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  1. LG G5

    LOL at that ad. I love LG, hate Sammy, so of course I agree with everything on that list.
  2. LG G5

    Yeah it sounds like the app drawer will soon be a thing of the past. I would imagine you could use a launcher if you wanted to keep the app drawer. I'm not sure if I would ever use the magic slot either, but I just love the fact LG is trying new things and not giving us the same phone every year. My G3 performs as well as it did when I first got it about a year and a half ago. Love LG and won't be going back to Samsung anytime soon.
  3. LG G5

    So with the LG G5 announcement coming up soon I was wondering what your thoughts are on this device? I still love my G3 and when I'm eligible to upgrade this summer I'm sure I'll be getting the G5.
  4. LG V10

    thanks for the heads up. Disappointing but it will make my decision easier to just go with the G5 next summer.
  5. LG V10

    I'm a huge LG fan. I currently have the G3 and love it. My plans were to upgrade next summer when the G5 comes out. But now LG has announced a new phone, the LG V10. Sounds like the specs are similar to the G4, with an addition GB of ram. Biggest difference is the size and build quality. It has a 5.7" screen and it also has a dual screen so the very top of the phone can be used separately for notifications and such. I think I read the total screen size of both screens equals 5.9" but I might be wrong on that. Also the build has been improved. Metal rails and some type of silicone/plastic on the top, bottom, and back, which sounds like it feels much more premium and makes it much more rugged. Android Authority has a drop test video, and it seems like this phone really takes a punishment with little damage. I'm assuming I would rather go with the G5 next summer than this device, but it sure looks like a good phone. If it was between this and the G4, I think I'd take the V10. Hopefully USCC picks this device up.
  6. US Cellular & Verizon Plan Comparisons

    Really, only decision to stay with USCC at this point is if you get a better signal from them where you live. I get a really solid signal from USCC and friends who have Verizon get a terrible signal in our area. If it wasn't for this I would have switched long ago.
  7. LG Nexus 5x and 6p HYPE THREAD

    I won't be getting a new phone until next summer but if they get the Nexus 5 I imagine my decision will be between that and the LG G5.
  8. Bill Reducer app

    I apologize if this has been discussed already. I did a quick scan of the forum and didn't see a topic on this. I just discovered an app called Bill Reducer for USCC. It sets your lock screen as an advertisement and it counts how many times you unlock your phone. If you unlock your phone at least 600 times in a month it will reduce your bill by $5 that month. This can be used for multiple lines. My wife and I save $10 per month using this. Getting to 600 is a lot easier than you think it would be. Anyone else using this app?
  9. Google is set to announce this device later this month. USCC has the Nexus 6, will they pick up the new Nexus 5?
  10. LGG4 preorder

    Anyone know how many belief points it'd take to upgrade early? Not sure how many I have exactly but last time I checked it was around 35000.
  11. LGG4 preorder

    Nice. I wonder how many belief points I would need to upgrade early? Got the G3 the day USCC released it. Not sure what else to use all of my points for.
  12. Lollipop Released!

    I guess I could try this. I mainly used quiet mode when I went to bed. It was a quick swipe down for the settings and hit the quiet button.
  13. Lollipop Released!

    How has battery life been?
  14. Lollipop Released!

    Welcome to the club... Google really hosed up lollipoop with removing the real mute ability. My.0002 centsugh this sucks
  15. Lollipop Released!

    I'm seriously considering reverting back to the last release