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Found 41 results

  1. Be sure to have your phone rooted and the latest TWRP installed. TWRP download: Lineage OS Unofficial build download: GAPPS download: TWRP install instructions: fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.x.x-xxx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader Use the volume down to scroll to "Recovery" then use volume up to select. Use a computer to copy both the Lineage OS ROM and GAPPS that you recently downloaded. Copy to Moto X while still in TWRP main menu. Click on "Install" then click on your Lineage OS ROM, then click on add zip and add gapps as well. Click "Install" wait to complete then click on "Reboot" It will say Cyanogenmod but ignore this, because this is unofficial for now. Setup your phone, join the Google beta program, update Google. Enable Developer options by spamming the button build version. Enable root Apps Only install Build Prop, modify build.prop Add ro.product.model=Pixel Add ro.opa.eligible_device=true Click on "Save" Reboot, and wait. Then Go to Google Search on pixel launcher and click again on the "G" scroll down and you should be prompted at the very bottom to setup Google Assistant. After, go to smart lock and Trusted Voice and make sure all settings are enabled. If Google Assistant still does not work, try this. Flashable ZIP by @FaserFLink: video guide by @mjp93
  2. "I am not responsible for any damage to your phone" Hello Friends: Here I present you another custom rom for Motorola Electrify 2 known as Slim kat, it is not built from source, it is ported from droid 4. I have seen that custom roms ported from droid razr are more buggy while porting from droid 4 or bionic are fine. There are still bugs need to fixed. Try and report. Downloads: ROM:!EUYCSDCT!y24jcsXHChX5gQ-A0IU1jpDbEKBMZUACdj7ZNn1F7yI Gapps:!RcJygKzb!XJyKJnOTjwatLf68Gvd6CcJkSDRJaMScStd-ztQV_a8 Installation Procedure:1. Install bmm.(google it or you can find it on my blog Reboot create any virtual system.(except system 2)3. Wipe system+data+cache.4. Flash rom.5. Flash gapps.(optional)
  3. CurbThePain's Stock Deodexed Lollipop Rom for the US Cellular Galaxy S5 (klteusc) READ THE WHOLE OP! Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to you, your phone, or anything as a result of flashing this rom. It is of your choice to flash said rom and or proceed to root your phone. So don't blame me if your phone is dead, it is YOUR fault. Other Info: This rom doesnt come with a kernel, it is just the system partition on its own. It has not been debloated and has not been modified in any way other than being deodexed. Use/Download any G900F touchwiz kernel that supports 5.0 lollipop. You can find the kernels over on xda developers forums. Thanks Downloads: v1 - OF3 - Changelog: Changelog: 10-23-2015- -Initial Release
  4. I'm running the AllianceROM with the converter. But I have noticed GPS is extremely inaccurate. I've tried downloading GPS fix apps...I tired re-downloading GPS data, Changing the gps config file. Everything and I can't seem to get GPS to be accurate. Some times It will say I'm stuck like 10 miles away and won't move for awhile. Or throw me off the road when taking a turn etc. Only thing left is flashing a new modem and trying that. I'm on N900R4TYUCNG5 modem right now. If anyone has any other ideas to get GPS to work or what modem I should flash please let me know....Alliance is NC4 and I'm on NG5 so I have no idea if that is the main cause of my problem or not. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. Thought I would post this since I was able to get it running on my note 3. Since I'm not a fan of cluttered, long threads, here is the original thread. We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself. AllianceROM intends to give the user what THEY want. Ultimate Customization & Stability!! We have a huge array of "on the fly" options for you to play with. Make your phone to YOUR style. YOUR color. YOUR perfection. Downloads: Rom: Converter: Kernel: Steps to install: 1. Download Rom, converter, and Kernel 2. Boot to recovery(I can confirm TWRP works) 3. Wipe data/.factory reset 4.Flash Rom 5.Flash Kernel 6.Flash Converter 7.Wipe Cache/dalvik 8.Reboot System-First boot takes a while!
  6. Hey guys, So I flashed a stock N9005 ROM to my Note 3 yesterday. There was an Aroma installer asking me to pick my CSC. Not sure what it was, I clicked a random one because it was necessary to continue. After flashing back to AOSP, I now have no data and cannot send outgoing messages! Instead of US Cellular, my carrier now says "30000". Any suggestions!? Thank you so much and happy New Years! -Declan
  7. This Rom is based off of barebone jones, Blur_Version.98.22.7.XT901.USC.en.US & [ROM][stock+AOSP Goodies]Jelly Bean. All apps that have been removed can be installed via google play. This is a fully developed ROM unlike the 2 previous versions Requirements for this ROM are as followed RootedAny recovery will work including safestap. Please thank JohnB for his special JB Weld. The procedure is located here to safestrap​Known issues None, that's unless you report itFeatures included Debloated (38 files & 155MB Removed)DeoxededZipalignedRootedBusyboxSuper User4.1.2 AOSP Sounds, Icons & Wallpaper1% battery modAdvance power menuNexus Boot AnimationDisabled the MR13 updateinit.d scripts supportDisabled signature checks modAdditional FontsThemed Calculator, Camera, Email, Gallery, People, Phone, Settings & Text Messaging​​Instructions DO DON'T FORMAT /SYSTEMwipe data/factory reset wipe cache partitionadvance -> wipe dalvik cachemounts and storage -> mount /systeminstall zip from sdcardRom & kernel download link is in the 2nd post Screenshots in 3rd post Thanks goes to Google search, XDA's How to guides, JadeFalcon, JohnB
  8. ***I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKED DEVICES OR ANY SORT OF DAMAGED CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE!!*** InspireOS is an Android custom ROM based on AOSPA kitkat 4.4.4. The purpose of this project, as the slogan says, is to bring more colors to your Android device with the Colors Engine developed exclusively for InspireOS. Many awesome features are available in our operating system such as a redesigned statusbar and notification panel, settings and InspireOS controller in which you will be able to control the Colors Engine and customize your InspireOS. Compatible Devices: Google Galaxy Nexus (maguro) Google Nexus 4 (mako) Google Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Google Nexus 7 (flo) Google Nexus 7 (wifi) (grouper) Google Nexus 7 20013 – 4G (deb) HTC One (m8) Motorola Moto X (ghost) Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) Samsung Galaxy S2 G (i9100g) Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305) Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) Samsung Galaxy S4 (jflte) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (n7100) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hlte) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) (hltespr) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (US Cellular) (hlteusc) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) (hltevzw) Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (d2lte) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7′ (p3100) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7′ (wifi) (p3110) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10′ (p5100) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10′ (wifi) (p5110) Downloads can be found at their official website: Install instructions: Download the rom for your device. Download Gapps which can be found here: Boot into recovery and wipe data/factory reset. Flash rom then google apps package. Wipe cache and dalvik. Reboot system. Screenshots:
  9. I have the jflteusc and a couple months ago my data randomly stopped working. I thought it may have been the ROM so i reflashed, clean flashed, clearened everything restored to backup and nothing worked. I restored to stock and still nothing and then i ended updating to mk2 and still nothing so i I called USCC and apparently the wrong SIM card number was registered to my phone and everything was working fine before but then I got it fixed and now I am stuck on MK2, is there any way to install a working custom recovery? I don't care if it trips knox or whatever I just want a custom rom.
  10. I am sorry for the noob question and I am ok with a link to the answer. I just switched to US Cellular from another carrier and has custom roms for all of those phones. However, I am new to the US Cellular world and would like to install a good custom rom on my phone. I tired using the custom rom manager and it said the s5 us cell version was not support. So is there a guide to install the rom and the clockwork (or equiv) backup software? I am rooted. Thanks for the help and I promise my praticipation will be more of the helpful nature in the future.
  11. This is the support thread for the Note II Stock TW Deodexed MB1 (JB 4.1.2) ROM. The original thread can be found here: Happy Flashing!
  12. [ROM] IOKP hlte Universal

    I DID NOT MAKE THIS ROM. I'm just giving you guys a link to an awesome ROM that works with mms. Before anybody says, "oh you didn't do anything with it" or "lol if people really want to find cool roms, they should just google search it." I've been on this site for quite a while (only made my account recently) looking for ROMs and did google some stuff, but I couldn't really find anything, so I'm putting this here for people without googling skills. With that being said, here is the official link IOKP for hlte Universal: The link has the dl link to the rom zip and gapps. MMS should work right away, and should flash with our TWRP for hlteusc. It is basically AOKP except it's made by infamous and I'm sure there's other tweaks, I can't tell what all of them are because I've only put AOKP on my note3 for about a day and dropped it because it was not working with mms or data. But I've been running this ROM on my own phone for at least a week and everything runs great.
  13. is it possible to change the 4g lte icon on my status bar. Im on the Wizenheimer 4.3 rom? i would like to get the bigger note 3 4g lte icon. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. [ROM] IOAP Unnofficial Port

    I DID NOT CREATE THIS ROM. All I did was add 2 lines to the update-script and switched out the apns-conf.xml With that being said, the 2 lines I added to the update script was to allow people using the TWRP posted on here, specifically for hlteusc. You can check out the original link at the official forum post, Download: GAPPS: It will work with both the 4.3 and 4.4 bootloaders. Bugs for unofficial: Can't get APNs to stick, no mms. Official Bugs: NFC does not turn on. NOTE: It doesn't quite work with MMS. For some stange reason, the APN won't stick, but I got it to work by installing the original with the TWRP for hltetmo, then copying the contents of /system/lib/cdma/* from the zip, to /system/lib after installing it. Then I did a *228 to get stuff back and edited the APN a little and it was all good to go except mms. But after backing up and restoring it, it didn't work correctly again. Turns out I forgot to switch to CDMA lte evdo mode.MMS doesn't work, but no data without CDMA. So don't forget to do it if it isn't default. I'm sure one of you can get the mms to work, right?
  15. Happy New Year Folks - Here's a belated Christmas present... Presenting.... Electrify M - ROM Converter!! After months of "hand editing" every ROM I flash, I have finally decided to make a flash-able zip to do it. (Be nice, it's my first project like this.) What it does: -Installs USC specific "eri.xml" and "apns-conf.xml". -Installs USC specific "libs" to have a working voicemail notification. -Edits "build.prop" to have working SMS/MMS. (Tested with stock camera and messenger apps.) -Edits "build.prop" to have proper model number and carrier. -(Testing 01/03/14 , ver 0.3 should automatically set RUIM and CDMA/EvDo "stable 3g" - thanks to "ekylypse") -(More Testing 01/03/14 ver 0.4 - Now sets RUIM and CDMA/EvDo Before Or After initial boot-up.)-Version 0.5 - Added LTE version and cleaned up code. Installation: (new ver 0.5 installation) -Flash your favorite ROM made for the "unlocked" RAZR M / XT907 -Flash the EM ROM Converter - STD* or LTE** version see below (as of ver 0.4 this can be flashed before or after "trying" the ROM) -Flash the appropriate gapps. I am currently using "PhilZ touch recovery" and didn't have any issues. TWRP (tested) should also work fine. CWM may need "/data" and "/system" mounted prior to flashing. ROMS TESTED (as of 01/25/14): -CyanogenMOD 10.1 - Working MMS -CyanogenMOD 11 -SlimKat 4.4.2 -OSE ROM 4.4.2 BUGS: -In all my ROM flashing, I occasionally have RUIM and or CDMA/LTE not set. (Quick fix, but should be noted) -Working MMS varies per ROM. Thanks to user "cdiamond" for pointing out that CM 10.1 / AOSP 4.2 was working. THANKS: -User "ekylypse" for "LTE-Helper", code ideas, and testing. -All others for their testing and input. * This will provide "stable" 3G service. Do to incompatibilities with ROMS built for the "RAZR M - XT907", LTE / 4G is not stable. ** While LTE-Helper provides LTE service, users may notice higher battery usage.
  16. Hello! I'd like to run a 4.4.2 Google Play Edition rom on my USC GS4. I want a stock googleish 4.4 rom, with the Samsung camera drivers. The Google Play rom has been ported from ATT/Tmobile to Verizon. This is the rom: The rom will not boot if I flash it on my phone (I've tried). It goes into a locked download mode, and I have to flash something else to make it boot again. Could I use a ROM converter to make it work, such as the one here? If that won't work, is there anything that would, or might?
  17. Support for JellyBomb here. ROM Download found here:
  18. For those who care, CyanogenMod has brought the Mesmerize up to version 10.1 (i.e. version 4.2.1 of Jellybean):
  19. !! ATTENTION !! DO NOT USE THIS ON SPRINT STOCK ROMS !! If the ROM you want to convert has Fx.##, or TW, or Stock anywhere in the title, you will likely lose data, or worse, and have to Odin back to stock to fix it. Nothing in this post will make those ROMs work on the SCH-R760 US Cellular GS2. These are intended for AOSP, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, KingKang, PACman, CM10, MIUI, etc. This is an all new one stop zip to install and edit info to USCC for data and MMS, converting ROM's from Epic4G Touch for our SCH-R760. Please thank the other dev's at their respective links, they did most all of the work, I'm just a packager. Read on, check their posts and toss your thanks their way, and enjoy the simplicity of the new and improved ACPverter! This has been tested on JB 4.+ ROM's such as KingKang, CM10, PACman ROM, and because of the tweaks used, should only be used on AOSP/AOKP, Paranoid, MIUI, and CM based JB ROM's. Flashing on these, or any other ROM, is at your own risk. I am in no way responsible for bricks, hammertoe, speech impediments, or increased federal taxes. You can however blame me for global warming, I like chili and hot sauce. :: Included in this package thanks to the following :: - JRsoft & Intronauta - Universal Flasher Tool v 3.6 - http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1636036 - Sickin: Rom Porting guide- http://teamuscellula...g-for-sch-r760/ - Skitzi - who posted originally here - http://teamuscellula...-flashable-zip/ Original E4GT to USC converter - OP here Exit_Only's AIO Speed Daemon <-- OP on xda here --> Thanks to him for the tweaks and battery savings many of us benefit from! As he updates his zip, I will attempt to keep up with it and post below, and update the zip attached to the link. Inverted gapps Lost my original link for the package I used, will rectify the credits here for this once I find them, or someone contacts me. They are included here because they are freely available, conserve battery by darkening a larger screen area, but mostly because they work and are friggin' awesome IMO. (apk's included are: Calculator, Calendar 4.2, Contacts, Gmail 4.2, Mms, Phonesky, YouTube) Instructions for use-------> 1. If moving to a new ROM, Wipe data/cache (factory reset) 2. Flash your chosen Epic 4G Touch ROM 3. Flash Gapps 4. Flash ACPverter 5. Reboot system, Enjoy! .: :: Now, for the download :: :. !! ATTENTION !! DO NOT USE THIS ON SPRINT STOCK ROMS !! If the ROM you want to convert has Fx.##, or TW, or Stock anywhere in the title, you will likely lose data, or worse, and have to Odin back to stock to fix it. Nothing in this post will make those ROMs work on the SCH-R760 US Cellular GS2. These are intended for AOSP, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, KingKang, PACman, CM10, MIUI, etc. There are four choices, the first is the converter ONLY! The rest, well, you'll see... << ACPverter v1.0 >> << ACPverter v1.0 - inverted gapps >> << ACPverter v1.0 - Exit_Only tweaks >> << ACPverter v1.0 - inverted gapps & Exit_Only tweaks>> It has been mentioned by some that the inverted apps don't play nicely with CM10.1, you may want to avoid this if that is the ROM you are converting by using the non-inverted package. For those interested in why the name change and all, this is a whole new process. Also I felt PACverter was too close to PACrom, and it is not my intent to piggyback or name drop. Hence ACPverter, which reads like so... A - AOKP and AOSP C - CM10, 10.1 P - Paranoid Android, and all of their variants. Not that anyone would care, just wanted to clear the air. Enjoy!
  20. I was just wanting people to chime in with their pick for best overall rom for Galaxy S3! I am still a little noobie about custom roms, but I have flashed CyanomogenMod once! Anyway, as I've said, I'm exploring the idea of flashing a fully custom rom and I would like everyone's input. Thanks!! Ontabok
  21. Starting Thread TO help people with bricked note 10.1 or want to install the new 4.3 android on it
  22. I'v been doing some research, looking around all over the internet, and I have come across this app in the app store called Boot Menu Manager. Now, i know the Electrify 2 is locked by motorola, but I also read that the Electrify 2 is the same as the Razr V, Would it be possible to download a Razr V Custom ROM (Such as Cyanogenmod) onto the Electrify 2 and install it through Boot Menu Manager? Would like to work with someone on this, Help would be appreciated
  23. Source: Mod Type: ROM Difficulty: Easy Mod Status: Nightly Mod Base: Carrier: US Cellular Requires Root: Yes Apply In: CWM Recovery Optional: Optional: Android Version: 4.2.2 (JB) Credits/Thanks To: Bajee11 Description Dark RootBox is built straight from RootBox sources and always carries a very light installation with no extra/useless apps. This means, you can enjoy a pure Android experience combined with AOKP/CM features and some CM cherry-picks. Keep in mind Jelly Bean is only at the beginning stage of development and there will be minor bugs. Every RootBox releases are stable and always up to the challenge for a daily usage. I personally have a high standard when it comes to releases and this is why this project always meets the expectations of users. If you're wondering how this ROM differs from any other AOKP roms out there, I only have one thing to say: Try it yourself and choose the one that meets your requirements. Features Built from RootBox Sources AOKP Features CM Profiles Per App DPI Per App Tablet UI Per App Language Navigation Bar Colour Camera: Save to external memory Phone: Advance Phone Settings (Vibrate on Answer, Every 45 Seconds, On Hangup and On Call Waiting) Phone: Noise Suppression MMS: Fully Customizable MMS Theme MMS: Soft Keyboard Type (Emoji, Enter to Send, Enter for a New Line) Home button call answer (Accessibility Option) Variable size pattern lockscreen RootBox Settings Pie (Paranoid Android) LCD Density Changer Low Battery Warning (Pop-up & Sound, Pop-up only, Sound only, Off) Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys Disable Fullscreen Keyboard (Landscape mode) Expanded Desktop Hold Back to Kill CRT Animation (Screen On/Screen Off) Lockscreen Shortcuts (Paranoid) Lockscreen Targets (CM) Screen Security Features (Unlock options: Quick Unlock, Delay Screen Lock, Menu Unlock, Home Unlock) cLock (Chronus) Option to disable sound when adjusting volume Launch Music app on Headset connection Hardware Keys Remapping Lockscreen Hardware Keys Remapping kernel update to 3.4.37 paranoid android settings Built using GCC version 4.7 -from google Aliasing fixes from linaro networking optimizations fix memory leaking Update translation Update Adreno driver Fix composition issues when framework rebooted in suspend don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects. Carbon power PhabletUI NavBar in landscape Bring some Swagger Back Add LongClick to FastCharge Toggle Moar style fixes Fix touch issue using 0% navbar fix stuck pixel on screen redraw Menu UI Overflow Toggle Set ringtone mode even if ringer is silent RootBox SquareMod Battery fix mobile data usage display for sim-less devices Enable car dock pie on lockscreen if lockscreen is secure Allow USB notification to show when primary SD allows UMS and MTP *optimized apps **lots of added language translations ------------------05/08--------------- HALO thanks PA
  24. Alright guys, I know I've been here a lot talking about different ROMs and such, but I think I found a decent ROM. It definitely has it's moments though. I have the AOKP ROM installed currently and I love it. Could be better, but from what I've tested, I like it by far the most. Be warned, this is just a Nightly build and I don't really know if it's official. Here are some troubling things with it that I have found. The system will randomly restart. I haven't pinned why it does it, but it usually happens when I'm trying to load a heavy app like a game. Ex: Tapped OutPhone: Calls are flawless, however if you make a call and try to hang up, the phone app hags and you can't end the call. The other person has to end it for you. This is troublesome when talking to an automated process like your voicemail.Camera: Camera also works good. However if you use HDR and take a picture, the app will hag and it will save a blank file. It seems that there is no extension on the file. I have not tried to manually name a file yet.. I will try that and get back to you guys.Messaging: Also works well, however do not send a message that will be long enough where it automatically sends two messages, it won't send the message at all. It just "fails". You can send one just fine, receive MMS/SMS, have not sent a picture yet, but have received one. I'll play more with this later and get back to you.The Cellular reception bars don't really display anything? It tells me that I have 4G, 3G, or X1, but it won't give me a signal strength.. or it's the same color as the background one; can't tell. F-Charge doesn't turn on...? But it seems that my phone charges REALLY fast, which is fine with me. I plugged in my phone this morning for about 10 minutes and it went up about 10%.The Torch button is sort of finicky. It works, but it doesn't. It just seems weird.. Or its just a delay.GPS works good, no issues with that yet.Cellular Location: I've noticed this isn't totally right on Google Maps.... Like it was miles off. I'll play around more with this to test it. With that said, WiFi location works great.Have not test Bluetooth. I don't really have any Bluetooth devices besides my Laptop.*#*#INFO#*#* works via the phone on this ROM.One thing this ROM could use is a music player.. not necessary, but it would be nice. I bought Shuttle+ though and I love it.When you plug in Headphones, the ROM doesn't tell you that you do. It would be nice that it recognizes that you do, just for some feed back. With that said, Shuttle did pause when you unplugged them though. However it had an option where you could plug them back in and the music would resume, but since the ROM doesn't really recognize that, it just does nothing. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.Brightness works good, the auto function works well also. Battery life has been good for me. I haven't had the phone long enough to really test it though. Plus its better than my HTC Hero S, so I don't really care... LolNotifications: Some apps don't really work well with notifications. However, it seems to be doing fine now. It might have just taken a few restarts in order to really set them in stone. If you guys want any more information, let me know. I'm also going to link the developer for this ROM, to this forum. I just wanted to give him some feed back I can also take screenshots.. if you want.... Dominic EDIT: Added another bullet point.
  25. }{ello all! I went back to the stock ROM after having no luck with one of Dark_Knight's CM10 ports. It was one of his orignal releases after he rejoined the community. This was before he started promoting the use of allenme's scripts. I LOVED the ROM, but it suffered from a few serious flaws: 1) I could not get a GPS lock even when the phone was sitting flat on a table outdoors. 2) I was never notified of new voicemails 3) Battery life was around 13 hours of non-use with Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS disabled, and just a few hours with any sort of use. I was wondering what people are using for a current JB rom. I LOVED the features of JB and would be much endebted to anyone who can shed light on the current de-facto standard ROM. Thanks in advance!