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Found 32 results

  1. READ THROUGH FIRST BEFORE DOING. MAKE SURE IT APPLIES TO YOUR SITUATION. THREAD WAS WRITTEN FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE ON STOCK 4.3. ANYTHING BELOW 4.3 WILL NOT WORK WITH THESE FILES. SAME PROCESS, JUST NEED THE RIGHT FILES YOUR STOCK TOUCHWIZ VERSION. Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Hey guys. If you're an idiot like me, you might have flashed the wrong firmware for your phone and now the Galaxy SIII is as useful as a brick. Well, you've come to the right place. I accidentally flashed the MD4 radio on my SCH-R530U. After countless hours of research I finally conceived a plan on how to revive the phone. Symptoms of a Soft Brick: Bootloops, Stuck at Galaxy SIII screen, uhh and other stuff where the display actually turns on. If it does any of these, wrong thread. Symptoms of a HARD BRICK (what you're probably here for): Power does nothing, no output to display, no download mode, no recovery mode, computer recognizes it as QHUSBLOAD or something like that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's get fixing. You'll need: 16 or 32GB CLASS 10 Non UHC-I MicroSD Card (complicity matches internal memory of the phone, although I used a 32GB SD card for a 16GB phone and it worked just fine), a hardbricked Galaxy SIII duh, a Windows PC with a SD Card reader, MicroSD to full size SD card adapter, proper files (included later), a wall charger, and time. I'm writing this thread to try and not have people go through hours of research to get their phone back. 1. Download all the required files. 2. Make sure that the SD card is class 10, non UHC-I (I used a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card), and has no files on it. ALL FILES ON THE SD CARD WILL BE OVERWRITTEN. 3. Unzip the Win32DiskImager program and run as administrator. YOU MUST BE AN ADMIN ON THE PC. 4. Put the MicroSD card into the Micro to full size adapter and plug it into the PC (if you haven't already). In the DiskImager program, click on the drop-down box under device, and select the SD card's drive letter. Mine was F: for example. 5. Click on the folder-looking icon and point it towards the file named "SCH-R530U_CND4_debrick.img" once downloaded. 6. Once you are sure that that is the drive letter click "write" and then "Yes". The write process should only take a couple of seconds to finish. Once finished, take out the MicroSD card from the adapter. 7. Open up the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Take any existing MicroSD for SIM card out as well as the battery. Put the SD card that we just formatted and insert it into the phone. Plug the phone in using the wall charger. The red LED should light up indicating that the phone still knows that the MicroUSB slot still exists. If there is no red LED, then this will probably not work. 8. Reinsert the battery. The phone may start up on it's own or you may have to hold down the power button. My phone started on it's own. If all goes right you should get output to the display and maybe boot into Android. If you were like me and flashed the wrong ROM, you're gonna need to flash a new one. 9. For the people that the phone booted into Android, you MUST have the SD card in your phone or else it will become unbootable again. Don't want to have to have the card in there 24/7? Keep reading. 10. For both the groups of wrong ROMs and anti SD booters, you'll have to flash the stock TouchWiz firmware. So backup your data (if there is any) and download this file: 11. This file will take people that were still running 4.3 and move them up to 4.4.2 KitKat. People that already had 4.4, this will work too. I was still on 4.3 because I rooted. 12. Open Odin Download: 13. REMOVE THE SD CARD FROM THE PHONE OR ELSE ODIN WILL WRITE THE BOOTLOADER ONTO THE SD CARD WHICH MEANS YOU'VE SUCCESSFULLY DID NOTHING YOU WANTED TO DO. 14. Press "start". No, not the Start Button. Start in Odin. Yeah I'm bad at this. 15. This will take several minutes to complete. Be patient. Do not touch the phone just to reduce the chance of something screwing up. 16. If Odin finishes and says "PASS!" in a green box, congratulations! You've just successfully unbricked your Samsung Galaxy SIII! (Yes you can boot without the SD card now too. If you want to keep the SD card as a "Oh sh*t I messed up" card, feel free. But you can use the card normally by using a free Windows program called Minitool Partition Wizard and make the card normal again by deleting all the small partitions and creating one big one.) If this helped you, you're welcome. If you wouldn't mind swinging by my YouTube channel and giving it a sub, it would be greatly appreciated. Twitter: realZekTech Instagram: zek_tech Have a great day with your SIII!
  2. So this came in...

    So starting Monday you can get one of these for a penny on a new contract. Not a bad phone for the average person.
  3. Does anyone have a 4.4.2 debrick file for the galaxy s3 r530U 16gb model ? I requested this earlier but only got the 32gb model which is not compatible with my 16gb version of the s3.. HELP!
  4. cm installer

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the CM installer for the gs3 running 4.4.2. My phone is stock and has not been rooted. Just wondering if the Cm installer would work. Thanks
  5. So, I've browsed this site a few times before whenever I ran into problems and I've always found some way to fix them, but I can't find much on this one. Problem: I tried installing a new ROM on my S4 using Clockwork, and I might've bricked my phone. Explanation of Problem: I rooted my phone using Towelroot, then I checked it with the root checker. So far, so good. I downloaded ROMManager and made a backup, and that went fine. Then I tried using it to install Mahdi ROM, and this is where I got stuck. I booted up and I got an error: Kernel Is Not Seandroid Enforcing Set Warranty Bit: Kernel Hell. So I looked around a bit and it seemed like this was because Samsung's god-awful KNOX had gotten in the way, so I should just use ODIN and flash the stock ROM on there. There comes my problem. I tried that and it works fine, ODIN recognizes my device, it's in Admin mode, everything. But then it does this. <ID:0/004> Added!!<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..<OSM> Please wait..<OSM> R970VXUAMF5_R970USCAMF5_R970VXUAMF5_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..<OSM> Leave CS..<ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..<ID:0/004> File analysis..<ID:0/004> SetupConnection..<ID:0/004> Initialzation..<ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping.. It looks like I need a PIT file, but I can't seem to find one. I get the feeling that this was some sort of legacy thing that has been deprecated? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. I was curious if anyone had success at rooting the most recent update? (4.3) I believe it's the MJA update? I've seen a couple of things about CF-Root working, but I wanted to consult the brains first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I've been flashing my phone around and somehow somewhere along the line it got pretty messed up. I was using an older version of Woundtights rom that had some bugs and I decided to flash a more recent version of his rom but it left me in a bootloop and I tried the kernel fix along with the supersu update and nothing changed. so I then flashed a cm11, and cm10.2 official rom and both booted up fine but data/service is not right. Always says I am roaming and data along with calls etc are not working either. I also tried *228 and it fails and the weirdest part is that it goes through Verizon. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated, i'm tight on time right now and just want to know whether or not this can be fixed or I should just go buy a new phone. thank you
  8. Hello, I am trying to root my Galaxy S Aviator, model number SCH-R930, and this is my first time rooting anything, tried odin3 and superoneclick, seemed to flash phone and reset it to factory but cant get superoneclick to work and not sure how to use ADB can some plz help me step by step how to root this phone? I have been at this for days even spent $30 on some online tool claiming it could but it didnt do anything and i have not bricked phone yet so i think that could be considered progress. Any help would be appriciated
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 For Sale

    Up for sale is my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This phone is used but in very good condition. The phone is rooted and currently running Halo ROM. It includes the charger, USB cable, 4G SIM card and an Otterbox Commuter case, which was on the phone for the majority of its life. I have lots of pictures so I will attach as many as I can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm going to leave this here for a few days and if I don't get any offers it will be going to eBay. I am asking $400 for everything, but I will consider any offers. I will pay the shipping. Full Name: Myles Douglass Location: Waterloo, Iowa Price: $400 or best offer PayPal Address: Thanks!
  10. I have an upgrade coming up on the 29th. I have the Motorola Electrify and ready for an upgrade. I've been looking at a few phones...and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I mostly use it for facebook, pictures, sometimes skype, and to keep up to date on sports as they happen. The phones that I'm looking at are: Samsung S3, S4, Mega Motorola Moto X HTC One Thank you in advance for all that respond. Greatly appreciated.
  11. I was just wanting people to chime in with their pick for best overall rom for Galaxy S3! I am still a little noobie about custom roms, but I have flashed CyanomogenMod once! Anyway, as I've said, I'm exploring the idea of flashing a fully custom rom and I would like everyone's input. Thanks!! Ontabok
  12. I think I've removed all of Google's applications et al but now 'SVoice' is unable to search the web. I've installed Firefox and plan on installing Opera and Yandex. I would like to use other search engines besides the spy's Google, Bing, etc. I'd rather use Ixquick, Duck Duck and Gooframe...and others I may find later. Can you tell me what is necessary to get sVoice working to search the web again? thank you!!
  13. I have recently updated via Odin to MD4 and rooted it via CWM Recovery. I uploaded a screenshot of some thing I noticed in Titanium that were uninstalled but I just kept because I didn't know what they were for? Could someone advise me on which I can delete or keep? Thanks! Ontabok
  14. Galaxy S3 Lockup?

    I have a Samsung SCH-R530U running 4.1.2 and I have been having a problem the whole time I've had it with it freezing/locking up. I have to pull the battery every time just to shut it down! I was having a problem of it restarting randomly when it still had 4.1.1? I've posted before about reception issues and I'm just thinking this phone is a lemon! Any idea what I can do to remedy this? Anybody have any info on what causes it? Thanks in advance, Ontabok
  15. Galaxy S4

    It is official!! U.S. Cellular will be carrying the newly announced Galaxy S4. They just announced it about an hour ago on their Facebook page. I thought I read "sometime in April", but I can't find for sure where I read that.
  16. Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G Now Available

    The Galaxy Metrix (basically a rebranded Stratosphere on Verizon) is now available. It features a 4.0 inch touchscreen, 5MP rear-facing camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, and 4G LTE. It's available for $129.99 after $100 MIR.
  17. So the question is the title. But I was talking about this method it works on the Verizon Galaxy S3, so why not our US Cellular one?
  18. NFC Problems

    Right after I flash A ROM or take it back to stock the NFC will work for about 5 Minutes but after that time If I try to turn on NFC it will automatically turn itself off as soon as I Press the button... Help Please... Let me know if you need more information
  19. Hey everyone! Just wondering if there are any MIUI roms that will work for our device. Thanks!
  20. As much as i hate to be the bearer of bad news, I think this needed to be shared on here, and @sno ( if posting the article like this is prohibited, ill take it down and just have the link posted) Samsung loses some developer support for Exynos-based phones "Remember when many U.S. customers were thrilled that they would finally be able to enjoy the quad-core Exynos 4412 chipset together with LTE in the Galaxy Note 2? For most of Rootzwiki's readers, though, the first question we ask about a new superphone is "will it have developer support?" Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 2 and other Exynos-based phones will not have the same developer support that the newest Snapdragon, TI OMAP, and Tegra 3-based devices enjoy. CyanogenMod/Team Hacksung developer codeworkx, among others, have withdrawn support for the international version of the Galaxy S III, citing a lack of developer support from Samsung for its signature chipset. Other Samsung Exynos-based devices facing decreasing support from developers include the international Galaxy S II, the international Galaxy Note and all versions of the Galaxy Note 2. In a conversation I had with Codeworkx, he pointed out that AOSP ROMs running on new and recent Exynos-based devices face a variety of bugs because of failure on Samsung's part to release source code for its Exynos chipsets. For example, bugs in the international Galaxy S3 (i9300) include certain camera features, broken Bluetooth and WiFi tethering, and unsupported TV Out. In the international Galaxy S2 (i9100), issues include incomplete Jelly Bean support from Hardware Composer (referring to the Mali GPU included in the Exynos chipset), broken camera recording, slow transfer of data over USB in Mass Storage mode, and TV Out (as in the i9300). The international Galaxy S3 hasn't completely lost CyanogenMod support though, as developer Xplodwild is still supporting the device at the moment. I’ll stay away from all exynos powered phones as long as there is no proper support from samsung in form of documentation and sourcecode (especially userspace) to get aosp properly working on it. - CyanogenMod/Team Hacksung developer codeworkx Both codeworkx and other developers I've talked to have said that Qualcomm, nVidia, and Texas Instruments all provide a greater measure of support for their system-on-a-chip (SOC) processors, thus devices with those chipsets will receive more support from the development community. While the Snapdragon series and the Tegra series come with more support than the Exynos series, Texas Instruments provides the most extensive support of all for its OMAP chipsets. Unfortunately, Texas Instruments announced that it is shifting its focus away from smartphones and tablets for its OMAP architecture. As codeworkx and others have also pointed out, Samsung is under no obligation to release documentation or source code for its Exynos chipsets, just as Qualcomm, nVidia, and Texas Instruments are under no obligation to do so. SOC-specific code is proprietary, and is regarded a trade secret, though Samsung is the most secretive of the four companies. It's also important to note that proprietary code is not covered by the General Public License requirements and is entirely different from device manufacturers (such as HTC, Motorola, and Samsung) releasing kernel source for their Android-based handsets and tablets."
  21. I recenty got the Galaxy S3 (and found this forum ) I tried setting up my Google Voice to receive my voicemails, but to no avail. I found a list of codes to use, but that didn't work either. Now when I call my Galaxy, it says "Your call cannot be completed." How do I go about fixing it to receive calls again? And I'd love to find out how to get Google Voice working, also EDIT: Managed to get my calls going through again. Now if anyuone could help me get GV working, I'd appreciate it
  22. Please HELP!!!

    Hello all, Ive been a heavy flasher going through the mesmerize, electrify, GS2, aviator, electrify2, and now the GS3. I have never messed up a flash before or encountered problems. I tested a few Jelly bean roms for the GS3 and i found the liquid build to be the most reliable and stable. When i was on stock i used the GS3's encryption function for added security to keep a roomate out of my phone. I flashed the liquid build and then used the encryption feature and i started having data problems so i went to unencrypt it, when going to settings> security> encryption. However rather than it saying "unencrypt" like it should it only says "encrypt phone" which i have already done, when i click it nothing happens. I have went into recovery and tried multiple factory resets, tried reflashing stock/liquidbuild/other roms and it will not flash anything, have even tried odin and it will not work. Because it is encrypted it will not mount something and therefore i cannot reset the phone or flash anything, i either need a harder form of a reset or a way to make the liquid build fuctionalbility of unencrypting the device to work.If anyone has had this problem b4 or if you have any advice as to things to try i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much, you all are my last hope.
  23. AOSP ICS for Awesome[iCS]Sauce Close up: FEATURING: Custom ICS Blue Notification Icons • ICS Inspired Toggles Transparent Notification Background • Left Justified Blue Clock As you can probably tell, this is more for my own personal use than an active development. I'm currently teaching myself how to work with android (coming from NO programming experience, solely graphic design). A GIANT thank you to RMarkwald for his Tutorial on apktool and to jpaulwaite for his ROM and helping me edit it. DOWNLOAD: AICS Notification DO NOT FLASH WITH CWM. REQUIRES ROOT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. REQUIREMENTS: Root AccessRoot Explorer (or other root file explorer). Stock Rom or AICS v3Base & Uv10 (tested). STEPS: 1) Put AICS Notification on your sdcard. 2) With Root Explorer, extract the zip. 3) Click "Go to extracted" you should be left with SystemUI.apk inside the folder "AICS Notification Bar" 4) Copy the new SystemUI.apk and navigate to system/app. Rename your current SystemUI.apk files by adding "bak" after ".apk" to create backups. 4a) NOW paste the new SystemUI.apk and fix permissions (rw-r-r) and change ownership to 0-root, 0-root. 5) Reboot and enjoy. ] If you like this, and it works, please leave a comment! Thanks to the original creators of the mods! CS DOMINATION v7.2 - joshbeachICS Blue Mod V3 - John Peers
  24. Google Wallet?

    Does anyone know if USCC plans to enable Google Wallet on this bad boy?
  25. Just checked the rebate tracker and it said I used the wrong form because I pre-ordered the phone before the beginning of the rebate period. This is going to be a hassle. Anyone else get this?