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    Okay y'all. I fixed it. After a lot of research and time I ended up going to sammobile for the latest oreo firmware for US Cellular s8+ and it took literally like 5 hours to download because I got the free account (even with 70mbps download speed) and everything worked just fine. If you had problems with soft locking your s8+ I'm going to help you out a little: you can find a link to download the correct odin (3.13.1) and the instructions of how to correctly flash on the right side of that page as well. And like I said it's going to take FOREVER to download if you don't want to pay extra.

    Also @VIthe3rd I'm really glad you're here, man. I was beginning to think like all of these boards were just abandoned and that I just bricked my s8 lol I mean I might still have bricked it maybe because nothing is working except for the custom rom os screen and the downloading screen but at least there's someone here to make fun of me for it haha

    Yeah I did, including trying three different versions of odin (3.13, 3.12 (comsy), and 3.12.7) I even try just doing BL only and it fails it every time. I also tried flashing BL for the root files in all three versions of odin and it still fails me.

    wow these boards really are dead haha

    Hey guys, please help. So I tried rooting my s8+ and I messed up somewhere. I followed literally step by step and somehow I ended up bootlooping into the US Cellular screen and then after that it went into "installing system update" followed by "no command" followed by "error!" I'm trying to just reinstall stock firmware at this point and I don't know if I have the right odin or....? I've got odin 3.13 right now, am I not putting all the right things in all the right places? Gosh, I know I'm a goof but please help.
  6. S8+ Root, anyone?

    So I have a galaxy s8+ through US Cellular. I unlocked it (well actually it came unlocked, I didn't have to do anything) with AT&T, like, I have an AT&T sim in my phone and I'm using it through them now. Should I be looking up roms and root files for s8 phones specifically through AT&T or should any s8 phone's roms/root files work? I wouldn't normally care about messing around with different roms and whatnot but when I switched from US Cellular to AT&T, I had to sit and mess with the APN and network settings for like, hours, before I could get it all to work correctly and my fear is that I'll have to go through all of that again if I use a US Cellular rom. What would you do if you were me?
  7. I LOVE this rom. I've been watching the comment section to see how good this rom is, and it's taken me a while of convincing to finally run this rom on my phone because usually I'm not a huge fan of regular roms, like they have to be samsung based (yeah, I know, shun me). But I'm super pleased with this rom. It's probably the best, or at least second best rom for USCC Note 4. I even love the hints of the Galaxy s6 throughout the rom (that's probably why I like the rom more than a usual cyanogenmod rom). There are just a couple things I would like to address: -Facebook force quitting issue (this has actually already been addressed) it fore quits on my phone every 20 minutes or so of use. It wouldn't be a big deal if that wasn't an app I used constantly. -I'd like to see a "battery saver" option in "interface" > "quick settings" > "select and order tiles"... most roms have the option to add a "battery profile" setting and this rom doesn't. I'd like to see it because so far this rom is draining my battery a litter faster than I'd like (I'm sure it will even out though) Again, thanks! It always seems like we get 3rd party roms and it's cool to see a rom like actually developed for us.
  8. So could you tell us how to make a converter then? Help? Anything? haha
  9. I'm with everyone here. Can someone do a step by step guide (in moron terms, for those of us that are new to it) on how to convert a rom from sprint to us cellular? To whoever does, I'll owe them lunch someday
  10. I'm actually still getting errors when trying to download this, can it be checked? Also I'm getting a really huge problem, and even though it's not a temasek problem maybe someone will know a resolution. When I go from original samsung 5.0 to any other rom, it starts giving me huge errors. Like... everything from "settings has quit" (even in setup) to "messenger has quit" to "google play services has stopped" and just a TON of other errors. I've even went in and tried to fix the errors and disable the problem apps, but it still gives me errors and when I disable google play services of course the store and a bunch of other things go down and I can't download any apps or anything. Anyone know a solution? I tried the custom roms but went back to my samsung backup, but before that I was on CM12, before that I was on Samsung 4.4.2
  11. Hey guys, I'm having some pretty hardcore bootloops when I try to install this and I'm not really sure what's going on. I wouldn't worry so much about it if the recovery I made of the original samsung rom is also bootlooping. I went to a custom rom for some time (beanstalk and then PAC) and now I am thinking of going back to the original samsung rom but I cant because every samsung ROM just gives me bootloops. I'm still kindof new to this so I'm sorry if I'm saying something ignorant or skipping something really important but in TWRP when it says "checking for MD5 file" it later says "no MD5 file found." I know that's normal for other ROMS but is it for this one? I'm trying to get this specific rom for when lollipop finally (FINALLY) comes out for the note 4, I can surpass the knox counter to update when it does come out. Thanks guys!
  12. Hey guys, I'm just having some quick problems, nothing major and if anyone has a quick solution to any of them that would be great! problem 1: xposed: I finally found a place to install xposed on lollipop okay here's my problem, I can flash the .zip part part with TWRP, no problems. When I install the .apk, xposed tells me that the app needs to be flashed. How do I do that? I can't add the file into oden as it doesn't accept any .apk files and when I put it on my phone, I can't install it via TWRP because TWRP won't find it. How is it posssible to flash it? problem 2: I'm getting some random reboots. Not sure why. Anyone else have that (or know of it)? problem 3: how do I find changelogs for the new updates? They're not on the website (or I can't find them) and when I go and click on the updates in cyanogenmod updates it does bring up a changelog but it just loads and never actually bring up anything. I think it would be super interesting to find out what's being changed in every update Thanks, guys!
  13. Hey there again! I finally switched over to CM12! Woo! I do like it a little better, no more overheating, sometimes still random reboots, but not as much as beanstalk. I don't like that I'm not able to customize as much in CM12 as beanstalk, but I do like that I can download the updates directly to the phone and install it like that instead of downloading to a computer and then putting it on my phone. I even found an app to flash that fixes the equalizer issue and it's wonderful! Okay, with that I'm having a couple problems, and I'm not going to post them here because they're now CM12 problems and not beanstalk problems, so I'll see you guys over there. And thank you guys for so much support and help, I really appreciate it!
  14. Biggest question I have is what build of Beanstalk are you on?To address the camera problem, I also had this issue on some builds. Try a newer build and see if that helps. The same goes for the overheating and random restarts, some builds were worse than others. Not sure what to say about the Equalizer app. Best advice I have for you is to try out the new CM12 nightlies. Do a clean install of CM12. They don't have any of the camera issues, overheating or random reboot issues and are very reliable. They also support xposed framework as well. Edit: here is a link to the CM12 nightlies if it helps.★☞-Official-CyanogenMod-12.0-for-R910R4-Note-4-[trlteusc]-Lollipop-☜★ Hey guys, sorry I haven't replied sooner, college life got me busy, tho. haha any who.... so to answer your questions... I'm running 5.0040-20150228, so the second to last one, I realize I should update it, but won't I lose everything again after flashing it? OR.... is there a way to keep everything (like apps you've already installed, email accounts, etc etc etc) and install a new rom (like either the new version of beanstalk or CM12)? The camera problem is really a lot better since I posted my first post. It's just very laggy... very... very.. laggy. And I don't get the soft reboot problem as much, but it still does happen (like... at least once a day) and my phone overheats ALL the time, ESPECIALLY on charge... Like so bad that I get scared and take it off charge and the battery out to cool it down (and I'm usually very trusting), and for the comment about "the overheating will go away in a day" I've had this rom since 2/28 and it still does it. I probably will go to cm12 I just need enough time to sit down and do it just the only thing is flashing the new updated version and still keeping everything. Again, I know I'm super new to this and I'm probably asking the most stupid things, but just hang in there, I'm learning(:
  15. So I'm having some troubles with this rom (I'm actually pretty new to the whole rooting/custom rom scene, so I'm sorry if I say things that are ignorant, here) here are the problems I'm noting so far: -music equalizer doesn't work (the app will pop up, but no change in sound when adjustment is made) -camera force closes, getting "could not connect to camera" message every once in awhile, fixed temporarily with reboot -beanstalk reboots every once in a while without my permission, like, the phone gets warm and then it reboots (it feels like it's overworking itself, but I can't imagine that being the note 4 is super. Also, when I go to settings>beanstalk options>omni performance, it says there are two cores that are offline, is that correct???) -I can't install xposed framework (it tells me "xposed is note (yet) compatible with Android SDK version 21 or your processor architecture" I've heard some people say that it's not compatible with lollipop yet, and then I've hear that it is compatible with lollipop, so I don't know. If it's not compatible with lollipop yet, when will it be?) I'm looking for solutions or maybe a workaround for these issues. Thank you!