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Found 11 results

  1. Recently rooted my S3 (SCH-R530U) and flashed CyanogenMod 10.0.0-d2usc. I've been having issues with some of my most used apps while I'm running JB and I want to go back to ICS. I tried following this guide here: But I was having trouble using Odin, flashing the .zip of the LG1 stock. I also tried to directly flash through cwm using this link: I copied the move me file to my root and attempted to flash it and got an error. Anyone know what's wrong? Could it be my current Kernel that's causing my problems? Try to make your explanation as idiot-proof as possible Current specs: SGS3 SCH-R530U Android version 4.1.2 Kernel version 3.0.48 cyanogenmod-ge67063c CyanogenMod version 10.0.0-d2usc ClockworkMod Version Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi guys I know this is a silly question but i updated to ICS with root and cant stand it because of the bugs (gps)(wifi).. I want to return to gingerbread with root. Can someone please help me with the downgrade process? If someone has already answered this question can you post a link I have searched and couldnt find anything. Thank you!
  3. i am not responsible if you damage or brick your phone. or throw it like i wanted to. this is the 21 step program to recovery lol. DOWNLOAD ALL OF THESE FILES Pit Stock Tar Rooted Tar Data Fix Gapps ODIN BUILD 2 BUILD 40 (this is the build as of 7/26/12 if there is a newer version or link is broken download it from HERE) Put these files on the root of yoor sd card data fix blacked out gapps teanhacksung-ota-eng.BUILD2.showcasemtd bboy kang START BY ROOTING THE PHONE ( THIS IS FOR GINGERBREAD 2.3.4(5) if you ever get stuck in a boot loop go to the BOOT LOOP SECTION remove the battery from your phone and plug it into your computer, hold the volume down button until it comes up in download mode open Odin and make sure nothing is checked except auto reboot and f. reset time click the pda button and select the cwm4_fixed_for_cm7-ODIN you downloaded (pda will be checked) click start when phone powers off put in battery and it should reboot. after it reboots let it finish scanning media now power off then hold volume button in middle and power. (called boot into recovery) select wipe/data factory reset then wipe cache partition then select advanced> wipe dalvic cache go back after selecting yes to all of those. select install zip from sd> chose zip from sd> teamhacksung-ota-eng.BUILD2.showcasemtd Make sure it is Build 2 your phone will reboot and take a while to do it. just wait. if it takes more than ten minutes go back to step 7 after it boots wait for media to scan, set up, hold power select reboot>recovery after it boots MAKE SURE IT SAYS "CWM-based RECOVERY V5.5.0.5 and not "v4.x.x.x" if it does go back to step 7 select install zip from sd> chose zip from sd> aokp_mesmerizemtd-ota-eng.bboym6-lp Make sure it is CWM Build 5 again select chose zip from sd> gapps-ics-20120429-signed chose zip from sd> gapps-ics-BlackedOut.v2 go back after selecting yes to all of these and reboot system now after it boots if it asks to set up do so now, when done wait for a couple minutes. hold power and click reboot> recovery select install zip from sd> chose zip from sd> 404.Data.apps.v9 right now your mms wont work. phone and text should. if you are by wifi then go through setup if not skip until this is finished. To get mms working: click menu> system settings> about phone> status and go down to MSID and remember or write down that number go to apps and select voice dialer and say "open apn's" click menu> reset to default. then back out. reboot phone. try again. if it doesn't work go to step 3 go to apps and select voice dialer and say "open apn's" click menu> reset to default. select the only apn there and go to user name and put in then go down to password and put ins yourmsid (replacing both of the yourmsid with the number i said to remember or write down) now hit menu then save, then hit home and and then hold down power reboot>reboot. Your mms and internet should work now. if you skiped setup click on market and it should prompt you to sign in. this will sync your contacts and stuff NOW IF YOU GOT STUCK IN A BOOT LOOP THEN YOU HAVE TO START ODIN.EXE right click and click run as administrator (FILE YOU DOWNLOADED) pull your battery. plug in phone to computer and hold down Click on pit and select the only pit file that shows up and then select pda and select the CI500_USCC_EH09_GB_REL.tar file and hit start. go back to the first step 1 (yep you have to start over. i did like 10 times until i figured this out) Want fb sync? flash this from recovery here after getting everything working. i dont know if it will work but it might. i cant test it. if it breaks everything try to go to step 7 if that dont work to fix any messups go to bootloop section This forum keeps updated on Mesmerize Uscc Akop. You could follow this guide flash the most recent build here and the other 2 zips currently on here
  4. ICS Officially Released

    Hello, USCC Has officially released ICS. This update brings awesome new features. Get it here :
  5. I'm not sure if everyone here already knows about this, but I'll start a thread here for anyone that doesn't... One of the new features from Jellybean, Google Now, can now be installed and any ARMv6 & ARMv7 phones (that's us) with a custom Recovery and ICS based ROM (so any CM9 or AOKP ICS builds should work). There are two options, one is the original, full version which includes the offline voice recognition libraries; the other is the smaller-sized, online-only voice recognition. Its your choice, really, but unless you somehow absolutely cannot afford the extra space, I suggest the full version with offline voice. There are still a few minor, minor bugs, however--though none of them significant enough to hold back on installing. One is that the "Note to self:" command will FC because Gmail checks for the signature on Google Now, which is unsigned. This can be fixed with a modified Gmail app which skips the signature verification. Another is that it doesn't add events to the calendar, but that appears to be a limitation in Google Now, not just this mod, and there's also another workaround if this is something you need/want. Simple instructions are download chosen Google Now zip, install zip in recovery, reboot to system. No data/cache/dalvik wipes or fix permissions *should* be necessary. But, as always, create a backup before installing, and install at your own risk. See this xda thread for download links, complete instructions, and additional notes: The version I installed was the mikeyxda v6 build, and can confirm it works well. (All credit goes to the fine people over at xda, I'm merely posting the link for those who don't browse xda very often.) And once you've installed Google Now, here's some helpful information on how to take advantage of its new functionality: Edit: I'd like to see Siri top this:
  6. This is for the STOCK ODEXED ROM ONLY (LF9 and LG1). I've had my SIII for a couple of days now, and I hated the way TouchWiz interfered with the ICS goodness graphically on the notification bar, so... I changed it. Threw some stuff together from other ROMS (listed) because I don't know what ROMS actually work on the USCC varient. SCREEN: DO NOT FLASH WITH CWM. REQUIRES ROOT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. STEPS: 1) Put on your sdcard. 2) With Root Explorer, navigate to system/app and copy your SystemUI.apk to another part of your sdcard as a backup. I'd rename it SystemUI.bak. 3) With Root Explorer, extract and click "Go to extracted" you should be left with SystemUI.apk 4) Copy the new SystemUI.apk to system/app, overwrite the old one. 4a) Fix permissions (rw-r-r) and change ownership to 0-root, 0-root. 5) Reboot and enjoy. ALTERNATE METHOD: HERE Use if the above method fails. DOWNLOAD (ICS BLUE): MAGENTA (wip): DOWNLOAD (MAGENTA wip): Magenta.apk MUST be renamed to SystemUI.apk before replacing in your system/app folder. If you like this, and it works, please let me know. This is my FIRST attempt at themeing the SGSIII! This is pinned?!?!? Awesome! Thanks guys! SOURCES FOR IMAGES USED: [TEAM XPOSED][HOW-TO] SystemUI mods and how-tos - xda-developers [THEME]ICS Blue Mod for ALL ROMS (Fix for battery icon added) - xda-developers
  7. AOSP ICS for Awesome[iCS]Sauce Close up: FEATURING: Custom ICS Blue Notification Icons • ICS Inspired Toggles Transparent Notification Background • Left Justified Blue Clock As you can probably tell, this is more for my own personal use than an active development. I'm currently teaching myself how to work with android (coming from NO programming experience, solely graphic design). A GIANT thank you to RMarkwald for his Tutorial on apktool and to jpaulwaite for his ROM and helping me edit it. DOWNLOAD: AICS Notification DO NOT FLASH WITH CWM. REQUIRES ROOT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. REQUIREMENTS: Root AccessRoot Explorer (or other root file explorer). Stock Rom or AICS v3Base & Uv10 (tested). STEPS: 1) Put AICS Notification on your sdcard. 2) With Root Explorer, extract the zip. 3) Click "Go to extracted" you should be left with SystemUI.apk inside the folder "AICS Notification Bar" 4) Copy the new SystemUI.apk and navigate to system/app. Rename your current SystemUI.apk files by adding "bak" after ".apk" to create backups. 4a) NOW paste the new SystemUI.apk and fix permissions (rw-r-r) and change ownership to 0-root, 0-root. 5) Reboot and enjoy. ] If you like this, and it works, please leave a comment! Thanks to the original creators of the mods! CS DOMINATION v7.2 - joshbeachICS Blue Mod V3 - John Peers
  8. I searched, and found this via PasteBin. It was posted by a Guest, so credit to this person, whoever they are.: I should note that if you get a ton of notifications, that they will overlap the clock eventually. I'm not sure how to fix this, if this is normal, so if I find something or someone wants to point me in the right direction, please do so! MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP FIRST! IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS, YOU'LL HAVE BLACK WALLPAPER AND NO STATUS BAR! YOU'LL THANK THE NANDROID GODS LATER! TRUST ME! You'll also need to be running AwesomeSauceICS by jp as his ROM is de-odexed and the files are from it! You have to decompile SystemUI.apk. Navigate to SystemUI - res - layout. Open tw_status_bar.xml with Notepad++. Now I am going to attach the modded tw_status_bar.xml from AICS_Uv8's SystemUI.apk (named tw_status_bar_modded.xml). I recommend looking at your decompiled file and comparing it to this. Basically you're moving the line from about half way down, and move it up near the top and make a new section. When you are comparing your decompiled file to the modded one attached to this post, you'll see what I am talking about. I've attached the original file freshly decompiled, and the modded ones for you to look at. I did rename the files adding orig and modded to the file names, keep that in mind! That's just to show which file is which! When you've made the changes and saved the file, recompile. Open the newly created SystemUI.apk and delete the AndroidManifest.xml. Take the AndroidManifest.xml and META-INF files from the ORIGINAL base SystemUI.apk, and drag those into your new SystemUI.apk Push the new apk to your phone. Profit. Here's the link to the SystemUI.apk for the centered status bar clock. That is the only thing modded in this file. It is based off of the SystemUI.apk from Uv8. EDIT: Link removed as it is now default from jpaulwaite starting with Uv9. tw_status_bar_orig.xml tw_status_bar_modded.xml
  9. Please post any new info on the Motorla Electrify 2 (Razr) HERE (Since the other thread was locked).
  10. HTC One V Launch

    CDMA / EVDO 800 / 1900MHz Standard Battery: 1500mAh Talk Time: Up to 370 minutes Standby Time: Up to 450 minutes Dimensions: 120.3 x 59.7 x 9.24 mm Display: 3.7” WVGA super LCD2 Weight: 4.06 Ounces yet another htc phone in the line up, however this one is running ics set to launch on July 9
  11. Ok guys, I figured out a simple way to restore/backup/flash roms while on ics:) Run the installer.bat in this folder HERE while booted into ics:) *make sure you have debug enabled and the correct drivers or it will not work!* (This simply flashes over sickins kernel. [ics for our phones at this time do not have cwm support it as it is very unstable] so after you run this your phone will not reboot into ics!) After it finishes coping the kerel over it will reboot your phone into recovery and then you can flash any rom we have on the fourms here !! be it ics or ginger! (If it didnt boot into cwm and you just see the sgs2 logo then do a batt pull and hold the vol+ and power till you see the logo and let go! should boot into cwm now) If this magically turns your phone into popcorn or a brick i do not take responsibly for this! Everything should work just fine Thanks droidz for the pointer! Cant believe i didnt think to add one work to the bat file. P.S. also will work if running gingerbread if for some reason you didnt install clockworkmod when you rooted this will install it.