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Found 26 results

  1. Werid Display Issue

    Hi All, I have a Galaxy S6 running Android 6.01. Yesterday morning, all my games were working fine. Yesterday evening, suddenly every game I run displays like the resolution was reduced to Atari 2600 levels, and then scaled up to fit the screen... In other words, gigantic blurry blocks instead of pictures. Here's a link to a screenshot of what I see when I run any game... This is how the title screen to Animation Throwdown looks now. All games look similar, except Star Trek Timelines which goes back to normal after I proceed past the title screen. No other games go back to normal after the title screen. As you can see, system overlays display perfectly fine. Text boxes within games do not (such as the upgrade notice in Clash of Clans). I can watch videos and view pictures just fine. The problem only shows when I run a game. I'm hoping somehow I accidentally messed up some setting, but I fear some module on my GPU is failed. Things I've tried: 1) Restarted device 2) Cleared data/cache on on or two games (that I didn't care if I lost my progress in) 3) Cleared cache and Dalvik in recovery 4) Ran 3D Mark and Antutu benchmarks... all tests displayed normally. 5) Downloaded Game Tuner and tried to force different resolutions for games (no change whatsoever) Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Not just chat bots but, artificial intelligence has significantly played a vital role for many other segments as well where AI backed enterprise apps and several e-commerce apps have started integrating AI in order to better learn about their target audience buying behavior and preferences in order to feature them with the most relevant and appropriate product/services suggestions. An expert team of Android app developers California said that Artificial Intelligence has gained significant momentum in terms of providing products/services providers to get precise data and information.
  3. Most Support

    This might be a dumb question but I have a us990 and am having problems with the sim card reader. I'm thinking of getting a new phone and I am wanting one with a ton of support considering I could only find maybe 2 custom roms that somewhat still support this phone. Could anyone recommend me some that have a ton of support that I can use at US Cellular?
  4. Add Pixel features to your 6P

    ***None of this is my work I am simply providing the correct links for those who wants to add pixel features to your Nexus 6P ***Install this rom at your own risk. I am not responsible if your device blows up, your house gets robbed, or your wife cheats on you. There a few roms out there that will do what this rom does but this one has been the most stable for me. Pixel features: -Substratum legacy support. -Added pixel boot animation modded by me. -Added Pixel full mod credit to @gerard_f -Animated pixel navbar. -Night mode. -Blue color accent. -Round icons. -Google assistant. -Navbar tuner. -Pixel live wallpapers. -Pixel launcher. -Pixel sounds. Download the rom here:!35A1wTDB!wmp-UOmG6M5Zb1mZj3azGBi1T1ClacEci3Q-8LsssRw Vendor: Instructions: Clean install (recommended) -Reboot into recovery mode. (latest twrp recommended) -Make Wipe data / Factory reset. -Flash Rom Zip.(AND VENDOR IF NEEDED) IF YOU ARE COMING FROM ANDROID 7.0 AND LOWER FLASH THE VENDOR TO BE SAFE -Done... If you do not want the full rom but want the features of the Pixel, I highly recommend you check out this Screenshots: *Note: i am running a dark theme that can be found here: If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

    hello all, my name is raycekar and i am currently in the process of making stock+root rom 5.0.1 flashable for the us990 Why you may ask, i want to learn more about android development i have so far got the system image, boot image, and am working/stuck on understanding the meta-inf of a flashable rom some tut say just to pull it from a custom rom for your device but im uncertain of doing that and i also want to learn to create it myself my main goal for creating this is to learn how to develop and modify the rom in many different ways along with removing bloatware. if you have any good tutorials please let me know
  6. READ THROUGH FIRST BEFORE DOING. MAKE SURE IT APPLIES TO YOUR SITUATION. THREAD WAS WRITTEN FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE ON STOCK 4.3. ANYTHING BELOW 4.3 WILL NOT WORK WITH THESE FILES. SAME PROCESS, JUST NEED THE RIGHT FILES YOUR STOCK TOUCHWIZ VERSION. Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Hey guys. If you're an idiot like me, you might have flashed the wrong firmware for your phone and now the Galaxy SIII is as useful as a brick. Well, you've come to the right place. I accidentally flashed the MD4 radio on my SCH-R530U. After countless hours of research I finally conceived a plan on how to revive the phone. Symptoms of a Soft Brick: Bootloops, Stuck at Galaxy SIII screen, uhh and other stuff where the display actually turns on. If it does any of these, wrong thread. Symptoms of a HARD BRICK (what you're probably here for): Power does nothing, no output to display, no download mode, no recovery mode, computer recognizes it as QHUSBLOAD or something like that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's get fixing. You'll need: 16 or 32GB CLASS 10 Non UHC-I MicroSD Card (complicity matches internal memory of the phone, although I used a 32GB SD card for a 16GB phone and it worked just fine), a hardbricked Galaxy SIII duh, a Windows PC with a SD Card reader, MicroSD to full size SD card adapter, proper files (included later), a wall charger, and time. I'm writing this thread to try and not have people go through hours of research to get their phone back. 1. Download all the required files. 2. Make sure that the SD card is class 10, non UHC-I (I used a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card), and has no files on it. ALL FILES ON THE SD CARD WILL BE OVERWRITTEN. 3. Unzip the Win32DiskImager program and run as administrator. YOU MUST BE AN ADMIN ON THE PC. 4. Put the MicroSD card into the Micro to full size adapter and plug it into the PC (if you haven't already). In the DiskImager program, click on the drop-down box under device, and select the SD card's drive letter. Mine was F: for example. 5. Click on the folder-looking icon and point it towards the file named "SCH-R530U_CND4_debrick.img" once downloaded. 6. Once you are sure that that is the drive letter click "write" and then "Yes". The write process should only take a couple of seconds to finish. Once finished, take out the MicroSD card from the adapter. 7. Open up the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Take any existing MicroSD for SIM card out as well as the battery. Put the SD card that we just formatted and insert it into the phone. Plug the phone in using the wall charger. The red LED should light up indicating that the phone still knows that the MicroUSB slot still exists. If there is no red LED, then this will probably not work. 8. Reinsert the battery. The phone may start up on it's own or you may have to hold down the power button. My phone started on it's own. If all goes right you should get output to the display and maybe boot into Android. If you were like me and flashed the wrong ROM, you're gonna need to flash a new one. 9. For the people that the phone booted into Android, you MUST have the SD card in your phone or else it will become unbootable again. Don't want to have to have the card in there 24/7? Keep reading. 10. For both the groups of wrong ROMs and anti SD booters, you'll have to flash the stock TouchWiz firmware. So backup your data (if there is any) and download this file: 11. This file will take people that were still running 4.3 and move them up to 4.4.2 KitKat. People that already had 4.4, this will work too. I was still on 4.3 because I rooted. 12. Open Odin Download: 13. REMOVE THE SD CARD FROM THE PHONE OR ELSE ODIN WILL WRITE THE BOOTLOADER ONTO THE SD CARD WHICH MEANS YOU'VE SUCCESSFULLY DID NOTHING YOU WANTED TO DO. 14. Press "start". No, not the Start Button. Start in Odin. Yeah I'm bad at this. 15. This will take several minutes to complete. Be patient. Do not touch the phone just to reduce the chance of something screwing up. 16. If Odin finishes and says "PASS!" in a green box, congratulations! You've just successfully unbricked your Samsung Galaxy SIII! (Yes you can boot without the SD card now too. If you want to keep the SD card as a "Oh sh*t I messed up" card, feel free. But you can use the card normally by using a free Windows program called Minitool Partition Wizard and make the card normal again by deleting all the small partitions and creating one big one.) If this helped you, you're welcome. If you wouldn't mind swinging by my YouTube channel and giving it a sub, it would be greatly appreciated. Twitter: realZekTech Instagram: zek_tech Have a great day with your SIII!
  7. Title says it all. I'm running 4.4.2 I just made an attempt to update to lolipop (while rooted) but says "Failed" during install. Now I have supersu that turns into a black screen. Can someone help me get out of this predicament?
  8. Android M Preview 2 has been released to the wild! Here is the download. Arstechnica review. I'll have to try this after work today. I'll report back with my experience. Cheers!
  9. ***I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKED DEVICES OR ANY SORT OF DAMAGED CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE!!*** InspireOS is an Android custom ROM based on AOSPA kitkat 4.4.4. The purpose of this project, as the slogan says, is to bring more colors to your Android device with the Colors Engine developed exclusively for InspireOS. Many awesome features are available in our operating system such as a redesigned statusbar and notification panel, settings and InspireOS controller in which you will be able to control the Colors Engine and customize your InspireOS. Compatible Devices: Google Galaxy Nexus (maguro) Google Nexus 4 (mako) Google Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Google Nexus 7 (flo) Google Nexus 7 (wifi) (grouper) Google Nexus 7 20013 – 4G (deb) HTC One (m8) Motorola Moto X (ghost) Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) Samsung Galaxy S2 G (i9100g) Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305) Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) Samsung Galaxy S4 (jflte) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (n7100) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hlte) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) (hltespr) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (US Cellular) (hlteusc) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) (hltevzw) Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (d2lte) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7′ (p3100) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7′ (wifi) (p3110) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10′ (p5100) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10′ (wifi) (p5110) Downloads can be found at their official website: Install instructions: Download the rom for your device. Download Gapps which can be found here: Boot into recovery and wipe data/factory reset. Flash rom then google apps package. Wipe cache and dalvik. Reboot system. Screenshots:
  10. Hello! I'd like to run a 4.4.2 Google Play Edition rom on my USC GS4. I want a stock googleish 4.4 rom, with the Samsung camera drivers. The Google Play rom has been ported from ATT/Tmobile to Verizon. This is the rom: The rom will not boot if I flash it on my phone (I've tried). It goes into a locked download mode, and I have to flash something else to make it boot again. Could I use a ROM converter to make it work, such as the one here? If that won't work, is there anything that would, or might?
  11. 1mobile market play apks Google apks.zipGoogle on any phone This will get google on any phone regardless if it has been restricted or not. 1st step! Make sure your phone is rooted! It will not work if it is not rooted(how to root the Alcatel onetouch premiere is one post under) 2. download the various files. First is 1mobile market. It’s where you can get a Free version of root explorer which you will need. Make sure you download root explorer from 1 mobile market 3. Extract the three APKS from the ZIP file and copy them to the system/app folder on your phone with Root Explorer. 4. In Root Explorer click Mount R/W. Change the permissions of the 3 files to match the permissions of the other files in the folder (rw-r--r--). Then click Mount R/O and exit Root Explorer. 5. Reboot your phone. 6. Go to Accounts & Sync in your phone's settings, click Add account and enter your Google/GMail account details. 7. Go to your apps and Launch Google Play. Side note, the apk is the newest one as of october 28 2013. You will have to find the most updated version or update it yourself, a place where you can get the updated version would be if the links don't work or if you have any questions contact like if this works for you so it keeps this thread high so others can get help. Google
  12. [App Review][Game]DEAD TRIGGER

    DEAD TRIGGER If you haven't heard of DEAD TRIGGER or of it's developer MADFINGER Games you're in for a treat. If you're into FPS games especially if you dig zombie games then you're really in for a good time. I'd suggest going ahead and downloading this amazing and free game (WARNING: IAP are there but not required). It's easy enough to use with the on screen buttons but with my MOGA Pro controller it is only better although using the main launch screen still requires touching the screen to move around but I'm ok with that as the game play uses the MOGA to it's fullest. The game play is smooth and has a good story line to it. In essence you start in a city in despair. You have to go on missions to collect supplies, maintain a position and hold of hordes and also to find survivors in order to gain money and points. The more you level up the more weapons and add-ons you can get. Also the more you level up the more you can upgrade your weapons. Every day you start the game you are welcomed with a daily reward of some free chips and even gold sometimes to use and win some extra goodies. Besides the must do main quests there are other side missions there is an arena to test how long and how many points you can gain in an endless onslaught of the undead. A nice addition is the ability to have your game play saved online so you can download it to any device and continue where you left of which not many games do. Overall I have been thoroughly enjoying this game. There's just nothing like destroying an endless bevy of walkers with a plethora of style of weapons to choose from whether it's a pistol, shotgun, machine gun or even the classic chainsaw or even a special alien gun for blasting the zeds away. Even without a controller this game is fun so if you have some free time to kill and some space left on your device go give this fun game a go.
  13. You can flash it over your Cyanogenmod 10.1 ROM safely, make sure you get the gapps for 4.3 though. No bugs that I've run across so far aside from using Font Installer (don't use it, it'll break your ROM and you'll have to reflash.) IR Blaster, MMS, Camera, etc. etc works perfectly. Make sure you go into the Dev Options and go to Root Access and select App and ADB and you'll be good to go. Can't think of much else to tell you guys. All credit goes to the bloke over at XDA, my buddy Stephen, and the 2 cents I tossed in there to help things a long a little. So you will get nightlies over there, though it's an AT&T ROM he complies for many devices. When CM catches up, you can just use the CM updater. Anyway, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  14. Google Maps Updates

    Real time incident with google maps in some country for android and iPhone users. Download from store here
  15. Hey guys, If you do not know already, I have been working on a way to get us UTO. Well, I have been failing so much and so hard at it that I decided that I am going to do a COMPLETE REDOWNLOAD AND REBUILD from ALL Sources listed on the Ubuntu Wiki. We can talk about it here or you can get the lastest updates and news here. <- Personal Website. Updates: 7/29/2013-1:52AM: >Build four, I know this wont work, but this is build three with some files removed, and hopefully signed correctly. 7/29/2013-1:26AM: >Third Build which is built directly from D2VZW Variant of Ubuntu Touch (Used a couple porting methods to finish this build since I am having trouble with syncing up the git repo...) 7/27/2013-9:48PM: >Second build alpha release for D2USC Ubuntu Touch > First full build from source. Cannot confirm working yet, but it might who knows. 7/26/2013-10:21AM: > First Build Release Build001 (Not complete source, modified source combined with VZW CM10.1) > Updated all links on site. 7/26/2013-3:20AM > Starting the reinstallation of ubuntu and downloading the nessecary sources from git and other repos for Ubuntu Touch OS and CM10.1 for the D2USC (Official from CyanogenMod's website) > re-build begins in about 8 hours. Contributions: If you are a developer then contact me on here via PM or on my websites contact page. If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee for the late nights I am about to embark on click here Otherwise I will be updating this post and my website daily. My website: Click Here
  16. K, not going to go too deep in this, got a replacement on the phone, COMES 2.3.5 SHIPPED! Anyways, did the "" unlock method, gives me the error that happens when unlock won't work. So am I basically screwed over by Motorola? Also do this Pudding method work for Electrify? Peace, and thanks guys. Pudding Link: Saddened.
  17. I'm selling an unlocked Motorola Electrify USCC phone. It is in really nice condition: screen is flawless and just some slight dings/wear on the sides. Comes with wall charger (need usb cable), extra battery, and 2 seidio snap on cases (1 black, 1 red). Please see pics below and email me at if you're interested. $125 or best reasonable offer. Thanks!
  18. Android ROMS for HP Touchpad

    Here's the list of ROMS I have found for the Touchpad The ones in Bold I have tried If you've tried one that I'm missing, write a post with your comments/review of it and I'll add it to the list here Gingerbread Cyanogenmod 7.2 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Cyanogenmod 9 *Currently using this one. Love it except the camera doesn't work - - Jellybean (JB) Cyanogenmod 10 (Has lots of bugs, video streaming, mic, and camera do not work) - Site for support of this one:
  19. HTC Android Phone?

    What do you think the chances are that USC will get and android based HTC phone soon? I am specifically hoping for the Verizon-rumored HTC DLX/DNA. http://www.droid-lif...n-first-photos/ Any thoughts?
  20. XDA University

    Here is the website that will be devoted to teaching how to make ROMs and other development. You can sign up to get more info when it is finished!
  21. Jellybean on HP Touchpad

    jcsullins is currenly working on JellyBean for the TouchPad A lot of stuff still isn't working so it is for TESTING ONLY if you want to try it. Here is a link to a video showing that it works pretty smooth so far:
  22. HP Touchpad Android Wiki

    Lots of great info and instructions here:
  23. Android on HP TouchPad

    Here you will find links to guides for installing Android on your Touchpad, along with a list of compatible ROMS
  24. I recently read a viewpoint on the entire lawsuit that put new light on the proposed ban of certain Samsung phones by Apple. In the past, when facing lawsuits from Apple (HTC, anyone?), companies have simply updated their software pre or post launch to avoid infringement. My argument is this: Many of the models that Apple seeks to ban are running older software (2.x.x) including the SII's, the S 4G, and Droid Charge. Android's new software is not only meant to streamline Android and even run better on lower-spec hardware, it also finds loopholes around the patents Apple is defending. So, a simple solution to keeping the Galaxy phones available for sale in the US if they are banned via their old operating system? Update them to 4.1. In short, Apple suing the pants off of Samsung may just force a lot of companies to expedite 4.1 upgrades to their phones to keep them available. Just a thought. Yours?
  25. Hey guys, I was looking around in the play store and I found a app that is really sweet. You must be rooted, and most importantly, make a backup of your .prop Support the developer, it is 1$, but trust me its worth it. I haven't tried the 3G, due to only 200mb of data, exceeded 5gigs. now its turned off. But anyway, tell me how it goes, any differences or even your opinions! Link: Good luck!! And most importantly!! BACKUP!!!