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  1. SIM Card corrupted!

    I'm getting data just fine, what controls the MMS/ Phone service then? Flashed back to TW 4.4 (Knox debloated) and the problem persists. Phone activation always fails.
  2. SIM Card corrupted!

    Is there any way to edit the parameters on a SIM card? Mine got corrupted and is missing the following info; Phone number, Subscriber ID, Sm country ISO, SIM Operator, Network Country ISO, Network Operator, Network Operator Name, Network Type. I have all this information saved elseware so is it possible to just program it back in? The wierd thing is that I still get 3G, not sure about 4G (not in my area). In anything but the stock ROM the connection square in the quick settings menu just has 3G with 3 bars, I get data but no phone or MMS, and the Carrier spot says empty. I flashed my phone's modem to the one for 4.3+ to get the new networking stuff but this didn't solve the problem, I tried the card in another phone and it told me the same thing. SIM card doesn't connect regardless of kernel or ROM. I'm currently using the SCH-R970.