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  1. Yep. I downloaded an app that changed the build prop.
  2. I have a Nexus 6 by Motorola. Running Android 7.0 rooted.
  3. When I use Bluetooth to connect my phone to my car, the display would read "Nexus 6 connected." However, after installing Google Assistant it displays "Pixel XL." Also, in About Phone Pixel XL is listed. Strange.
  4. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    I'm still in the Android beta program. Would it be better to wait until the Nexus 6 gets the official version before rooting?
  5. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    Not yet for the N6.
  6. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    I just joined the Android beta program and installed Android 7 preview. Can Wug's be used to root or unroot it? Sorry if this has been asked previously.
  7. Well it's official

    I switched from USCC to Verizon when I moved to Arkansas from Oklahoma last year. Service has been good, but I seem to have more dropped phone calls than I did before.
  8. So it finally happened

    My stepdaughter broke the screen on her IPhone when I lived in Stillwater OK, and I took it to a place called Cell Phone Repair. Cost a little over $100, but they did a good job. Unless you live in a really remote area, there should be a place that can fix it.
  9. What ROMs is everybody running

    Resurrection Remix
  10. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I have been looking for something like Hyperdrive that I had on my Note 3. I'm not sure why, but Cataclysm didn't interest me.
  11. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I ended up downloading the full ROM, but I wasn't impressed, so I'm back on rooted stock.
  12. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    Another question. Custom Roms for the N6 don't seem to be carrier specific. How do they know what your carrier is?
  13. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    That's what I thought. Thanks.
  14. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I just downloaded Cataclysm and gapps for marshmallow. Cataclysm is only 33 MB and gapps 68 KB. Both downloaded quickly, something I'm not accustomed to when I had my Note 3. Is something wrong here?
  15. Nexus Security Releases

    Sorry. I remember seeing something on it, but I didn't remember where.