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  1. Root for KitKat

    I know it is strange but will try it again not sure what it could be thaty is going wrong i tried it again same two messages so I guess I will give up until someone can shed some light on the error messages
  2. Root for KitKat

    same thing using two of the newest twrp recoveries and same messages
  3. Root for KitKat

    no but i will tonight
  4. Root for KitKat

    i let the OTA of Kitkat install i was under the impression once you unlocked the bootlader it would always be unlocked I just went through the process again and at the end of it a message said it was all ready unlocked
  5. Root for KitKat

    I am trying to root my M after pgrading to Kitkat but so far I have been unsuccessful because i can not get a custom recovery to install. When i try it using my computer i get the following error messages . C:\Users\Bill>C:\root\fastboot flash recovery TWRP.imgerror: cannot load 'TWRP.img' I also get this message (bootloader) Variable not supported!error: cannot load 'twrp.img' i have the phone connected to the pc and in fastboot
  6. Using phone on prepaid

    Be careful using the coverage map for prepaid with AT &T i had a prepaid plan once and i did not get coverage where the map said so i called support and was told the map is for contract accounts prepaid does not get the same coverage
  7. KitKat 4.4

    I can not speak for anyone else but as far as my Electrify M upgradsing to KitKat made a huge improvement to the phone and I am quite pleased with it
  8. KitKat 4.4

    I have the same bloatware that i had with Jellybean i did not see a increase
  9. KitKat 4.4

    I also received the update and downloaded and installed fine if i was you i would post this in the Motorola feedback on their forums i believe this is the type of information they are lookinfg for and will be able to help you.I inserted a link to it hope it works
  10. How do I turn this into an mp3 player-only?

    Kitkat has not been released yet by Motorola so you can not get a 4.4 bootloader as of right now. The file in the above link still has a 4,1 bootloader your choices are find a custom rom that has JBBL in it this is a unified rom/
  11. WiFi won't turn on

    please do not wait for to long what works on mine because of a faulty data switch might not help your case out I can also tell you when you use a custom rom with CM as part of it when you go back to stock or any rom not involved with CM the notification light will not work when you plug your phone into charge apparently no one has foud a fix for this problem
  12. WiFi won't turn on

    I can not guide you i let mine come back on by itself it does seem to hold more steady by using wifi now the app from USCC and i also switch my mobile data from LTE/CDMA to CDMA and let it roam automatically and this seems to keep me connected
  13. charging port repair

    Well they might have stopped it but if you find the right person they will help you i tokk mine into a center and the lady took it out back and after she gave it back to me it workrd she siad the prt was very dirty
  14. WiFi won't turn on

    I have the same problem with my M and I am on a stock rom had it checked and they said it was the data switch something to think about it might not be the custom rom also what Rub has told you to do does work 60% of the time
  15. No sound or Wifi

    ok thank you i feel that might be just another problem with the phone i had to reboot 3 times this morning just to get wifi and service