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Found 9 results

  1. It doesn't really make sense that there's a combining forum for LTE Note 2 phones on the CyanogenMod forums for the i605, l900, and the r950 when a CyanogenMod version called t0lte only combines the n7105, i317, and the t889; the r950 isn't considered a t0lte phone, yet the model number is technically t0lteusc. Furthermore, I don't see why the r950 is even included in the forum anymore if it's officially in a legacy build at this point with no sign of future updating. I read somewhere that CyanogenMod t0lte versions are only for GSM phones which is why they're different but it's not very specific. So, as a result, I did some research and changed a few verification things. Normally, t0lte would deny installation in a traditional TWRP flashing menu. Some people just used a recovery on their R950 for a different model number but that seemed like quite a bad idea in case anything went wrong. To fix it, I just replaced the N7105 verification with the R950 model numbers (SCH-R950 and t0lteusc) and it worked! Mislabeled some model numbers but it was easily fixed in the build.prop which is included in the ROM already. Introducing a highly experimental CyanogenMod 12.1 for the R950. Who knows how well it works, but, to give you an idea, it hasn't crashed at all while the official CM11 crashed a couple times in using it. I don't have service which is problematic because then I can't test if service even works. I doubt it will because the t0lte model number is for GSM phones which is why the r950 is in the CDMA forum along with the L900 and the i605. But in using Wi-Fi, the camera, compass, rotation, root, modding of system properties, GPS, etc, there have been no issues except Google Play services crashing which has come and gone, themes provider crashing but the actual saved theme still working, and the camera reboot issue. I'm not entirely sure that forum users are allowed to distribute their own modifications of CyanogenMod, but I don't see anywhere that says I can't, and, frankly, it almost seems it's encouraged. Just let me know if this is kind of illegal. Here is the modified CyanogenMod now with the modified build.prop incorporated in it and Gapps in one package: Extract it to get the flashable files, then push them over via adb. If anyone has suggestions (as in changes for the build.prop etc) for any future releases I might modify, by all means. I want to be more providing than the R950 team has been (shots fired) To install, just wipe data, dalvik, and cache (simply factory reset on TWRP, probably other recoveries too) and then flash the CM12 .zip (not the whole package) and then tk Gapps if you haven't installed a Gapps package already, then install Xposed; the build.prop should install automatically. I haven't tried updating to the latest nightly via settings but it'll probably fail again as it's still registed to the original t0lte database so I do not recommend it. My current one is working just fine anyway, which is why I didn't downgrade this to a snapshot (this is a nightly). The modded build.prop includes performance enhancements, slight battery improvements, and data and wifi speed enhancements as well as some changed model numbers. Optionally, you could also get an app on the Play Store called SPenCommand (it's paid) to get stylus features back plus the pop-up window from the later Notes. While writing this, it occured to me that, if service doesn't work on this version, it might be able to work on a CDMA version (not i605 as it's incredibly glitchy in my experience of trying it) Thoughts? Enjoy your glorious Android 5.1.1; I know I have.
  2. Flashing the Stock odin file: This is for Flashing back to stock on the newest version (4.4.2 KitKat). Now I know this phone is getting pretty old but I needed this about a week ago cause my phone was not acting right. I could not find a good guide on how to flash back to stock and once on the newest version it was even harder to root. So hopefully this helps anybody that actually comes to this phone so late in the game or has never really had to do this. I apologize if there is something like this in the threads already I just could not find it. Download the Root Helper package zip file here: Originally in NA7Q Craptastic root helper thread here: Unzip the Root Helper in a convenient location for you and don't remove anything. In here you will find 2 things you will need. The Odin (Computer version 3.07) itself. And the recovery (tar file) you will use a little later to root after getting back to stock. I'm sure there are a lot of places to download Odin and newer versions but this is the one I used and worked fine. Now you want to download the Stock Odin file to flash in Odin. For the newest one go here and download this (NE2): If you want an older version go to snodrog742 thread and click on the link you want here: Now you should have all the tools you need to flash to stock. Now would be the time to back up stuff you need on your phone. Like for instance make sure your phone numbers are synced with Google, pictures not on external sdcard (you never know). If you have titanium back up, back up your apps and app data (never caused any problems for me). Don't back up system stuff because I'm sure it's useless and probably will cause problems down the road. Though I didn't have problems it might be wise to back up sdcard's to computer just in case. You may want to make a nandroid back up as well though I'm not sure if it will be usable after flashing the new firmware (never tried). Another thing you want to do is a factory data reset. If you are rooted with a custom recovery it would probably be best to do this from recovery. If not the reset to factory settings within android probably will be sufficient? If you don't reset it will keep your apps and data but it will probably cause you problems. Now you want to go to SU folder you downloaded and unzipped and open it and right click on the Odin application and run as administrator. Here you want to checkmark the PDA box and click PDA button and navigate to the Stock Odin file (ex: R950VXUCNE2_R950USCCNE2_R950VXUCNE2_HOME.tar.md5) you downloaded earlier and open it. It should now appear in the box next to PDA. Now you want to checkmark Auto Reboot and R.Reset Time in the "Options" section. These are the only 2 boxes that should be selected in this section. Now when I did it the F. Reset Time was already selected and the Auto Reboot was greyed out and couldn't check this one. Don't worry about this, you can do a battery pull when all is flashed. Now you want to place your phone in download mode. This is done when the phone is off. Press and hold the volume down, home, and power button at the same time. You should see a screen asking you to go to download mode, just follow the directions and select yes. After you're in download mode you may now plug your USB cable from computer into the phone. Here you may see one of two different things. You may see a bubble in the task bar saying installing drivers. If so let it do it's thing. After they are installed you will have to disconnect cable and reconnect. Now you should see one of the boxes in Odin near the top displaying "COM-6" (number is irrelevant). You may also just see the the COM-6 straight away on the first connect. This means you installed the drivers previously. If you are having problems with the drivers it is suggested to install Samsung Kies. I did not have problems, so I really can't guide you on this circumstance (sorry). Once you have the COM-6 in the box you are ready to start. Now this is where it is important to keep the device attached and don't touch anything until it is finished. Now you will hit the start button on Odin and let it do its magic. Here you will see Odin uploading different packages and a progress bar on your phone. If you were able to check the auto reboot wait until your phone reboots and you are ok to disconnect. If you weren't able to check auto reboot wait until the box closest to the top left displays "PASS". Now disconnect phone pull the battery and re-insert and power it back up. You are now on the stock ROM and no need to look further if you are happy this way. If you are going to root the phone leave the Odin open cause you will use again in the next step. Now I know the last 2 paragraphs may be confusing so here is a link to the guide I followed which is very well put together with pictures: Also iRub1Out has a good guide on going back to stock here: Of course I didn't see this thread til after doing all of this and writing this for that matter (not sure how I missed it, but could have been useful at the time of doing this myself). You will notice he mentioned something about using triangle away and removing modified. I really didn't care about warranty issues and I'm not sure it really even matters anymore with knox. So I did not do this but feel free to follow his steps if you wish. Rooting: This is for rooting the newest (NE2 4.4.2 KitKat) version. It may work for 4.3 but I didn't try this so I can't say for sure. I really doubt it'll work for anything previously but just go to the craptastic link above and all should be fine. Just a warning you will void your factory warranty when you flash these recoveries because this will trip Knox. If you aren't worried about it go on with the next steps. I had my phone for 1.5 years so I was out of the 1 year warranty period anyways so it really didn't matter for me. Now you want to download some files. Download this recovery and place it on your sdcard: Download this SuperUser and place it on your sdcard: Download this for the removal of knox and place it on your sdcard: After downloading these items the first step will be flashing the tar version recovery in odin. If you haven't already done so hit the reset button on Odin. Press the PDA button and navigate to that SU folder that you unzipped from the previous section and find the recovery and open it. It looks like this: recovery-clockwork-touch- If you weren't able to check the auto reboot box it might work now so check it. So its the same thing as flashing the stock Odin file. Place your phone in download mode (while off press and hold vol down, home, and power buttons). Connect your phone to computer and look for the COM:6 thing then hit start. This should take seconds. When phone reboots or it says pass you can disconnect and pull battery if need be. Now you have a custom recovery and now you do the rest on your phone. The next steps I think is the order I went (didn't plan on writing this so I don't remember). Now power off your phone and boot into recovery (vol up, home,and power button at the same time). Look for install zip from sdcard. First (for sure) find the recovery ( and install this. Now back up and go to advanced tab and reboot into recovery. At this point it should ask to fix root, say yes of course. When it boots back into recovery install from sdcard again. Find the and install that. I would reboot back into recovery again to be safe and the flash the knox removal zip (TrulyClean_TEST3_v3.0.2_HARDCORE_NEW-MOREdoo-doo_Knox_Only). Then you can reboot into the system. Now I checked root with titanium backup and it still wasn't good. So I then went to play store and downloaded newest version of SuperSu by chainfire (2.01, at the time I downloaded it). I installed that and All was rooted. Here's a link: On a side note the Knox removal may be optional. I don't know for sure. I just did it cause who wants that crap on there phone anyways. Also this is the first guide I've written for any phone related stuff so go easy on me if it looks like a jumbled up mess. I did not create or come up with any of the information in this guide, I just wanted to bring all this stuff into one thread cause I had to do a lot of searching and learning.I hope I didn't break any rules by posting these links here. Just trying to help. So with that we should all thank the devs for all there hard work and contributions. More specifically: NA7Q, WoundTight, Bru_1, Snodrog742, and iRub1Out for which is the threads I found all the links and received help from. I've been running this stock set-up for close to a week now and not a single problem. Battery life is great, no data issues, and not a whole lot of lagging issues. Which were all the problems I was having previous to installing this.
  3. is it possible to change the 4g lte icon on my status bar. Im on the Wizenheimer 4.3 rom? i would like to get the bigger note 3 4g lte icon. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am running Pacman 22.1 on USCC Note II. Decided to try stock again, did nandroid backup, did a full wipe, restored stock and got a MD5 mismatch error. Restored my PAC backup and all of a sudden I am down to almost no space on my device.(had about 5gb free before). I look in Astro and I have a bunch of these /0/0 duplicate files and folder structures. I looked into it and apparently it has to do with multiple user config in 4.2.2 and is caused by using a recovery that doesn't support this feature? I have flashed a couple of different roms since Feb (Carbon, Paranoid, Pac), so I guess it has been building up. I also looked and found out that I am no longer rooted in PAC. ExynosAbuse v 1.4 says that Exploit is patched, Patch at boot disabled. My device is (currently) not vulnerable. I may have unrooted way back when in an attempt to get Google Wallet working on stock before I flashed my roms. In looking at the forums here and at XDA, a few people have mentioned that when installing a new rom, you can format internal sd to clear up the /0/0 problem. My question is that if I do that, will I lose my recovery and bork my phone? Is the recovery stored and installed on the internal, not on the emulated sd card on the Note 2? IF it is on the emulated, can it be moved to the external sd card? Also, should I install a stock version to re-root my phone if I can in fact fix the /0/0 problem? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 For Sale

    Up for sale is my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This phone is used but in very good condition. The phone is rooted and currently running Halo ROM. It includes the charger, USB cable, 4G SIM card and an Otterbox Commuter case, which was on the phone for the majority of its life. I have lots of pictures so I will attach as many as I can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm going to leave this here for a few days and if I don't get any offers it will be going to eBay. I am asking $400 for everything, but I will consider any offers. I will pay the shipping. Full Name: Myles Douglass Location: Waterloo, Iowa Price: $400 or best offer PayPal Address: Thanks!
  6. Hey all! I have been through this website repeatedly, along with Xda, Howard, and Android sites looking for help. Even resorted to youtube. I know, pathetic.... So after three weeks of daily web crawling, I'm just going to post the problem. Galaxy Note 2, reads in computer in diag, cdma workshop will see and connect, dfs does as well. HOWEVER, device will not answer and fails when I try to unlock to flash it to PPC. No MEID with ##06# at all....I mean BLANK... odd.... I tried the root method, it rooted, however still cannot fix the issue. Flashed back to stock rom img. still nothing. I go to the system about phone status and then get this error stopped. he phone is not stolen, the IMEI from the back panel is not on any blacklist and shows clear from USCC. I need help badly. What I don't need is the sarcastic noob remarks to be given. I have been working with programming for years so I am not a beginner. If there is an actual thread with this issue, please post it so I can go there and not bother you guys with this. Regardless, thank you for helping me if you can. It is greatly appreciated.
  7. Root Note 2 on Mac - HELP!

    Hello, I am seeking some help here. I have searched far and wide and have found no success. I own a macbook and a note 2. I can not seem to locate a guide or how-to instructions on how to root my phone using my mac. I do not have access to a PC. Can someone please provide me a link, or a site that has these instructions?! Thank you very much in advance.
  8. As much as i hate to be the bearer of bad news, I think this needed to be shared on here, and @sno ( if posting the article like this is prohibited, ill take it down and just have the link posted) Samsung loses some developer support for Exynos-based phones "Remember when many U.S. customers were thrilled that they would finally be able to enjoy the quad-core Exynos 4412 chipset together with LTE in the Galaxy Note 2? For most of Rootzwiki's readers, though, the first question we ask about a new superphone is "will it have developer support?" Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 2 and other Exynos-based phones will not have the same developer support that the newest Snapdragon, TI OMAP, and Tegra 3-based devices enjoy. CyanogenMod/Team Hacksung developer codeworkx, among others, have withdrawn support for the international version of the Galaxy S III, citing a lack of developer support from Samsung for its signature chipset. Other Samsung Exynos-based devices facing decreasing support from developers include the international Galaxy S II, the international Galaxy Note and all versions of the Galaxy Note 2. In a conversation I had with Codeworkx, he pointed out that AOSP ROMs running on new and recent Exynos-based devices face a variety of bugs because of failure on Samsung's part to release source code for its Exynos chipsets. For example, bugs in the international Galaxy S3 (i9300) include certain camera features, broken Bluetooth and WiFi tethering, and unsupported TV Out. In the international Galaxy S2 (i9100), issues include incomplete Jelly Bean support from Hardware Composer (referring to the Mali GPU included in the Exynos chipset), broken camera recording, slow transfer of data over USB in Mass Storage mode, and TV Out (as in the i9300). The international Galaxy S3 hasn't completely lost CyanogenMod support though, as developer Xplodwild is still supporting the device at the moment. I’ll stay away from all exynos powered phones as long as there is no proper support from samsung in form of documentation and sourcecode (especially userspace) to get aosp properly working on it. - CyanogenMod/Team Hacksung developer codeworkx Both codeworkx and other developers I've talked to have said that Qualcomm, nVidia, and Texas Instruments all provide a greater measure of support for their system-on-a-chip (SOC) processors, thus devices with those chipsets will receive more support from the development community. While the Snapdragon series and the Tegra series come with more support than the Exynos series, Texas Instruments provides the most extensive support of all for its OMAP chipsets. Unfortunately, Texas Instruments announced that it is shifting its focus away from smartphones and tablets for its OMAP architecture. As codeworkx and others have also pointed out, Samsung is under no obligation to release documentation or source code for its Exynos chipsets, just as Qualcomm, nVidia, and Texas Instruments are under no obligation to do so. SOC-specific code is proprietary, and is regarded a trade secret, though Samsung is the most secretive of the four companies. It's also important to note that proprietary code is not covered by the General Public License requirements and is entirely different from device manufacturers (such as HTC, Motorola, and Samsung) releasing kernel source for their Android-based handsets and tablets."
  9. I'm just going to leave this here... If you ever tried to tether with your SIII and you're not on a tethering plan, you may have noticed the device itself will yell at you and interrupt the tether. "CALL 611 AND GIVE US MOAR MONEYZ LIEK VERIZON". Now, I don't know about you, but since I have 2GB to spend however I darned well want, and the times I need to tether are infrequent, AND when I need to tether I REALLY need it, Like being stuck at teh airport. "NO, FORGET YOU BOINGO. NO 10 DOLLAH FO 2 HOUR YO WIFI. YOU TAUNT ME D:D:D:" Finding out my phone was booby trapped to prevent me from using my data as I want was rather annoying. So.. I banged around in my phone for an hour and got a solution. It turns out there is a program embedded in your phone called synchronous TEDC. It does the yelling and the interrupting. If you force close it from your task manager, you may still get a little yelling when you start up, but you are free to tether. This is all provided you are not planning on being silly and downloading gigabytes of "naughty pictures" at one time, that is. That will actually raise red flags at USCC. People who don't want to pay for wifi at the airport, but also don't want to root, you may now rejoice. Have teh fun times