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Found 15 results

  1. Axiom root access flashing guide with CWM Another simple Guide for obtaining root access on the Axiom running stock ICS 4.0.4. (Special thanks to "seishuku" (for working finding a compatible CWM for this phone) & "na7q" (for assisting with the root process). Thanks to ChainFire for making the CWM flashable SuperSU file. Here we go... this process is a lot more streamlined than the other Axiom Guide I posted but DOES increase the flash counter. ***Disclaimer*** Flashing & Rooting your phone does VOID the warranty, if the carrier finds out you have flashed your phone, they are no longer obligated to honor the warranty. So, weigh out the risks! Your phone may become a paperweight, if you choose to flash these files and your phones stops working, in NO way do I assume responsibility. As I mentioned in the previous guide working with hardware & software, things go south sometimes. This did work for me flawlessly! ~Downloads~ (these are for Windows based machines) 1.) Download the phone drivers. ( ) 2.) Download Odin 3.0.4 from here. ( ) 3.) Download Clockwork Recovery Mod Touch (CWM for short) from here. (This version is 99.9% compatible with our phone with one little annoying glitch, the screen will shift slightly when navigating through the Recovery Screens) ( ) 4.) Download the file from here, ( ) This file will need to be on the SDcard in your phone for later use in CWM. If you have any doubts, turn back now! My system specs and Programs. - Windows XP Home - Winrar - Odin 3.0.4 - ClockWork Recovery Touch 6 ~Preparations and Flashing~ Open the driver on your Windows based PC, let them install. On your phone go to Setting, Developer Options, at the top Check Mark "USB Debugging". Take the cord which came with your phone and connect your Axiom to your PC, after a few moments of the PC installing the drivers, you should see a window open showing Phone and SD Card. They now will communicate with each other. 1.) Open Odin. Power your phone down. With your phone off and the USB cord plugged in, hold down on the Volume Down while pressing the Home Button (Big Physical Button at the bottom of the screen) & then press the Power Button. As the phone starts to power you will continue to hold the Volume Down and Home Button, eventually the screen will pull up to the stock recovery warning. Let off the Volume and Home buttons. Push the Volume Up button to open the Flash Custom Software Screen (you will get a warning screen somewhere in the mix). You should see Odin an ID Com box light up with Com & a number behind it (This means Odin is ready to talk to your phone) 2.) Click the PDA box in Odin located in the bottom right side, locate the ClockWork Recovery file and hit open (PDA should now have a check mark and show the Windows location for the file). Hit the Start button in Odin, when it finishes your phone will re-boot (Congratulations, you have just Voided your warranty, welcome to the Club!). 3.) Power your phone off, this time hold the Volume Up button & the Home button, push the power button. As the phone begins to power you should see the Samsung logo with Recovery Booting in blue letters in the upper left corner, this will load "Touch CWM" (Yes I said Touch). Once CWM Touch loads go touch “Install zip from SDcard” and then “Choose zip from SDcard”, locate the file “” on your SDcard. CWM will ask you if you want to flash the file, hit Yes. It will flash the file and navigate to Re-Boot. You now have Root Access, to verify download Root Checker from the Google Play Store. It’s that simple! Again this version does increase the flash counter, so DON’T go into the US Cell store to upgrade your phone when the time comes for the latest update. They will laugh you out of the store and point fingers at you! If you plan on tethering download Titanium Back-up and back-up and uninstall the “TDS Sync” app. If this helped you out, please hit the thanks button. Happy flashing! Twisty
  2. here is a recovery for d2usc that works for kitkat 4.4.2 link: CWM 6.x.x.x Advanced Edition / PhilZ Touch 6.41.6 + exFAT + NTFS + MTK updated 05/31/14 source: XDA
  3. Nothing new, just creating a post so these will be easier to find for people that need them. ClockWorkMod Touch, version - Fully KitKat / 4,4 and TouchWiz 4.3 compatible. Odin flashable .tar package MD5: DF069780AA9C3E5A43C1F5E255FD4184 Recovery flashable .zip package MD5: F61E16FA94C53F4296B93337EA7260C6 Older Versions ( Odin flashable .tar package MD5: 543F6A1FEB9CDF3621006ECB3C421E4B Recovery flashable .zip package MD5: D2C19A6E14AE8F790B1EB096069F5361 Thanks
  4. Version


    Latest version of CWM touch. Needed for CM11 (android kitkat) to flash properly.
  5. Version


    Latest version (as of 11/12) of ClockWorkMod Recovery, now supports android kitkat (4.4)
  6. Root Method Without CWM: Use Aragorn exploit. Other prob work but this is for sure to work. Tested on MA1 (Stock factory image) but untested on MD1 OTAs. Screenshot: Rumor has it that this method can trigger your flash counter but will reset it if you unroot it via framaroot. Make sure to clean up everything and have everything installed!
  7. Ok recently ran across a weird Clockwork Recovery error. I had flashed my wife's S3 and and it took CWM just fine, so I thought. I booted into CWM and was going to flash a file and received a error saying CWM was unable to load ext SD showing E:. Naturally I placed the same file on the phone (SD CARD) and rebooted into CWM without the card, no dice. I have also reformatted the card, tried 2 other cards and CWM still wont recognize the ext card or sd card. Any suggestions?
  8. This is clockworkmod recovery Built specifically for our GS3, provided for us by noobnl himself. Please give any and all thanks to him!! - I am just the messenger. This version of cwm has the assert-prop fixed so our device will be properly identified- this is important for the up and coming AOSP roms! I have created a Odin flashable tar.md5 package, available HERE. NOTE: this also is NOT a flashable zip! I have also created a CWM flashable ZIP package, available HERE. NOTE: this one IS cwm flashable! --Flash in confidence, I personally test all packages before I upload them-- . . UPLOADED NEW VERSION WITH ADB SUPPORT AS OF 10:50PM EST 8/22 UPLOADED GS3 ODIN PACKAGE, ATTACHED TO OP. . . . . . . Instructions for Odin Package Download Odin package Unzip the tar.md5 file from inside the zip file Open Odin, place phone in download mode (power off, hold vol dn + home + power, then press vol up when prompted) Connect phone, load CWM6.tar.md5 into PDA slot Press Start button, wait for reboot. Enjoy. Instructions for flashable zip Download zip package Copy to phone (internal or external, your choice) Reboot into recovery, select flash zip from sdcard Reboot Enjoy As with any flashing or customizing, 'we' are not responsible for any negative effects of installing/flashing this file. 'We' refers to myself, noobln, TeamUSCellular, or any involved in the creation and supply of the above listed file. In short- if it blows up on you, it's not our fault. But rest assured, we will try our best to help.
  9. I've been getting status 7 errors when using CWM. I understand how to remove the assert section out of the script and make it install. This is annoying to have to do this with every update of my rom. I switched to TWRP to see if that would help, same issues. Anyone have a more permanent fix? Maybe i'm missing a setting or something. I would like to use for download roms updated on my phone but can't since i have to edit each one and re-zip it.
  10. Cant flash new roms?

    This started a while ago when I tried to update to a newer version of CM. It was installing and then said "installation aborted status 7" it also says something to the affect of ro=bootloader and asserts could not be verified. But now it does this when I try and flash any modern rom. So I am stuck on older versions of all the roms I want to use. I went back to stock and reflashed CM a while ago but that was before this problem. Any help is appreciated.
  11. CWM Recovery



    THIS NEEDS TO BE UNZIPPED BEFORE USING Unofficial CWM for DROID RAZR M XT907 / Electrify M Thanks to: Koush for CWM. Hashcode and Dhacker for STS-Dev Team source. Djrbliss for unlocking the bootloader & providing root in the first place.
  12. Converted from .img file downloaded from CWM site to .tar file using Qcom toolkit so that it is usable in Odin. I Odin flashed this to my own GS3 last night and tested then used it to flash Wizenhiemer Lite 2.0. All is well.CWM Touch
  13. I recently installed the Stock ICS update from uscc and quickly found myself wanting to get back to a custom ROM. I found it to be a pain to find CWM so here is a little guide on what i did to get back to installing custom roms 1. Download Sickin's CWM Kernel: HERE Mirror: HERE 2. Download Odin: HERE or a simple google search will find the newest version. 3. Open Odin and plug your phone in, make sure phone is in download mode (vol ↓+ Pwr button); Odin will recognize device (if not install Samsung Kies), now select the PDA section and select the Sickin's CWM Kernel and upload it to phone. 4. Now you can boot into CWM (Vol↑+Pwr Button), however it's an older one so i flashed Sbrissen's kernel (in recovery) found in Johntriger's post HERE, which includes a updated kernel and the CM10 rom i wanted to install anyways 5. Let me know if this helped you , Also wanted to thank Johntriger for his help in the past and the posts that helped me.
  14. We enjoy Android for what it is. Open source goodness. We're coming from Verizon with a Droid Incredible 2. Had no problems with the process of rooting and installing Cyanogenmod which we loved for zero bloatware. After all we would be just fine with android stock out of the box like god intended but for whatever reason few companies get that the customer’s liberty is paramount, not their ability to strike padded deals over drinks and golf games…not that drinks or golf games are bad, mind you. Admitedly I am pretty much a n00b and no matter how much I read (2 days now on this phone) a lot of this just doesn’t make sense. I was hoping someone here sees an inherent problem or can help me figure this out with a step by step. We're trying to get this either booting in to Cyanogenmod...or back to stock with no counts so I can take it back and just buy a friggin pantech. (kidding about the pantech btw) We’ve tried just about everything to install either the Cyanogen nightlys or the new monthly. We have root. Wiped data/Factory reset + wipe cache + wiped Dalvik Cache, install from zip a compressed file from HERE via both internal memory and SD card (formatted both ways) but we get this message every time: Installing update… Assert failed getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “ d2usc” || getprop(“ ==”d2usc” E:Error in /sdcard/cm-10-20121027-NIGHTLY-d2usc. Zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4 ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME: SCH-R530U CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: Yes (4 Counts) CURRENT BINARY: Custom SYSTEM STATUS: Custom QUALCOM SECUREBOOT: ENABLE
  15. Ok, I gotta admit: been thinking about this way more since my kid's iPod Touch was stolen recently. Anyhow, I'd like to have my S3 rooted and be able to flash custom roms via custom recovery yet still be secure enough so that if someone else got hold of my phone they wouldn't be able to read anything off it or even be able to use it whatsoever. The problem, it seems, is that download mode and custom recovery are security holes. I can have my screen locked with a pattern or a password, I can have usb debugging disabled, I can even have my /data partition encrypted. But all a determined thief/hacker has to do is three-finger boot into cwm recovery, connect the phone to PC via usb, and then start running adb commands. Theorectically, they could dump my phone data to PC (for later hacking) and then wipe the phone and start over again with essentially a clean phone (e.g. to sell to someone else). Alternatively, they could boot to download mode and flash whatever they want to it and continue using it without me being able to do a d*mn thing about it. The fact that recovery is insecure means that remote apps that help you find/lock/wipe your phone (like WheresMyDroid) can be wiped off the phone and are pretty much useless against somebody who knows the basics of custom recovery or Odin. Or am I totally off-base? I guess it would be nice if either: download mode/custom recoveries could be password protected OR there was some way to remotely "brick my phone". It's almost like I'd want to be able re-lock my bootloader whenever I want (e.g. after flashing a saucy new AICS rom), while still retaining all the on-going benefits of rooting/flashing roms. I know, security and convenience are not always in a perfect harmony. Sometimes one is sacrificed for the other. Any other paranoid rom flashers out there with similar thoughts?