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Found 13 results

  1. Be sure to have your phone rooted and the latest TWRP installed. TWRP download: Lineage OS Unofficial build download: GAPPS download: TWRP install instructions: fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.x.x-xxx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader Use the volume down to scroll to "Recovery" then use volume up to select. Use a computer to copy both the Lineage OS ROM and GAPPS that you recently downloaded. Copy to Moto X while still in TWRP main menu. Click on "Install" then click on your Lineage OS ROM, then click on add zip and add gapps as well. Click "Install" wait to complete then click on "Reboot" It will say Cyanogenmod but ignore this, because this is unofficial for now. Setup your phone, join the Google beta program, update Google. Enable Developer options by spamming the button build version. Enable root Apps Only install Build Prop, modify build.prop Add ro.product.model=Pixel Add ro.opa.eligible_device=true Click on "Save" Reboot, and wait. Then Go to Google Search on pixel launcher and click again on the "G" scroll down and you should be prompted at the very bottom to setup Google Assistant. After, go to smart lock and Trusted Voice and make sure all settings are enabled. If Google Assistant still does not work, try this. Flashable ZIP by @FaserFLink: video guide by @mjp93
  2. Hello everyone I am inquiring on some assistance with my stock jb M. This unit has been laying around the house, once working but decided to restart on its own sticking on the M screen. My goal is somehow to get a copy of the internal storage file system before I factory reset it. This phone is or can be a second spare to me so it's not in service. However it does NOT boot into android, currently stuck on the M screen with a puddle. I have tried to find tutorials on how to do this, even with adb fastboot pull command but no avail or it fails when I give it the command. All drivers are installed on my cpu. I am somewhat familiar with cmd but not gurue level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Moto X+1 (Moto X2)

    Take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like Motorola might have really gotten the design language right with this new phone...Metal edges, 5+" screen, front facing speaker(s). Let's hope this is real, and USCC gets it.
  4. I have an upgrade coming up on the 29th. I have the Motorola Electrify and ready for an upgrade. I've been looking at a few phones...and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I mostly use it for facebook, pictures, sometimes skype, and to keep up to date on sports as they happen. The phones that I'm looking at are: Samsung S3, S4, Mega Motorola Moto X HTC One Thank you in advance for all that respond. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Alright, for those of you who lost root after ota update, or got the phone after ota update. Here you go. Long awaited root, LOL. Use this guide at our own risk, i am not responsible for bricked or broken phones. 1. Of course you'll need android sdk, and Motorola USB Drivers for windows, cause i couldn't get it to work on Ubuntu 12.04. Just google them. 2. USB Debugging needs to be on. 3. Phone needs to have unlocked bootloader. Google that as well. 4. Download files. 1. cw-recovery.img - http://www.mediafire...22r5i1771cs1nf2 2. - http://www.mediafire...mutqmcqakjkperw --UPDATE--For some reason this recovery doesnt work on some Electrify Ms, If you get to step 9 and can't get into cwm recovery, start over and you this recovery img in place of the one above. 4. Put phone in mass storage mode and go ahead and copy to sdcard. 5. open cmd prompt, and type adb devices to make sure your drivers are working properly. Should return a serial number under "List of devices." Then navigate cmd prompt to the folder where the recovery img is 6. Then type adb reboot bootloader to enter fastboot mode. 7. to be safe type fastboot devices just to make sure fastboot recognizes the phone. Should again return serial number. 8. Then install clockworkmod (might work with other version, just havent tested them) fastboot flash recovery cw-recovery.img 9. Once that finishes, you have to unplug the device, power down, then hold power + volume up to reboot to recovery. you should then be in cwm recovery. 10. Now for root, from cwm, volume down to "install zip from sdcard", then press power button, then "install from external sdcard", then volume down to "" and press power. Once that finishes "Go Back" to the main menu of cwm and reboot. 11. Then install Superuser.apk from Play Store. Should now be all set, Check with Root Checker from the market. Sorry if any of this is vague. Let me know if you have problems. It also occurs to me that version of cwm is the touch version, didnt try touch functionality. Someone let us know.
  6. Version JB4.1.2


    XML File for testing purposes.
  7. K, not going to go too deep in this, got a replacement on the phone, COMES 2.3.5 SHIPPED! Anyways, did the "" unlock method, gives me the error that happens when unlock won't work. So am I basically screwed over by Motorola? Also do this Pudding method work for Electrify? Peace, and thanks guys. Pudding Link: Saddened.
  8. I'm selling an unlocked Motorola Electrify USCC phone. It is in really nice condition: screen is flawless and just some slight dings/wear on the sides. Comes with wall charger (need usb cable), extra battery, and 2 seidio snap on cases (1 black, 1 red). Please see pics below and email me at if you're interested. $125 or best reasonable offer. Thanks!
  9. Unlocked Motorola Electrify for sale

    I am picking up my new razr hd tomorrow, so I will b offering my Motorola electrify (unlocked bootloader) with MIUI installed. I am located outside Chicago in the near west suburbs. make me an offer......I will post pics tomorrow pm (from my new phone) as I have no other way atm. Peace Byte
  10. Hi All, I just upgrade to the Electrify M and am looking to sell my original Electrify. I currently have it posted on Craigslist (http://madison.craig...3399966728.html) and am looking for a local buyer. Price is $150 and local people can call or text me at 609-8681 if interested. It does have the OTA update and is not rooted. If someone really wants me to ship it send me a PM Thanks, Garrett
  11. Motorola Electrify 2 Now Available

    Looks like the new electrify 2 is up on It has the 1780 mAh battery, so it'll be similar to the Droid Razr on Verizon.
  12. Please post any new info on the Motorla Electrify 2 (Razr) HERE (Since the other thread was locked).
  13. Electrify 2

    in AIM as MO ELECTRIFY 2 XT889 HANDSET the "yangtze xt889" WAS in the system previously, but changed to this. just wish we knew if it could be confirmed as the Droid Razr equivalent & WHEN it will be coming out.