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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, If you do not know already, I have been working on a way to get us UTO. Well, I have been failing so much and so hard at it that I decided that I am going to do a COMPLETE REDOWNLOAD AND REBUILD from ALL Sources listed on the Ubuntu Wiki. We can talk about it here or you can get the lastest updates and news here. <- Personal Website. Updates: 7/29/2013-1:52AM: >Build four, I know this wont work, but this is build three with some files removed, and hopefully signed correctly. 7/29/2013-1:26AM: >Third Build which is built directly from D2VZW Variant of Ubuntu Touch (Used a couple porting methods to finish this build since I am having trouble with syncing up the git repo...) 7/27/2013-9:48PM: >Second build alpha release for D2USC Ubuntu Touch > First full build from source. Cannot confirm working yet, but it might who knows. 7/26/2013-10:21AM: > First Build Release Build001 (Not complete source, modified source combined with VZW CM10.1) > Updated all links on site. 7/26/2013-3:20AM > Starting the reinstallation of ubuntu and downloading the nessecary sources from git and other repos for Ubuntu Touch OS and CM10.1 for the D2USC (Official from CyanogenMod's website) > re-build begins in about 8 hours. Contributions: If you are a developer then contact me on here via PM or on my websites contact page. If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee for the late nights I am about to embark on click here Otherwise I will be updating this post and my website daily. My website: Click Here
  2. }{ello all! I went back to the stock ROM after having no luck with one of Dark_Knight's CM10 ports. It was one of his orignal releases after he rejoined the community. This was before he started promoting the use of allenme's scripts. I LOVED the ROM, but it suffered from a few serious flaws: 1) I could not get a GPS lock even when the phone was sitting flat on a table outdoors. 2) I was never notified of new voicemails 3) Battery life was around 13 hours of non-use with Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS disabled, and just a few hours with any sort of use. I was wondering what people are using for a current JB rom. I LOVED the features of JB and would be much endebted to anyone who can shed light on the current de-facto standard ROM. Thanks in advance!
  3. DISCLAIMER: I am new. Despite reading for weeks, I do not know what I am doing, I have searched the forums to the best of my ability prior to posting, if I am posting in the wrong section or whatnot please be gentle. I still do not know what I am doing. Original Phone: GS3-SCH-R530U / JB 4.1.1 ROM: CM10 stable Backup: CMR / titanium backup Recently flashed CM10 stable: 1. download file 2. clear data/cache 3.flash file 4. backup and restored "apps and data" GPS will not work now, I cant get a lock. I did get a lock once, took about 3 minutes and lasted about 3 minutes. * I have wiped AGPS several times and tried some of those GPS apps to no avail. * Stock navigation shuts down about 30 seconds after start. * Google maps doesnt work Addicted to Rail Rush..... go to play and it works for a minute, then the whole phone re-boots. * I havent done anything with this because, as silly as it sounds, I have to many coins to uninstall/reinstall * is it possible that TiBackup has created this issue? or could I use TiBackup to back it up then uninstall/reinstall. Couple other funny things happening that are escaping me at the moment and I dont know where to start. Would love opinions on TiBackup issues?? or ideas on above issues. I love CM10 but really would like my GPS back and things working properly...... THANK YOU for supporting those of us who have started the inner phone journey!
  4. DISCONTINUED Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that may occur as a result of flashing this. These are Unofficial CM10 builds for the U.S. Cellular Note 2 SCH-R950 built from source. All source code credits go to sbrissen. Github Source: Can be downloaded using ROM Manager! NEW! [Alpha 1]ROM: Changes: - Initial Release [Alpha 2] ROM: Changes: - Upstream CM changes - Fixed MMS receive - Orientation sensor is "better" (After a reboot, screen off/on and it will kick in) - Fix LPM (Charging while phone is off) - Fix Camera fw being copied (should fix camera issues) - Boost audio volumes [Alpha 3] ROM: Changes: - Built from source Instructions: - Download and copy rom to sdcard ( - Mirror: --------------------------------- - Download and copy gapps to sdcard ( - Reboot into recovery (i.e. CWM) - Flash ROM - Flash gapps - Flash optional add-ons - Wipe data/cache (if needed) - Reboot Optional Add-ons: - Center Clock ( - Inverted Messaging (Dark Theme) ( NEW (01/08) Known Bugs: - NFC might not work? - Orientation sensor is delayed in kicking on, can take a minute to start working. Credits: Team Hacksung CM TSM slick_rick sbrissen atronin Donations accepted! (:
  5. Here's what I've done to come to this conclusion: I've built CM10 from source for a while for myself, and SINCE I used Mobile Odin to flash the LK5 JB update, NFC has not toggled off/on (greyed out). This is even flashing CM10 official nightlies from CM. I've tried everything, from toggling on NFC in the stock ROM, then either restoring my backup or flashing the ROM all over again. Nothing worked. The only thing that DID work was flashing LI4 (via Mobile Odin), restored my backup of CM10 (build from 12/16), and it toggled fine. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has run into this issue at all.
  6. Hello all, I am starting this thread to ask a simple question. Can I use any of these nightlies ( on my USCC SGS2 as long as I use this () afterwards? Thanks in advance!
  7. Here you go boys. These are the straight apk files, NOT FLASHABLE ZIPS!!! These are from CM10's source, repo sync'd and built by me, so the zip that was output was named: I usually see what the CM Team is merging/adding/removing, so I don't build/sync every day. I don't know how often I'll update these. NOTE: These may/may not work with other nightlies etc. Backup the original apk FIRST, then try. I'm not responsible for you and your device. I know for a FACT that the framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk will act up on different versions, especially if they modify the framework. You've been warned, that said, here's what's what: framework-res.apk: Thanks to djdarkknight96 over at Rootzwiki for this how to guide, worked flawlessly!: - Centered lockscreen clock, weather, date/battery (see attached screenshot) SystemUI.apk: - Colored the U.S. Cellular carrier label in the status bar to ICS Blue - added 50% transparency to the notification pulldown background MMS.apk: Thanks to killabyte over at Rootzwiki for this how to, there's A LOT more to it, but great resource: This was sooooo much trial and error to get this looking the way I wanted. But after a couple of days I got there. If you do notice something odd, try to screenshot it so I can see it, and I can try to make it happen and fix it. I may or may not be able to, but I'd be happy to have a look when I have time. I am also aware that the MMS.apk file now has a "Use dark theme" checkbox. I'm not sure what it looks like, as I edited the files to set it up how I like it. This will look like this no matter if the box is checked or not. I tested it (box unchecked, checked it and no difference) both ways, so if you want the original MMS.apk you'll want to back that up, as this checkbox will do nothing the way I've themed this. - Blacked out (see screenshots http://teamuscellula...ed-mmsapk-cm10/) AGAIN, THESE ARE NOT FLASHABLE! I recommend using 7zip to place these files as you wish into the correct directory in the ROM zip, then flash your ROM; or I highly recommend booting your phone into Recovery, mounting /system, and using adb push commands (adb push <filename> <location> EXAMPLE: adb push SystemUI.apk /system/app) to push the files to the correct directory (you'll want to fix permissions then too). Enjoy! CM10 Mods NOT
  8. There it is..... Now you can find it easily Can it get pinned?
  9. Finally, after a couple of days, playing with XML edits, trial and error, starting over...I finally have something going here. This is the MMS.apk from CM10 9/10 Unofficial Nightly. I wanted to see if I could black out the widget, and then ventured to the rest of the app. What a pain, but learned a lot! I blacked out/holo themed everything I could, minus the Menus. I think that is controlled by the framework, so it is a work in progress (hitting Menu, and from there on they are white background, black text). In the screenie of the widget, new messages appear Grey highlighted, and the read messages will be Black. I just wanted to show everyone, and get opinions. I am not taking requests right now, as I'm still learning and too new to doing this. Check out the attached screenshots of what I've got going.
  10. I AM LEAVING US CELLULAR. THEY HAVE PISSED ME OFF WAY TOO MUCH. THEY WANT $300 A MONTH FOR THREE LINES WITH THE NEW PLANS. THEY WANT TO CHARGE $50 A LINE FOR JUST DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EACH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FROM ME............... SCREW OFF US CELLULAR. YOUR TRYING TO CHARGE VERIZON PRICES AND HAVE CRAP UPDATES AND CRAP PLANS................. BYE. I WILL BE LEAVING REALLY SOON. AS SOON AS MY PHONES ARE SOLD. SO IF SOMEONE WANTS TO TAKE OVER THE PORTS I WILL GIVE YOU THE FILES NEEDED AND YOU CAN TAKE OVER. I AM GUESSING A FEW WEEKS BUT IF SOMEONE CALLS TOMORROW AND BUYS MY PHONE I AM GONE. PM ME ON HERE AND I WILL SHOW YOU HOW. IT IS EASY. I DID NOT MAKE THIS ROM. PHANTOMPHREAK53 DID. SO FAR THE ROM I DO HAS BEEN CALLED " A PORT, A HACK, AND FORKED. YOU GOT MORE NAMES I'LL ADD THEM. THE ONLY THING I DO IS CHANGE A FEW LINES IN A FILE AND ANOTHER FILE TO MAKE THE DROP DOWN MENU SAY US CELLULAR. THAT IS ALL. PERIOD. PHANTOMPHREAK53 HAS CONFIRMED WITH ADAM THAT IT IS OKAY TO PORT THESE ROMS. THIS IS A SPRINT ROM FOR THE EPIC 4G TOUCH PORTED FOR USE ON THE SCH-R760. PLEASE POST PROBLEMS HERE. THINGS I CANNOT ANSWER I WILL ASK ON PHANTOMS FORUM MYSELF UNLESS IT IS A ROM ISSUE BUT MOST OF THE TIME A SETTING CAN BE CHANGED AND THIS COMMUNITY CAN HELP WITH THAT. Normal disclaimer. You voided your warranty. I am not responsible for you bricking your phone or messing it up. You do this by your own choice and know the risks, if not google them. IF ANYONE WASN'T GIVEN CREDIT THAT SHOULD HAVE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY!! YOU DESERVE RECOGNITION FOR YOUR WORK!!!!!! Credit should go to PhantomPhreak53 over at Android Central. His original rom can be found HERE Sbrissen for the kernel that seems to not have problems working for US Cellular PhantomPhreak53 thanked these people so I copied and pasted this to keep the credit where it should be: Direct quote "Thanks: CyanogenMod - for all the hard work sbrissen - his device tree, kernel work and so much more. Wouldn't have been possible without him darchstar - helping me fix a few things chris41g - helping with the kernel and fixing a few issues ShabbyPenguin - Mirror Site codeworkx - for his work on the international SGSII preludedrew - Schooling me on Github slick_rick - for testing EVERYTING And a thanks from me: Thanks John Trigger. I couldn't have done this without you. Thanks Adam Cale. You made all of this possible. Directions: You have to be on Cyanogenmod 10 already, if not see post 3. Wipe Data/Factory reset Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvik Cache Install ROM ONLY FROM EXTERNAL OR YOU MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE Install gapps (download here) ENJOY And finally the ROM can be downloaded here <---- DO A FULL WIPE WHEN GOING TO 08-29 AND ALSO 08-30. PHANTOM SAID TO DO SO IN HIS FORUM SO IF YOU DIDN'T DO A FULL WIPE AND YOUR HAVING PROBLEMS DO ONE AND A FRESH INSTALL. goomanager has been added so when a new ROM is uploaded you will be notified and you will be able to download it to your phone directly but DO IT OVER WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and move it to the root of your external sd. If you want Trebuchet launcher back here you go. download this and install it the reason nova was chosen is because the amazing John Trigger did a poll and nova won.
  11. THANKS TO OUR VERY OWN notta, RMarkwald, jpaulwaite, sageDieu and noobnl. ORIGINAL ROM CREDIT TO: Paranoid Android Follow Paranoid Android officially on: Facebook : https://www.facebook...idgoogleTwitter : G+ : This is an ongoing developer project to make way for a modification that will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the experience of your phone. I know you've seen tablet mode roms before, they change two lines in your build.prop file which you could easily edit yourself in seconds and maybe throw a keyboard in there to make it work better. Tablet mode is a start, but it ain't enough. It has potential, but it's wasted the moment you try to stuff a full blown tablet into your poor phone. Yet we all know our high res phones can very well handle more than silly 1-column layouts. So the magic must be in between somewhere, a place that Google must have overlooked and left blank. Yes, this rom strives to drop your apps into tablet mode, but it won't stop there, it will reshape and redefine Jellybean to make it all a useful addition and not just a cute novelty. FEATURES: Phone, Tablet, and Phablet (Nexus 7) environments • Per-app DPI & Layout settings • NavBar toggle • CM10 Theme Chooser • Much, much more. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK. STANDARD DISCLAIMER APPLIES. Just a reminder: I'm the messenger boy. I just instigated and tested! =p All credit for this ROM goes to the original PA team, notta, RMarkwald, jpaulwaite, sageDieu and noobnl. ALL I DID WAS BUG THEM TO DO IT! (Repeatedly) How to: Set the workspace mode. How to: Change an app's layout and size. Change log: Google Play Wallpapers: Here Mods: Themed MMS, SystemUI, Framework - RMarkwald
  12. So it's well known that after your first reboot you will lose your phone number and therefore lose your ability to send MMS. Here is how to solve it. Needed: Phone Info (Get it from the market). (Needed only if you're getting 3g instead of 4g when you do this) 1. Go into system settings->More...-> Mobile Networks -> CDMA Subscription. Change to NV. 2. Hit back button and then click airplane mode button on the menu. Wait for the connection disappear. Then uncheck airplane mode and wait for it to come back and give you an empty triangle for a connection 3. Go back to system settings->More...-> Mobile Networks -> CDMA Subscription. and change to RUIM. Repeat step 2 except you should actually have 3g or 4g now, depending on the build. If you have 3g then see below. Using this method I can do the whole process in under a minute. You may have lost data which is where phone info comes in. If you lost data: 1. Go to system settings->More...-> Mobile Networks. Change network mode to LTE/CDMA 2. exit out that menu and 3g should come back but either way go into phone info. 3. In phone info go to phone information then scroll down and change set preferred network type to either LTE/CDMA auto (PROL) or LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL). Data + MMS is now restored. Enjoy. Addendum: For some people the reactivation screen comes on after they switch to NV. You can ignore it and hit the home button. credits:Shadrach in #verizons3, chadamir -source