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Found 60 results

  1. S7 edge root

    I have found a s7 edge root it works!!!! just follow the link below IT worked for me
  2. Version ?.?.?


    This is an ODIN flashable root from ChainFire. A very trusted name in everything Android. This works well and is very easy. I am not sure of the version number of this Root package from CF, without considerable digging. Does work and checks out for this device. Galaxy S6 USC
  3. ChainFire AutoRoot v?.?.? for Galaxy S6 v6.0.1 View File This is an ODIN flashable root from ChainFire. A very trusted name in everything Android. This works well and is very easy. I am not sure of the version number of this Root package from CF, without considerable digging. Does work and checks out for this device. Galaxy S6 USC Submitter joshjdudley Submitted 11/05/2016 Category Samsung Galaxy S6  
  4. Not sure if it will work on USC variant, but supposedly it works on Sprint and Verizon, do it should. Check out the article. NA S7 Root...Finally!
  5. There is a program calle Unified Android Toolkit It is a software program that has links compiled to do all of your things for you, all you have to do is read the screen Each model is listed that it supports It has multiple options for all devices, from rooting, to Odin Flashing back to stock Ive been in Android Dev for years, and this is IT!!!
  6. [TOOL] SKIPSOFT ANDROID TOOLKIT - NEXUS 6P - Drivers, Unlock, Backup, Stock [MDB08M] Link: Here * Here is my answer for the Qfuse on the Nexus 6P, It is there only to let you or the end user know that there has been a modification the recovery, kernel, and or system. It dose not "blow" or trip permanently. I flashed the no encryption kernel, and went back to stock without any signs of flashing taking place. This is just for reference for the time being. To OEM unlock manually, make sure you have the latest fastboot and adb files and use this command. " Fastboot Flashing Unlock "
  7. Guys, I think I really messed up. When Samsung did an OTA update for 5.0 Lollipop, I had issues with it. I decided to root using Odin. Different ROMs and BLs and such. Now, my Galaxy S5 has been stuck in bootloop for weeks. I cannot access Recovery mode due to the bootloop. I can still enter download mode, and when I do, this is what I see ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME: SM-G900R4 CURRENT BINARY: Custom SYSTEM STATUS: Official REACTIVATION LOCK: OFF KNOW WARRANTY VOID: 0x1 (4) QUALCOMM SECUREBOOT: ENABLE (CSB) RP SWREV: S1, T2, R1, A2, P1 SECURE DOWNLOAD: ENABLE UDC START I have read hundreds of articles by now and they all tell me the same thing, use Odin to flash stock firmware back onto the device, but I get the same results. Odin successfully flashes the stock firmware, boot screen comes on and says RECOVERY BOOT in blue letters at the top left-hand side of the screen. It then continues to be stuck in the bootloop, never going past the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen. As of last night, I have tried multiple different recoveries, bootloaders, ETC. and now it will go from the Galaxy screen to the charging screen. I left it to charge all night, but the battery appears to still be dead, it didn't charge AT ALL. I am completley lost as to what I can do. Ive tried everything, Including Kies. Kies doesnt recognize the device at all. Ive redownloaded the Samsung Official drivers multiple times. Nothing I have done is working OR helping. Please help me!
  8. I have found a couple tutorials on the web that will work for our model. First is to gain root. Follow this guide: then for the custom recovery follow this guide: sure to use the v410 Recovery!) I used both and can confirm it worked on my device.
  9. pit file

    I have really jacked my phone can someone please upload a pit file for the usc galaxy s5
  10. So the Lollipop update for my LG G3 came out today. I wasn't thinking and installed it over the air while my phone was rooted. It downloaded, restarted my device and now it won't go past the TeamWin Recovery mode. I can get it into fastboot mode but that is all. I thought I had some backups, but realized they were lost on my broken SD card beside me. Any ideas to fix this? Should the update be somewhere in my files? If not, I have the US99020a_24.kdz file on my computer..
  11. How to prevent OTA updates?

    New to the forums...tried doing a search and couldn't find anything on disabling OTA updates for the Note 4. I rooted using Chainfire Autoroot. Apparently this still allows OTA updates and I don't want to lose root when Lollipop is pushed out eventually. Is there a way to disable OTA updates using Titanium backup or something? I did read I could use flashify to flash CWM recovery, but wasn't sure exactly where to find the one I need. If Lollipop is pushed out and I lose root, is there a method out already to get root back? Can I use this method?... Thanks in advance for any info, and sorry I didn't know which forum this fit in...
  12. cm installer

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the CM installer for the gs3 running 4.4.2. My phone is stock and has not been rooted. Just wondering if the Cm installer would work. Thanks
  13. Alright so tl;dr right here: I tried to root my phone and I really didn't know what I was doing. I'm on Samsung Galaxy SIII, and now all I get is a startup message that says "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again" I'm 100% certain that I'm not the only post on here who has had this problem. The thing is, is that I'm not tech savy so I have no idea what all the post are meaning and not only that, but I'm needing someone to guide me through this step by step "unbricking your phone: for dummies" please. Okay long story (with details (and if you need anymore, just tell me!)) So last night I tried using Odin 3.04 to flash a rom to my SIII. It was my first time ever flashing and I was like why not give it a shot (I know how bad of an idea this was without supervision, I know it was bad I just need help getting it undone now) and evidently it was the wrong rom because now I'm stuck in the aforementioned page. I downloaded kies (I tried both regular Kies and Kies 3) and it won't connect to either (best buy told me it wouldn't connect because it was rooted and samsung won't recognize non-samsung software). It will connect to Odin still. I've tried downloading other roms to place over the wrong rom and it wasn't good, either, because my phone is still in a bricked mode. I can get in the download mode still (by power button + volume down + home button and then volume up) but that's about all I know. I just need my phone to work again, I don't care if I have to start back over and lose all my data all I want is a working phone. Please help. This is killing me. Again, I need all the terms in the most simple forms that you can put them, please.
  14. Axiom root access flashing guide with CWM Another simple Guide for obtaining root access on the Axiom running stock ICS 4.0.4. (Special thanks to "seishuku" (for working finding a compatible CWM for this phone) & "na7q" (for assisting with the root process). Thanks to ChainFire for making the CWM flashable SuperSU file. Here we go... this process is a lot more streamlined than the other Axiom Guide I posted but DOES increase the flash counter. ***Disclaimer*** Flashing & Rooting your phone does VOID the warranty, if the carrier finds out you have flashed your phone, they are no longer obligated to honor the warranty. So, weigh out the risks! Your phone may become a paperweight, if you choose to flash these files and your phones stops working, in NO way do I assume responsibility. As I mentioned in the previous guide working with hardware & software, things go south sometimes. This did work for me flawlessly! ~Downloads~ (these are for Windows based machines) 1.) Download the phone drivers. ( ) 2.) Download Odin 3.0.4 from here. ( ) 3.) Download Clockwork Recovery Mod Touch (CWM for short) from here. (This version is 99.9% compatible with our phone with one little annoying glitch, the screen will shift slightly when navigating through the Recovery Screens) ( ) 4.) Download the file from here, ( ) This file will need to be on the SDcard in your phone for later use in CWM. If you have any doubts, turn back now! My system specs and Programs. - Windows XP Home - Winrar - Odin 3.0.4 - ClockWork Recovery Touch 6 ~Preparations and Flashing~ Open the driver on your Windows based PC, let them install. On your phone go to Setting, Developer Options, at the top Check Mark "USB Debugging". Take the cord which came with your phone and connect your Axiom to your PC, after a few moments of the PC installing the drivers, you should see a window open showing Phone and SD Card. They now will communicate with each other. 1.) Open Odin. Power your phone down. With your phone off and the USB cord plugged in, hold down on the Volume Down while pressing the Home Button (Big Physical Button at the bottom of the screen) & then press the Power Button. As the phone starts to power you will continue to hold the Volume Down and Home Button, eventually the screen will pull up to the stock recovery warning. Let off the Volume and Home buttons. Push the Volume Up button to open the Flash Custom Software Screen (you will get a warning screen somewhere in the mix). You should see Odin an ID Com box light up with Com & a number behind it (This means Odin is ready to talk to your phone) 2.) Click the PDA box in Odin located in the bottom right side, locate the ClockWork Recovery file and hit open (PDA should now have a check mark and show the Windows location for the file). Hit the Start button in Odin, when it finishes your phone will re-boot (Congratulations, you have just Voided your warranty, welcome to the Club!). 3.) Power your phone off, this time hold the Volume Up button & the Home button, push the power button. As the phone begins to power you should see the Samsung logo with Recovery Booting in blue letters in the upper left corner, this will load "Touch CWM" (Yes I said Touch). Once CWM Touch loads go touch “Install zip from SDcard” and then “Choose zip from SDcard”, locate the file “” on your SDcard. CWM will ask you if you want to flash the file, hit Yes. It will flash the file and navigate to Re-Boot. You now have Root Access, to verify download Root Checker from the Google Play Store. It’s that simple! Again this version does increase the flash counter, so DON’T go into the US Cell store to upgrade your phone when the time comes for the latest update. They will laugh you out of the store and point fingers at you! If you plan on tethering download Titanium Back-up and back-up and uninstall the “TDS Sync” app. If this helped you out, please hit the thanks button. Happy flashing! Twisty
  15. I got a little crazy and rooted prior to thinking too carefully about it. Eventually I'll be going with a ROM once they're working a little better. I'd like to get the USC updates but I cannot do that directly on the s5 with my device rooted. Knox is the problem I believe - I am getting the modified error when going to "Software Update" in menu. Is Knox cracked at this point? Can we just download the updates from the USC website and install that way? Any help?
  16. Hi, I'm not an Android expert, I want to get that out of the way. I'm also not a developer or coder of any sort. However, I want to put together a tutorial for rooting 4.3 MJA on the Galaxy S3. I want to do this because I recently decided to update to 4.3 on my Galaxy S3, and I had some difficulty rooting it. I spent too much time (more than I'm comfortable disclosing ) trying to get it rooted when I should have had it done in less than 10 minutes. This tutorial will likely look like it's more difficult that it really is. It's not a time consuming or difficult process; I'm just trying to be thorough. So, here's my first attempt at putting together a tutorial. If it's garbage, or if something is wrong or needs to be tweaked or corrected, I guess just reply to the thread or PM me or something and I'll get it changed. Any mod is free to fix anything as well. The last thing I want to do is to provide bad instructions to someone. Before you start however, you need to know a couple things: Installing a custom recovery will trip the Knox warranty flag. As of this writing, there is no way to undo this and there may never be a way to undo it. Triangle Away will NOT reset it. So you won't want to use this root method if you are concerned about your warranty status. We don't know for sure if Samsung is really concerned about this, but it's possible. As of this writing, I'm not aware of a way to root a US Cellular Galaxy S3 on 4.3 without tripping the Knox warranty flag. As with any tweaking, flashing, rooting, etc., you need to know that there is potential to render your device unusable. You undertake this task at your own risk. The authors of the software below, Team US Cellular, XDA, and myself cannot be held responsible if things go badly for you. You are solely responsible for whatever happens to your device. What you need: You need a custom recovery. I used CWM Touch, which is available for free right here at Team US Cellular. It is version, which appears to be the current version (as of 1-14-14) for our device according to the official page at . The files on the official site are in the IMG format though, and those won't work with Odin. The file at Team US Cellular is a tar.md5 file which does work with Odin. I saved it to my desktop.Speaking of Odin, you'll need that to do the actual flashing. I believe 3.09 is the most current version according to . I don't know if the OP there is the author or not. Regardless, you can get 3.07 here at Team US Cellular at . I used 3.07 and did not have any issues, so I know that 3.07 will work. I saved this to my desktop as well.You will also need the Samsung USB Driver For Mobile Phones. I used version because that's what I have. There is a on the Samsung site. I don't know what the difference is. Here's the link to the page at Samsung . If you get it there, you want the one that says "Device(Install),USB Driver...." There is also a version of the driver installer here on Team US Cellular, but it is an older version. I'd suggest using from Samsung, and if that doesn't work for some reason, I could upload the that I used if necessary. You should probably disconnect your phone from your PC if it's connected. Now download the file and run it. This should install the drivers you need. I don't know if a reboot is necessary, but it doesn't hurt.Lastly, you will need SuperSU. Here is the SuperSU thread at XDA . Here is the link to the recovery installable zip file for SuperSU . Do NOT extract the zip file once it's downloaded. You put the entire zip file on your SD card and then install it from within your custom recovery. How to do it: Put the SuperSU zip file onto your SD card. I don't know if the directory matters for sure, but I put it into the root of my SD card. Either leave the card in the phone or put it back in if you took it out. You will need the card in the phone later on.Disconnect the phone from the PC if it's connected. I don't recall if I had USB debugging enabled on my phone or not, but I believe it was NOT enabled. It may not matter. Please reply if you read this and believe it to be incorrect. If you need USB debugging mode, here is how to get it. From the home screen, go into settings, then click on "more" at the top right of the screen. At the bottom, select "about device". Scroll down to "build number" and tap that a few times. This will unlock "developer options" in the previous menu. USB debugging is in the developer options menu.Go ahead and power off your phone. Extract the Odin zip file to a folder on your PC that you can easily access. I use my desktop. Create a folder on the desktop and name it whatever you want, I named it "Odin 3.07" and extract to that folder. You should have four files in the folder: the Odin executable, Odin3.ini, tmax.dll, and zlib.dll.Open Odin by double-clicking the executable. Click on YES if Windows' UAC prompts you.Now you need to put your phone into "download mode". Hold the POWER, HOME, and VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously. The phone should start up and go to a warning screen. Push VOLUME UP to continue to the actual download mode screen. If your phone booted normally, power it off again and then try again to get into download mode.Once you are in download mode, connect the phone to the PC. Around the top left side of the Odin window you should see it turn blue where it says ID:COM. It will also say "Added!!" in the message box.The "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" boxes should already be checked. Leave them checked. Make sure "Re-Partition" is NOT checked. Everything else should be unchecked as well, so leave them that way. I don't know what all of these do, particularly the F. Reset Time option. I'd be interested if someone posted what it and/or the other boxes do.Click the PDA button. Select your clockwork touch recovery tar.md5 file in the window that pops up. The message box in Odin will say that it is checking the file and should show "Checking MD5 finished Successfully.." followed by "Leave CS..".Click on START. The process should only take a few seconds. Once completed, it should say "PASS!" at the top left side of the Odin window, and it will be colored green where it says "PASS!".Your phone should now reboot on its own. If it boots correctly, go ahead and power off and put it into "recovery mode". To do this, hold the POWER, HOME, and VOLUME UP buttons simultaneously. If done correctly, you should see the Samsung Galaxy S3 logo and a blue guy below that.Next it will load the CWM Touch Recovery menu. From here, tap on "install zip".Next tap on "choose zip from /storage/sdcard1". It may freeze for a second, don't fret, it's loading the contents of the SD card.Now just scroll down to the SuperSU zip file that you copied to the card earlier. Tap on the SuperSU zip file. Select "Yes" to install it.You'll see some things scrolling by at the bottom of the screen. At the end it will say "- Done !" and "Install from sdcard complete".Select "go back" and then select "reboot system now". Let the phone boot normally.You'll see "android is updating" briefly during boot.This part is from memory as I've already seen/done this and can't reproduce it. You should see something from SuperSU about Knox being present on your device. It will say something about Knox annoying you with popups I believe and maybe something else. Regardless, you need to tell SuperSU that YES you want to disable Knox.You should now be rooted. If you want to verify, you can either try an app that requires root, or you can install Root Checker Basic from Google Play and it will tell you if you were successful or not. There are more than one of these apps available. I chose the one with the white box with a # sign (root command prompt) on it and a green check mark over that. It's authored by joeykrim. The others may work too, but that's the one I picked. Good Luck! =
  17. Flashing the Stock odin file: This is for Flashing back to stock on the newest version (4.4.2 KitKat). Now I know this phone is getting pretty old but I needed this about a week ago cause my phone was not acting right. I could not find a good guide on how to flash back to stock and once on the newest version it was even harder to root. So hopefully this helps anybody that actually comes to this phone so late in the game or has never really had to do this. I apologize if there is something like this in the threads already I just could not find it. Download the Root Helper package zip file here: Originally in NA7Q Craptastic root helper thread here: Unzip the Root Helper in a convenient location for you and don't remove anything. In here you will find 2 things you will need. The Odin (Computer version 3.07) itself. And the recovery (tar file) you will use a little later to root after getting back to stock. I'm sure there are a lot of places to download Odin and newer versions but this is the one I used and worked fine. Now you want to download the Stock Odin file to flash in Odin. For the newest one go here and download this (NE2): If you want an older version go to snodrog742 thread and click on the link you want here: Now you should have all the tools you need to flash to stock. Now would be the time to back up stuff you need on your phone. Like for instance make sure your phone numbers are synced with Google, pictures not on external sdcard (you never know). If you have titanium back up, back up your apps and app data (never caused any problems for me). Don't back up system stuff because I'm sure it's useless and probably will cause problems down the road. Though I didn't have problems it might be wise to back up sdcard's to computer just in case. You may want to make a nandroid back up as well though I'm not sure if it will be usable after flashing the new firmware (never tried). Another thing you want to do is a factory data reset. If you are rooted with a custom recovery it would probably be best to do this from recovery. If not the reset to factory settings within android probably will be sufficient? If you don't reset it will keep your apps and data but it will probably cause you problems. Now you want to go to SU folder you downloaded and unzipped and open it and right click on the Odin application and run as administrator. Here you want to checkmark the PDA box and click PDA button and navigate to the Stock Odin file (ex: R950VXUCNE2_R950USCCNE2_R950VXUCNE2_HOME.tar.md5) you downloaded earlier and open it. It should now appear in the box next to PDA. Now you want to checkmark Auto Reboot and R.Reset Time in the "Options" section. These are the only 2 boxes that should be selected in this section. Now when I did it the F. Reset Time was already selected and the Auto Reboot was greyed out and couldn't check this one. Don't worry about this, you can do a battery pull when all is flashed. Now you want to place your phone in download mode. This is done when the phone is off. Press and hold the volume down, home, and power button at the same time. You should see a screen asking you to go to download mode, just follow the directions and select yes. After you're in download mode you may now plug your USB cable from computer into the phone. Here you may see one of two different things. You may see a bubble in the task bar saying installing drivers. If so let it do it's thing. After they are installed you will have to disconnect cable and reconnect. Now you should see one of the boxes in Odin near the top displaying "COM-6" (number is irrelevant). You may also just see the the COM-6 straight away on the first connect. This means you installed the drivers previously. If you are having problems with the drivers it is suggested to install Samsung Kies. I did not have problems, so I really can't guide you on this circumstance (sorry). Once you have the COM-6 in the box you are ready to start. Now this is where it is important to keep the device attached and don't touch anything until it is finished. Now you will hit the start button on Odin and let it do its magic. Here you will see Odin uploading different packages and a progress bar on your phone. If you were able to check the auto reboot wait until your phone reboots and you are ok to disconnect. If you weren't able to check auto reboot wait until the box closest to the top left displays "PASS". Now disconnect phone pull the battery and re-insert and power it back up. You are now on the stock ROM and no need to look further if you are happy this way. If you are going to root the phone leave the Odin open cause you will use again in the next step. Now I know the last 2 paragraphs may be confusing so here is a link to the guide I followed which is very well put together with pictures: Also iRub1Out has a good guide on going back to stock here: Of course I didn't see this thread til after doing all of this and writing this for that matter (not sure how I missed it, but could have been useful at the time of doing this myself). You will notice he mentioned something about using triangle away and removing modified. I really didn't care about warranty issues and I'm not sure it really even matters anymore with knox. So I did not do this but feel free to follow his steps if you wish. Rooting: This is for rooting the newest (NE2 4.4.2 KitKat) version. It may work for 4.3 but I didn't try this so I can't say for sure. I really doubt it'll work for anything previously but just go to the craptastic link above and all should be fine. Just a warning you will void your factory warranty when you flash these recoveries because this will trip Knox. If you aren't worried about it go on with the next steps. I had my phone for 1.5 years so I was out of the 1 year warranty period anyways so it really didn't matter for me. Now you want to download some files. Download this recovery and place it on your sdcard: Download this SuperUser and place it on your sdcard: Download this for the removal of knox and place it on your sdcard: After downloading these items the first step will be flashing the tar version recovery in odin. If you haven't already done so hit the reset button on Odin. Press the PDA button and navigate to that SU folder that you unzipped from the previous section and find the recovery and open it. It looks like this: recovery-clockwork-touch- If you weren't able to check the auto reboot box it might work now so check it. So its the same thing as flashing the stock Odin file. Place your phone in download mode (while off press and hold vol down, home, and power buttons). Connect your phone to computer and look for the COM:6 thing then hit start. This should take seconds. When phone reboots or it says pass you can disconnect and pull battery if need be. Now you have a custom recovery and now you do the rest on your phone. The next steps I think is the order I went (didn't plan on writing this so I don't remember). Now power off your phone and boot into recovery (vol up, home,and power button at the same time). Look for install zip from sdcard. First (for sure) find the recovery ( and install this. Now back up and go to advanced tab and reboot into recovery. At this point it should ask to fix root, say yes of course. When it boots back into recovery install from sdcard again. Find the and install that. I would reboot back into recovery again to be safe and the flash the knox removal zip (TrulyClean_TEST3_v3.0.2_HARDCORE_NEW-MOREdoo-doo_Knox_Only). Then you can reboot into the system. Now I checked root with titanium backup and it still wasn't good. So I then went to play store and downloaded newest version of SuperSu by chainfire (2.01, at the time I downloaded it). I installed that and All was rooted. Here's a link: On a side note the Knox removal may be optional. I don't know for sure. I just did it cause who wants that crap on there phone anyways. Also this is the first guide I've written for any phone related stuff so go easy on me if it looks like a jumbled up mess. I did not create or come up with any of the information in this guide, I just wanted to bring all this stuff into one thread cause I had to do a lot of searching and learning.I hope I didn't break any rules by posting these links here. Just trying to help. So with that we should all thank the devs for all there hard work and contributions. More specifically: NA7Q, WoundTight, Bru_1, Snodrog742, and iRub1Out for which is the threads I found all the links and received help from. I've been running this stock set-up for close to a week now and not a single problem. Battery life is great, no data issues, and not a whole lot of lagging issues. Which were all the problems I was having previous to installing this.
  18. I am sorry for the noob question and I am ok with a link to the answer. I just switched to US Cellular from another carrier and has custom roms for all of those phones. However, I am new to the US Cellular world and would like to install a good custom rom on my phone. I tired using the custom rom manager and it said the s5 us cell version was not support. So is there a guide to install the rom and the clockwork (or equiv) backup software? I am rooted. Thanks for the help and I promise my praticipation will be more of the helpful nature in the future.
  19. Suggestions on ROM's

    Kinda bored and want something new and if you guys got any suggestions on any good roms please share, I'd prefer stable but if you think I'd like it then I'll do nightlies as well, I've already had Baked, Cyanogenmod, and currently running Beanstalk so please throw any suggestions at me, thanks (:
  20. I would like to reset my S4 to factory settings and I'd like someone who could help me with each problem I run into while doing as I already have tried and can not figure it out, thanks to anyone willing to help
  21. I'm not sure if this would be the right spot for this post. But I succeeded in gaining root by enabling debug mode then downloading the kingo app from I used version Nothing that I have noticed broke. I managed to uninstall knox in the rom. Dont ask me about the bootloader Im not a programmer lol. Anyway everything works as far as I can tell or know. And as usual I assume no responsibility if your phone breaks or explodes and lastly this is not my work. Enjoy!
  22. Hello, I am trying to root my Galaxy S Aviator, model number SCH-R930, and this is my first time rooting anything, tried odin3 and superoneclick, seemed to flash phone and reset it to factory but cant get superoneclick to work and not sure how to use ADB can some plz help me step by step how to root this phone? I have been at this for days even spent $30 on some online tool claiming it could but it didnt do anything and i have not bricked phone yet so i think that could be considered progress. Any help would be appriciated
  23. You'll need a root file browser for this mod. Root Explorer, Root Browser and others will work fine. Navigate to /system using the root file browser of your choice. Mount the system in R/W mode. Open the build.prop file in a text editor and add the following line at the end of the it. Reboot and enjoy! qemu.hw.mainkeys=0
  24. M electrify help

    I'm a complete noob at rooting but I followed the steps on this site and got my phone rooted so I could rid myself of Ted and enjoy my unlimited data on my laptop which has been successful for months but I've been ignoring this update prompt for a while and finally pocket pushed the install update button which reboots my phone into "recovery" or something like that on the command prompt screen it shows that the update runs into an error and aborts and does nothing after. But when I boot my phone back up it just reboots to install that update that doesn't install again and again. E:Error in /cache/Blur_Version.98.22.7.XT901.USC.en.US....... (Status 7)
  25. I've tried several different rooting methods for the recent 4.3 update (Kingo, CF Auto Root, and one other) and none gave me successful root access. If there is a method proven to be working (or one for me to test) then please let me know. I know CNexus at XDA has done this for Sprint so hopefully we're next.