out with the Unlimited plan that looked good for me. Converted plans and added lines for my kids within the first week it was available. Few weeks later they started the 1.5Mbps cap on those plans. I'm pissed about the whole thing. Like others, I feel like I was mislead. Now, they state in the fine print that it is capped. I've looked at moving to Big Red now that they are at the same price for unlimited. Haven't pulled the trigger. Had them before USC and had drop spots. That was 13 years ago though. Ironically, starting to get those on USC. Still interested in Fi. Would probably go that route if I didn't have the kids that are now hooked on unlimited data. Would love to see a Fi unlimited option. TLDR: yes, I'm also considering jumping after 10+ years. Not sure where.
  4. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Anyone have an address? I've got no problem emailing them directly. As far as paying less for the lower service we are getting or getting what we paid for, I tried that route. Rep claimed I am getting what I was sold, an "optimized" service. I believe "optimized" is the right word. Just that it is optimzed from their perspective and not the customer. Typing this from the middle of nowhere, and the speed sucks just as bad as the big city. Or as USC marketing would say, same level of service in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Submitted a complaint over a week ago. Indicated they saw no reason for slow performance. Said they escalated the issue and sent to tech support. Asked me to check back in a few days. Kept checking back, trying to be nice about it. No update. This was all through email. Started giving my messages an aggrevated tone. Finally got a straight answer. Either they were playing dumb at first, or there was an internal memo explaining the issue telling reps how to handle it. "I appreciate your patience. I’ve had the opportunity to look into this further for you. While your speeds feel slower this isn’t because you’re not getting 4G. There is a difference between the unlimited plan vs. our other plans. All of our Unlimited Plans provide optimized data speeds. You will be able to use your device as you normally would (ie, streaming video, streaming music, browsing, using maps, etc,...). While there are lots of applications out there that measure speed, they may not always show an accurate picture of your speeds. We are continually monitoring our network performance to ensure that we deliver data at optimized speeds; though at various times the actual speed you measure could vary." The rep goes on to suggest a stretch plan. So, I inquire. "If I am understanding correctly, I can either have reliable/increased/full 4G bandwidth speed or unlimited data, but not both. Is this correct?" Response: "The data on the stretch plans won’t be optimized." They went on to give pricing for the Stretch Plan, but dodged the question. I also referenced competitors not throttling or optimizing and got no response to that. Not telling you guys anything you didn't already know, but it is a response confirming that.
  6. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Anyone know how long the promo period is? The way I read this, I could get my current 2 phones signed up now and get the promo credit, then add lines for my kids a few months down the road, and still have the promo credit. Right?
  7. Check this***Stuck-In-Roaming---OR---Lost-Data/Signal***
  8. Disable admin and SD encrypt

    In case someone else runs into this, here's the fix. Continue with the SD encryption and setup the password lock. Once the password is setup, you can then disable the encryption before it starts. Once disabled the task to encrypt started by the policy scripts is successfully completed and the removal of the Exchange account fully completes, allowing you to change the lock type again. I went the long way about figuring this out. Upgraded to the latest build (which I had wanted to do anyway) and did a factory reset. This removed the PIN lock, but I was still being prompted to encrypt the SD card and could not change the lock type. Only setting up the password lock and getting into the encryption process and then disabling the encryption stopped the warnings and allowed the card to mount. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  9. I started the process of installing corporate email on my personal phone. As part of the process of connecting to the email server, it requires access to remote wipe, required a PIN to unlock, and encrypt the phone/external storage, among other things. Before allowing the encryption to begin, I stopped the process and deleted the Exchange account from the phone. However; it appears the admin policy is still applied (I cannot disable the PIN lock as the other options are disabled) and every time I restart the phone it prompts me to start the SD encryption process. It is not able to mount the SD card. Is there any resolution for this? Would a Factory Reset or update to the latest build clear the admin policy and stop the attempt to encrypt? Are there files somewhere that could be edited to resolve? I am currently running the OC1 build, rooted, and TWRP recovery.
  10. Root for USCC Galaxy S5 [Confirmed]

    Video to walk you through it:
  11. G900R4VXU2BOF3 Build Question

    Looks to have worked. Got a 1.5GB download. Thanks.
  12. G900R4VXU2BOF3 Build Question

    Did anyone get this uploaded or is the sammobile site the place to get it?
  13. USC TV commercial

    Highlandville, Iowa - no service in town (which lies in a valley). Have to drive a few miles north or south to get out of the valley and get service.
  14. Case reviews

    The S5 comes with a screen protector installed. It may not be as high quality as some aftermarket options, but it is clear and provides some level of protection. The wife and I have kept ours installed for almost a year now. You might try this out before buying something else.