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  1. Are points now essentially pointless?

    Ace is correct with the assessment above. I ended up in a subsidized mode. I was not happy about finding that out, wasn't really explained when I went in there. I have since done a 15 day return to change it to a RIC. So at this point I would agree with the statements that the p points are not worth as much as advertised.
  2. Are points now essentially pointless?

    I think I'm on a similar plan myself. Last week my EM died on me. I wasn't happy about it but it happens. I managed to use my points on a new Moto X 2014. I asked the question on whether it would change my plan and the service rep said no. So if every thing goes the way it should, I will only be paying the $10/ month access for the phone. I did have to sign up for another 2 years though. I would normally have picked up a used phone elsewhere but I needed a phone that day.
  3. [Two Word Game]

    Null pointer
  4. [Two Word Game]

    Replied quickly.
  5. Phone swap

    I don't remember paying any.
  6. Phone swap

    Wasn't sure you could do it over the phone. The only times I had to do switches is when I was buying the phone off craigslist. So I made sure to meet the seller at the store just to make sure there were no issues _before_ I pay for the device. I know, call me cautious, but there are some folks out there who like to do scams.... Thanks for the info! As far as me making the switch while sitting in my living room in my underwear... nobody wants to see me do that!
  7. Phone swap

    All I had to do is take it into the store. They were able to switch the phone over to a different account without a problem. I'm assuming there are no issues with the phone as far as ESN is concerned. They will check that as well. As long as the phone is not stolen and it came from an account in good standing, there should be no problems.
  8. [Two Word Game]

    Downward Spiral.
  9. [Two Word Game]

    Scientist Theory
  10. [Two Word Game]

    Sandwich delivery
  11. [Two Word Game]

    Stroller race
  12. [Two Word Game]

    Surge ahead
  13. Apple Pay and Google Wallet

    Yep, they missed the boat. I read about Coin at one point and saw Google wallet and thought it would be very similar. I guess it is with tap and pay, but not with the debit card. Coin is a cool technology, but the cards only last two years, then you have to buy a new one. At $100 for two years, it's kind of steep, but hopefully once it's released the price will come down. I do like the idea of having a "smart card" that way there can be some added security measures.
  14. [New Phone] Moto X 2nd Gen

    That's a bummer, because if USCC only gets the smaller flash version, I think that well be a deal breaker for many. Without the SD Card, the device is really limited. Sure we can back it up to the cloud, but sometimes access to the cloud isn't what is cracked up to be.
  15. Apple Pay and Google Wallet

    So maybe my perspective was a little off on this one. My apologies. Since I have a Motorola EM which doesn't have KitKat (this is a whole different issue), my perspective was from the Google wallet debit card. According to their docs the debit card can only be funded by a Google wallet balance. I was a bit disappointed when I read about this after I got the debit card. So when I do end up with a phone that supports KitKat, I will gladly start to utilize this feature. Until then, I'll have to continue using the plastic for payment. I do like the fact I can keep the store loyalty cards in the wallet app. That cuts down on carrying all those extra cards.