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  1. Shared data plan Question

    I'm getting the $10 connection price on my two installment plan phones, but I was considering adding a line and purchasing a phone from a friend. They said if I purchase the phone it is a $40 monthly connection charge. They clearly said the only way to get the $10 is to have installments.
  2. Shared data plan Question

    I called customer service three times yesterday asking the same question. I was thinking of adding a line to my account. I currently have two lines on the retail installment and 10gb shared data. Of course the connection charge is the discounted $10 per line. I asked if I purchased a phone up front for the third line would that connection charge $10 as well and I was told no, it would be $40. Not once or twice, but told this three times by three different reps. Still unsure...but I will do definitely not add a line of that's the case.
  3. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Sorry, but no. The higher connection fee is what pays for the subsidized phone. You'll have to wait until you are eligible.
  4. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    It's my understanding that all shared data plans include tethering.
  5. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    He's rooted and uses his phone as a hotspot for his home internet as well as phone data. He averages about 15gb per month.
  6. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    A friend of mine signed up for the $40 unlimited 4g in November of 2012. He renewed with a 2 New subsidized phones in December of 2014 and was told he could keep the unlimited as long as he doesn't pick a New plan. As of today, he still has the unlimited and has not received any notification of it going away.
  7. wifi connection

    Anyone else having a lot of trouble connecting and staying connected to WiFi? It will say I'm connected but no response from internet.
  8. Subsidized option going away for retired plans 1/8

    I believe device financing is 20 month finance not 24.....
  9. roaming

    So they currently have no roaming partners where the data is considered native?
  10. roaming

    I recently switched to us cellular, and I have a question. I have great 4g coverage all around my house, but I am wondering about when I travel, is that throttled to 1x when I leave native coverage?
  11. roaming

    Quick question..I recently switched to us cellular and have great 4g all around my normal area.....but wondering if when I travel to an area with no us cellular towers, will I be able to use data? If so will it go count towards by shared 10gb like native, and lastly will it be throttled to 1x, or remain 4g or 3g.
  12. ETF payoff good for device installments

  13. ETF payoff good for device installments

    I was told today that us cellular would pay of my device installment with sprint since I have no ETF. I have the message from us cellular customer service to verify. I'm still unsure..any thoughts?
  14. data roaming deal

    US cellular has supposedly worked out a data roaming deal with a "major" carrier. Any ideas what carrier this is?
  15. CCA LTE agreement

    Thanks guys! Very helpful answers.