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Found 20 results

  1. I have a previosly rooted s4 sch-r970 abd it updated to 5.0 through keis. Keeps saying that it has detected unauthorized actions and says to restart to undo any unauthorized changes. I do this and it keeps giving me the same security notice. My wifi wont turn on anymore or scan for networks. I have tried several ways to turn it on by the quick toggle and going into the settings. I can slide the toggle but it shuts right off again without turning green. Is there a way to root on lollipop yet with this model or am I stuck?
  2. Samsung has released a Lollypop based manual for the S4 on their web site: Last weekend I manually tried to update my S4, and I got a message indicating that the maximum number of update downloads have been exceeeded. (or something very similar) I'm now just getting the message "The latest updates have already been installed". Perhaps there is some hope of Lollypop coming to our USCC S4 phones? Thoughts?
  3. Stock files?

    Need a little help finding Stock S4 files that will download
  4. Long story short I bought a s4 r970 from eBay that needed a new SIM reader. I fixed it up and SIM/sd reader works. I had no reason to believe it wouldn't work and sold it on eBay as USCC. Buyer said USCC couldn't activate it and it was trying to find Verizon towers. I refunded and got the phone back. I'm now simply trying to determine what it will work on so I can sell it (not looking to be a slimy jerk unloading junk on someone). In other words I don't care if its on Cricket or Straight Talk, I'll sell it that way, but I just want to know for sure what its set up for. I dial *611 it dials Verizon I dial *228 and it opens the activation screen but again with Verizon. I'm in Ohio so I think doing anything that requires reliable USSC service signal is totally hopeless. I've attached the settings screen showing the network and baseband etc. Also when I boot the phone up it still has the US Cellular splash. Hoping an enlightened kind soul might be able and willing to help me identify what service this phone can be activated on and if it is flashed away from USSC. I've rooted and flashed before so I'm reasonably comfortable with that if that is my only option, but ideally I'd like to just identify what it could be activated on and just sell it as is. Based on my experience with rooting it really seems to be stock Samsung stuff but I am not 100% sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Despite me being very hesitant to start this post I am going to do it. I have had my S4 (USCC) flashed to Straight Talk for some time now. I went straight to CM11 (pre-unified), had no issues, and continued to update through the unified builds via the cmupdater with no issues. However, I decided to do a clean flash (as I like to do every now and again) and I lost my data. When I initially boot up the phone, I have 3G. After I reboot, I don't have data anymore, but I can still make phone calls and send and receive sms. This only happens with the unified builds (to the best of my knowledge) because I went back to CM10.2.1 and it is fine. This truly isn't any sort of an emergency, as I have it working, but my addictive self that can't help but trying the latest and greatest. I would appreciate any ideas!
  6. So, I've browsed this site a few times before whenever I ran into problems and I've always found some way to fix them, but I can't find much on this one. Problem: I tried installing a new ROM on my S4 using Clockwork, and I might've bricked my phone. Explanation of Problem: I rooted my phone using Towelroot, then I checked it with the root checker. So far, so good. I downloaded ROMManager and made a backup, and that went fine. Then I tried using it to install Mahdi ROM, and this is where I got stuck. I booted up and I got an error: Kernel Is Not Seandroid Enforcing Set Warranty Bit: Kernel Hell. So I looked around a bit and it seemed like this was because Samsung's god-awful KNOX had gotten in the way, so I should just use ODIN and flash the stock ROM on there. There comes my problem. I tried that and it works fine, ODIN recognizes my device, it's in Admin mode, everything. But then it does this. <ID:0/004> Added!!<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..<OSM> Please wait..<OSM> R970VXUAMF5_R970USCAMF5_R970VXUAMF5_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..<OSM> Leave CS..<ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..<ID:0/004> File analysis..<ID:0/004> SetupConnection..<ID:0/004> Initialzation..<ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping.. It looks like I need a PIT file, but I can't seem to find one. I get the feeling that this was some sort of legacy thing that has been deprecated? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Suggestions on ROM's

    Kinda bored and want something new and if you guys got any suggestions on any good roms please share, I'd prefer stable but if you think I'd like it then I'll do nightlies as well, I've already had Baked, Cyanogenmod, and currently running Beanstalk so please throw any suggestions at me, thanks (:
  8. Hello! I'd like to run a 4.4.2 Google Play Edition rom on my USC GS4. I want a stock googleish 4.4 rom, with the Samsung camera drivers. The Google Play rom has been ported from ATT/Tmobile to Verizon. This is the rom: The rom will not boot if I flash it on my phone (I've tried). It goes into a locked download mode, and I have to flash something else to make it boot again. Could I use a ROM converter to make it work, such as the one here? If that won't work, is there anything that would, or might?
  9. I have been running the unofficial Carbon Rom 4.4 for weeks with no problems at when suddenly i was using my chrome browser and i lost data. I tried rebooting, didn't work. Tried reflashing the rom and when i did i lost service AND data. At this point i started restoring to backups and none of them worked. I tried clean flashing back to other roms and new roms and none had service. I restored my apns, *228'd everything. I odined back to stock and got service back when i turned on my data it went 1x, 3g, 1x then went away and never came back. Not sure whats going on or how to fix it. Could someone help?
  10. I've been flashing my phone around and somehow somewhere along the line it got pretty messed up. I was using an older version of Woundtights rom that had some bugs and I decided to flash a more recent version of his rom but it left me in a bootloop and I tried the kernel fix along with the supersu update and nothing changed. so I then flashed a cm11, and cm10.2 official rom and both booted up fine but data/service is not right. Always says I am roaming and data along with calls etc are not working either. I also tried *228 and it fails and the weirdest part is that it goes through Verizon. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated, i'm tight on time right now and just want to know whether or not this can be fixed or I should just go buy a new phone. thank you
  11. MK2 Modem.bin - S4

    Version MK2


    You MUST flash this modem.bin file in ODIN This will not work in recovery!
  12. Does anybody know of a way to get the IR to work on the S4? Or if there is a ROM with it working?
  13. I have an upgrade coming up on the 29th. I have the Motorola Electrify and ready for an upgrade. I've been looking at a few phones...and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I mostly use it for facebook, pictures, sometimes skype, and to keep up to date on sports as they happen. The phones that I'm looking at are: Samsung S3, S4, Mega Motorola Moto X HTC One Thank you in advance for all that respond. Greatly appreciated.
  14. I think I've removed all of Google's applications et al but now 'SVoice' is unable to search the web. I've installed Firefox and plan on installing Opera and Yandex. I would like to use other search engines besides the spy's Google, Bing, etc. I'd rather use Ixquick, Duck Duck and Gooframe...and others I may find later. Can you tell me what is necessary to get sVoice working to search the web again? thank you!!
  15. Posting here for fastest response

    I know this is probably the wrong area but I'm looking for some help asap from someone in the know. I have a customer who has gone through two Galaxy S4's 3 Sim Cards & a loaner phone all with the same problem. The problem being every time the customer goes to make a call the phone will begin to ring but if someone does not answer the call almost immediately anyone of the afformentioned devices will simply end the call. It's not appearing as if it's a dropped call as this occurs in an area with a 77 dbm and across the state. Tech is stumped everyone is stumped multiple tickets have been submitted. Has anyone ever encountered something like this before ? Also as a side note the phone has been removed from the switch, all back end data refreshed, reprogrammed, etc. Also one other point worth noting is the customer ported in from Verizon in the midst (? has it really ended) of the TOPS fiasco. Any help or insight would be AWESOME. Thanks guys and gals.
  16. Alright guys, I know I've been here a lot talking about different ROMs and such, but I think I found a decent ROM. It definitely has it's moments though. I have the AOKP ROM installed currently and I love it. Could be better, but from what I've tested, I like it by far the most. Be warned, this is just a Nightly build and I don't really know if it's official. Here are some troubling things with it that I have found. The system will randomly restart. I haven't pinned why it does it, but it usually happens when I'm trying to load a heavy app like a game. Ex: Tapped OutPhone: Calls are flawless, however if you make a call and try to hang up, the phone app hags and you can't end the call. The other person has to end it for you. This is troublesome when talking to an automated process like your voicemail.Camera: Camera also works good. However if you use HDR and take a picture, the app will hag and it will save a blank file. It seems that there is no extension on the file. I have not tried to manually name a file yet.. I will try that and get back to you guys.Messaging: Also works well, however do not send a message that will be long enough where it automatically sends two messages, it won't send the message at all. It just "fails". You can send one just fine, receive MMS/SMS, have not sent a picture yet, but have received one. I'll play more with this later and get back to you.The Cellular reception bars don't really display anything? It tells me that I have 4G, 3G, or X1, but it won't give me a signal strength.. or it's the same color as the background one; can't tell. F-Charge doesn't turn on...? But it seems that my phone charges REALLY fast, which is fine with me. I plugged in my phone this morning for about 10 minutes and it went up about 10%.The Torch button is sort of finicky. It works, but it doesn't. It just seems weird.. Or its just a delay.GPS works good, no issues with that yet.Cellular Location: I've noticed this isn't totally right on Google Maps.... Like it was miles off. I'll play around more with this to test it. With that said, WiFi location works great.Have not test Bluetooth. I don't really have any Bluetooth devices besides my Laptop.*#*#INFO#*#* works via the phone on this ROM.One thing this ROM could use is a music player.. not necessary, but it would be nice. I bought Shuttle+ though and I love it.When you plug in Headphones, the ROM doesn't tell you that you do. It would be nice that it recognizes that you do, just for some feed back. With that said, Shuttle did pause when you unplugged them though. However it had an option where you could plug them back in and the music would resume, but since the ROM doesn't really recognize that, it just does nothing. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.Brightness works good, the auto function works well also. Battery life has been good for me. I haven't had the phone long enough to really test it though. Plus its better than my HTC Hero S, so I don't really care... LolNotifications: Some apps don't really work well with notifications. However, it seems to be doing fine now. It might have just taken a few restarts in order to really set them in stone. If you guys want any more information, let me know. I'm also going to link the developer for this ROM, to this forum. I just wanted to give him some feed back I can also take screenshots.. if you want.... Dominic EDIT: Added another bullet point.
  17. Hi everyone, I have an S4 and I love it, but I have a MAJOR problem (major for me, anyway) I have used both LinuxDeploy and Complete Linux Installer on my old S3. But, neither seem to work on my S4. I have tried EVERYTHING and I just can't get a copy of any available distro working. I am currently running stock and I am rooted with SuperSU (not traditional SuperUser). The errors all have to do with writing to the storage (both extSDCard and emulated/0). Can someone else that's rooted try this out and see if they can get it working? CJ
  18. What do I need to do to make my Galaxy S4 keep a copy of my email on my phone after checking it on my computer? After I open up Outlook and check my mail on my computer the phone syncs and all the mail disappears from my phone. My Galaxy Note 2 does not do this. Any suggestions?
  19. Preorders for the Galaxy S IV start April 16th! The best part of this whole thing is that our version of the S4 passed the FCC before ANY other carrier. Take that VZW - ATT - Tmobile! We may not launch it first, but who knows? Still exciting! --Check it out-- Recent FCC approvals: USC's SIV page: Funny comments on how VZW sucks - because they didn't announce it first. - LOL:
  20. Galaxy S4

    It is official!! U.S. Cellular will be carrying the newly announced Galaxy S4. They just announced it about an hour ago on their Facebook page. I thought I read "sometime in April", but I can't find for sure where I read that.