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Found 9 results

  1. I thought I would start this thread since there is SO much development for the Nexus 6. Here are links to a few Roms: Slim Rom: Rasta Pop: Resurrection Remix: CM12: Vaidus ROM Downloads! Chroma: Dirty Unicorns: Here is the latest test build: https://www.androidf...916177934518483 So lets get the discussion going! What is everyone running and what have you tried and liked or not liked?
  2. CurbThePain's Stock Deodexed Lollipop Rom for the US Cellular Galaxy S5 (klteusc) READ THE WHOLE OP! Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to you, your phone, or anything as a result of flashing this rom. It is of your choice to flash said rom and or proceed to root your phone. So don't blame me if your phone is dead, it is YOUR fault. Other Info: This rom doesnt come with a kernel, it is just the system partition on its own. It has not been debloated and has not been modified in any way other than being deodexed. Use/Download any G900F touchwiz kernel that supports 5.0 lollipop. You can find the kernels over on xda developers forums. Thanks Downloads: v1 - OF3 - Changelog: Changelog: 10-23-2015- -Initial Release
  3. i have been trying to figure out how to install a custom rom on my sch-r530u. i have the phone rooted and try to use both CWM and TWRP to get a custom recovery but both seem to not be working for me. CWM gives me an error before getting to 100% downloaded and the TWRP one downloads and asks if i want to boot into recovery but does noting after that. manually booting into recovery just shows the stock recovery. this seems like quite a bit of trouble to get around paying for teathering fees but im bored and want to get my hotspot working while on the go. if someone could please explain what i should do that would be helpful. i am new to this and lost lol. thanks
  4. Suggestions on ROM's

    Kinda bored and want something new and if you guys got any suggestions on any good roms please share, I'd prefer stable but if you think I'd like it then I'll do nightlies as well, I've already had Baked, Cyanogenmod, and currently running Beanstalk so please throw any suggestions at me, thanks (:
  5. Thank you for checking this out. This is not a download page, this is simply bringing all the links together in a more organized fashion, making it easier for the newbies. <rant> /* DISCLAIMER!!!*/ /* Check these mods' download pages to see if they are compatible with your ROM! I am only sharing them here, I am NOT doing research! */ /* Do NOT ask me if <insert ROM/Kernel/MOD here> will work on your device or setup! CHECK the page for pertinant information */ /* We are all adults here. Be responsible and READ!!!! */ </rant> If you find something that needs to be modified, updated, changed, or added to this list, please email me at my address listed in my profile or PM me letting me know. There is a list (I have not compared with this one) found HERE provided by Grant Barker, after a request on XDA. Give him a thanks for including us, it's not very often you find someone decent on XDA! RECOVERIES ClockWorkMod Touch - Posted by bru_1 TWRP - Posted by NA7Q MODEMS List of all R950 Modems - Posted by NA7Q TouchWiz ROMS (4.3.x) Wizenheimer MK3 v1 [4.3] Last Update 11-30-13 Built by WoundTight MK3 STOCK DEODEXED [4.3] Released 11-28-13 Prepared by NA7Q MK3 (& all other) STOCK ODIN PACKAGE [4.3] Released 11-27-13 Posted by snodrog74 Sky Note 4.3 RC9Z [AT&T TouchWiz Leak] [4.3] Last update 12-05-13 Ported by WoundTight TouchWiz ROMS (4.1.x) Wizenheimer Lite 1.1 [Android 4.1.2] Last update 3-27-13 Built by WoundTight AOSPish [Android 4.1.2] Last update 9-28-13 Built by WoundTight MultiROM V2.5 [4.1.2] Last update 8-7-13 Ported by WoundTight MoRpH Dark v1.3 [4.1.2] Last update 6-24-13 Built by WoundTight Deodexed Stock [Android 4.1.2] ME2 Update Supplied by NA7Q Stock Debloated [4.1.2] ME2 Update Stripped by WoundTight AS-JB v1.0 [4.1.?] Last update 11-14-12 Built by jpaulwaite Jelly'Beans' Build 16 [4.1.?] BASED ON VZW LL4 Ported by WoundTight Eclipse TW v1.5 [4.1.?] BASED ON VZW LL4 Ported by WoundTight Jellybomb Domination [4.1.?] BASED ON SPRINT LK8 Ported by NA7Q Stock Odin files [LJ1, LL1, MB1, & ME2] Posted by snodrog742 Stock Deodexed ALJ1 (obsolete) Posted by NA7Q AOSP ROMs (4.4.x) CyanogenMod 11 [4.4] KitKat UNOFFICIAL NIGHTLIES Posted by NA7Q OmniROM 4.4.1 [4.4] KitKat UNOFFICIAL Posted by WoundTight BeanStalk 4.4.200 +W03Tweaks v2.05 [4.4] Last Update 12-21-13 Posted by WoundTight ZenROM R950 [CM11 - HALO - Active Display] last update 2-19-14 Posted by NA7Q Dirty Unicorns 4.4.2 KitKat (t0lteusc) last update 2-7-2014 Posted by WoundTight ProBAM KitKat v.1.2.2 BlackUI + MultiWindow + AD + AppDPI + HALO2 + CamFix [4.4]Added 1-3-14 by WoundTight Temasek CM11 v35 + W03Tweaks v1.08 [4.4.2] Last update 1-16-14 Posted by WoundTight Gummy KitKat [4.4] Unofficial Added 1-3-14 by WoundTight SlimKAT Beta [4.4.2] Last Update 12-18-13 Ported by WoundTight BAM rom [4.4] Last Update ??-??-?? Posted by TokenBlackGuy AOKP KitKat UNOFFICIAL [4.4] Last Update 2-11-14 Posted by bru_1 AOSP ROMs (4.3.x) CyanogenMod 10.2 [4.3] Official Nightlies Posted by NA7Q PAC-Man RC [4.3] Official Nightlies Posted by 123sit SlimBean [4.3] Started 10-21-13, Unofficial Weeklies Posted by WoundTight Linaro CarbonRom [4.3] Last Update 11-2-13 Posted by WoundTight ProBAM r3.1 Build 4.5.0 [4.3] Last Update 10-24-13 Posted by WoundTight IllusionRom 2.6 [4.3] Last Update 10-29-13 Posted by WoundTight [Team D.I.R.T.] Dirty Unicorns [4.3.1] Last Update 11-6-13 Posted by Lynkz83 CyanogenMod 10.2 [HALO 2.0] [Active Display] [4.3] Last Update 11-12-13 Posted by NA7Q AOSP ROMs (4.2.x) CyanogenMod 10.1 [4.2.2] Official Nightlies Posted by NA7Q CyanogenMod 10.1.2 -HALO- [4.2.2] Last Update 7-29-13 Posted by NA7Q AOKP [4.2.2] Last Update 4-23-13 Posted by NA7Q PAC-Man Milestone [4.2.2] Last update 8-9-13 Posted by 123sit Baked BlackBean 7.1 [4.2.1] Last Update 1-30-13 Posted by WoundTight Avatar [4.2.2] Last Update 2-26-13 Posted by NA7Q LiquidSmooth [4.2.2] Last Update 3-19-13 Posted by NA7Q ParanoidAndroid [4.2.2] Last Update 7-3-13 Posted by NA7Q RootBox [4.2.2] Last Update 6-18-13 Posted by NA7Q Beanstalk (Tweaker_Edition) [4.2.2] Last Update 7-21-13 Posted by bjcoenen TW Kernels Perseus 1.8Ghz Updated 3-24-13 - Posted by NA7Q AOSP Kernels(some pulled from 123sit's post) Devil Kernel (XDA Thread) [4.4.x/4.3] Devil Kernel (XDA Thread) [4.3/4.2.2/4.1.2] Matrix Kernel (XDA Thread) [4.2.2] King Kanger's One Kernel (XDA Thread) [4.2.2] SOAPKernel (XDA Thread) [4.2.2] TW MODS 4.3 TouchWiz Debloaters - Posted by NA7Q 4.3 TouchWiz KNOX Removal Script - Created/Posted by NA7Q <---- NEW / URGENT!!! Dark AOSP Messaging - Posted by NA7Q [ALPHA] [sTOCK] Verizon to USCC ROM Converter - Posted by NA7Q S4 Google Edition Camera App - Posted by NA7Q Disable Increasing Ringtone - Posted by NA7Q Resizeable PopUp Browser - Posted by xonone Lightsaber SPen Sounds - Posted by seve1476 Dark Themed Google Play Store v4.0.27 - Posted by NA7Q [MB1] Clear All button moved up by settings - Posted by RMarkwald [MB1] Device Status "Normal" Stock Deodexed - Posted by bjcoenen [ALL1] Google Wallet - Posted by NA7Q Floating All Apps Multi Window - Posted by bjcoenen Flash Player on Dolphin Browser HD - Posted by NA7Q Add On-Screen Navigation Bar - Posted by NA7Q And more TW MODS can be found in the themes section here: AOSP MODS Dark AOSP Messaging - Posted by NA7Q AOSP Volume Booster - Posted by NA7Q S4 Google Edition Camera App - Posted by NA7Q sdCardSwap Internal to External - Posted by bjcoenen TouchWiz Camera for AOSP 4.2.2 ROMS - Ported by NA7Q
  6. First post, long time lurker. ***DISCLAIMER*** I am a user, not a developer or programmer. I have followed instructions on rooting my devices (and jailbreaking my old iPod Touch) and installing custom ROMs. Beyond that, I have no idea what all goes into the development process. Please correct and faulty assumptions I have. From what I've read here and from the official porting guide, it seems that it would be relatively easy to do for someone who knows what they're doing. I've seen some awesome work from users porting D2VZW ROMs, and I'm sure the same could be done with Ubuntu Phone. In fact it seems that UP has already been ported to the D2VZW with some degree of success. I've been itching to try it out, as I'm guessing many of you are. I looked into getting an i9250 (the GSM version that was sold directly through the Play Store, and the only officially supported variant of the Galaxy Nexus) off Ebay, but that proved to be to costly. So, I'm here humbly requesting a port.
  7. Android ROMS for HP Touchpad

    Here's the list of ROMS I have found for the Touchpad The ones in Bold I have tried If you've tried one that I'm missing, write a post with your comments/review of it and I'll add it to the list here Gingerbread Cyanogenmod 7.2 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Cyanogenmod 9 *Currently using this one. Love it except the camera doesn't work - - Jellybean (JB) Cyanogenmod 10 (Has lots of bugs, video streaming, mic, and camera do not work) - Site for support of this one:
  8. What other carrier ROMS work with the USCC Galaxy S3. I am rooted using the Sprint Method so do Sprint Roms work my phone?
  9. Ok guys, I figured out a simple way to restore/backup/flash roms while on ics:) Run the installer.bat in this folder HERE while booted into ics:) *make sure you have debug enabled and the correct drivers or it will not work!* (This simply flashes over sickins kernel. [ics for our phones at this time do not have cwm support it as it is very unstable] so after you run this your phone will not reboot into ics!) After it finishes coping the kerel over it will reboot your phone into recovery and then you can flash any rom we have on the fourms here !! be it ics or ginger! (If it didnt boot into cwm and you just see the sgs2 logo then do a batt pull and hold the vol+ and power till you see the logo and let go! should boot into cwm now) If this magically turns your phone into popcorn or a brick i do not take responsibly for this! Everything should work just fine Thanks droidz for the pointer! Cant believe i didnt think to add one work to the bat file. P.S. also will work if running gingerbread if for some reason you didnt install clockworkmod when you rooted this will install it.