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Found 19 results

  1. Trying to get root, so I am downgrading the firmware, I have had nothing but trouble with it thus far, though. Any help would be appreciated. SM-G955U - US Cellular VersionG955USQS3CRE2Bootloader Version 3Android 8.0.0History of the phone, tried rooting quite a while ago, softbricked it, then went back to stock rom no problem. Flash forward a few months later, used the SamFail and PartCyborgRom method to have root, did not have mobile data, though, so I went back to stock, again. I was told after a bit that updating the modem would have fixed that issue, but oh well. Now, I want to use the SamFail mehtod to have root again, and fix the modem issue in the phone. I am trying to downgrade the firmware so that this will work. However nothing is working properly.List of all firmwares I have tried:USC-G955USQU1AQDE-20170505162155USC-G955USQU1AQD9-20170421124057SM-G955U_1_20170504154313_jk5541apkz_facSM-G955U_1_20170620081840_8g9ali6ocz_facSM-G955U1_1_20170428100826_id2grime7e_facI have uninstalled the Samsung Drivers, rebooted and reinstalled, same for ADB. I have enabled USB Debugging. I can not enable OEM Unlock, locked bootloader. For the Odin settings I have tried loading just AP. Then All of them. Then everything except for BL. Then all except for CSC.The options I have checked are Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.This is the Odin Log:<ID:0/004> Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..<ID:0/004> File analysis..<ID:0/004> Total Binary size: 4429 M<ID:0/004> SetupConnection..<ID:0/004> Initialzation..<ID:0/004> Set PIT file..<ID:0/004> DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!!<ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping..<ID:0/004> Firmware update start..<ID:0/004> NAND Write Start!! <ID:0/004> SingleDownload.<ID:0/004> boot.img<ID:0/004> FAIL! (Auth)<ID:0/004> <ID:0/004> Complete(Write) operation failed.<OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)This is what it says on my phone in DL mode:CARRIER: USCRPMB fuse blownRPMB PROVISIONEDCURRENT BINARY: Samsung OfficialSYSTEM STATUS: OfficialFRP LOCK: OFFWARRANTY VOID: 0x0QUALCOM SECUREBOOT: ENABLERP SWREV: B3( K2 S3SECURE DOWNLOAD: ENABLEDID 205EBC0B1B52SW REV CHECK FAIL : (boot)Fused 2 > Binary 1My phone still works just fine, have not bricked it trying all of these. I am open to all suggestions at this point. I know I had the stock firmware at one point in time, and I am trying to find it at any cost.

    hello all, my name is raycekar and i am currently in the process of making stock+root rom 5.0.1 flashable for the us990 Why you may ask, i want to learn more about android development i have so far got the system image, boot image, and am working/stuck on understanding the meta-inf of a flashable rom some tut say just to pull it from a custom rom for your device but im uncertain of doing that and i also want to learn to create it myself my main goal for creating this is to learn how to develop and modify the rom in many different ways along with removing bloatware. if you have any good tutorials please let me know
  3. CurbThePain's Stock Deodexed Lollipop Rom for the US Cellular Galaxy S5 (klteusc) READ THE WHOLE OP! Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to you, your phone, or anything as a result of flashing this rom. It is of your choice to flash said rom and or proceed to root your phone. So don't blame me if your phone is dead, it is YOUR fault. Other Info: This rom doesnt come with a kernel, it is just the system partition on its own. It has not been debloated and has not been modified in any way other than being deodexed. Use/Download any G900F touchwiz kernel that supports 5.0 lollipop. You can find the kernels over on xda developers forums. Thanks Downloads: v1 - OF3 - Changelog: Changelog: 10-23-2015- -Initial Release
  4. Hey all, I need to get my mk2 phone back to complete stock with or without root as long as I can root it again. I don't need to worry about an warranty issues if that makes a difference. I was just wondering what files I need and if I need to do anything special to the phone itself before I start the process.
  5. I have been finding some handy links to help add some stock goodness on top of the aosp roms. I have assembled links to what I have found to be useful so far. As well as a link to help provide some browsing pleasure for others. Most of you may already have surfed through these pages but to new comers they may not be aware of where to find such. So here they are: General link to where I have found some goodies and extra help for the g3: Link to a modified version of the remote app: , the page has changed a bit. I did have to run the app he links in case it doesnt work at first. But it does work. He took out the link to the second app I had to use as well but that may be due to the page being updated. This is a link to the volume hack. I know there are apps that can help but I prefer making sure it works. Link: http://forum.xda-dev...ooster-t2819821 , I recommend only bumping the numbers up just a couple or few from what they currently are. If you use his settings its extremely loud and a lil distorted. As well as power on and off sounds are loud! You have been warned. Definately worth doing if you dont over do it. Just some boot animations and shutdown screens if you wish. Link: , and another link: Definitely a good camera app for aosp. Has kind of a stock feel. Worth a look if your into that. Link: There was a keyboard link but, the app isnt working apparently. I will keep a look out for that one. There is also a stock modded camera only for the stock kitkat and lollipop roms here: A link to Xsposed Alpha for Lollipop: And you may want to browse through their discussions board in the first link as well. Handy stuff. If you are new to this PLEASE PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!! You may just save yourself a headache or your phone's life. Don't be afraid to ask a question even if it means possibly getting flamed or ignored by an irritated vet. Don't worry guys we all understand you guys have to deal with allot while programming. No offense was intended by the previous comment. Again I take no responsibility with the knowledge you use from here. I in no way developed any of the apps or roms posted. Not yet at least And the credit goes to all those hard working developers. Thank you guys for all your hard work! Also if I find any more useful things I'll update this post. Enjoy!
  6. I have been digging up some apps for my g3 which have been handy. I also have tried a few links on my G Pad 7.0 and they have worked as well. I know the volume hack is a nice one just be careful. If you wish to check out some possible apps or mods you may wish to try head over to my post in the g3 section found here: Again I know a few will work but, I'm sure maybe not all. Good luck and enjoy! Oh and as usual I take no responsibilities for what you do with your phone or tablet. And all the credit go to the developers. I had no part in making these. I just found the posts.
  7. Note 2 Stock ODIN files now available! LJ1 - LL1 - MB1 - ME2 - MK3 - NE2 -
  8. So, I've browsed this site a few times before whenever I ran into problems and I've always found some way to fix them, but I can't find much on this one. Problem: I tried installing a new ROM on my S4 using Clockwork, and I might've bricked my phone. Explanation of Problem: I rooted my phone using Towelroot, then I checked it with the root checker. So far, so good. I downloaded ROMManager and made a backup, and that went fine. Then I tried using it to install Mahdi ROM, and this is where I got stuck. I booted up and I got an error: Kernel Is Not Seandroid Enforcing Set Warranty Bit: Kernel Hell. So I looked around a bit and it seemed like this was because Samsung's god-awful KNOX had gotten in the way, so I should just use ODIN and flash the stock ROM on there. There comes my problem. I tried that and it works fine, ODIN recognizes my device, it's in Admin mode, everything. But then it does this. <ID:0/004> Added!!<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..<OSM> Please wait..<OSM> R970VXUAMF5_R970USCAMF5_R970VXUAMF5_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..<OSM> Leave CS..<ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..<ID:0/004> File analysis..<ID:0/004> SetupConnection..<ID:0/004> Initialzation..<ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping.. It looks like I need a PIT file, but I can't seem to find one. I get the feeling that this was some sort of legacy thing that has been deprecated? Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. This is the support thread for the Note II Stock TW Deodexed MB1 (JB 4.1.2) ROM. The original thread can be found here: Happy Flashing!
  10. Note: these are for the US variant only! OK, so for those of you want to go back to stock factory settings, or for those of you who have no choice but to return back to stock "out of the box" experience. i am posting these as a method for you to achieve this, this is ONLY a partial step in the process. you will need to obtain the proper factory ROM, and proper PIT. located here on teamuscellular. and by "proper" i am refering to the model of your device. my device is a 32GB so i will use the PIT file for a 32GB. be forwarned, the process of going back to stock mean an absolute data wipe! only use a pit file with the factory rom. make no mistake flashing a PIT file solo without the ROM, and you will have a"bricked" unusable device! ODIN software = (samsungs oem) pit file goes into PIT slot and ROM/TAR goes in PDA slot respectivley. be sure to check REPARTITION when using the pit file... this will help with those losing 4G/ data from a bad flash, or a slip or however these mishaps occur. i hope this helps... INDEX OF PITS STOCK LG1 ROM
  11. Support for JellyBomb here. ROM Download found here:
  12. Mods: (sorry for the delay) Requirements: Deodexed ROM Deodexed ROM can be found here! I accept any and all requests you may have! Leave a comment, send me a message or contact me through the chat and I will try to make a mod or theme for you! I can't do everything but I will try my best to serve you! Partial Debloater No Increasing Ringtone Multiwindow - All Apps 4 In 1 Reboot Menu Black Status Bar Center Clock Blue Center Clock Blue Wifi/4G/3G/1X/In/Out data icons, with 6 blue signal bars & 1% blue circle battery mod. BLUE!!! Orange version Dark Lidroid Toggles - Customizable! (Notification Widget Toggles) NEW! (Change toggles using the AdvanceS app) (Works side by side with stock messaging. MMS does not send but you can use stock for that) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is a themed version of this AOSPish Theme Mods framework, multi-window tab, music player, camera, keyboard, browser, calendar, contacts, downloader, email, gallery, mms, phone dialer, settings and video player. SystemUI is not themed with this. More to come..... Some themes from here can work. Try at your own risk! I accept any and all requests you may have! Leave a comment, send me a message or contact me through the chat and I will try to make a mod or theme for you! I can't do everything but I will try my best to serve you! Donations accepted! (:
  13. Recently rooted my S3 (SCH-R530U) and flashed CyanogenMod 10.0.0-d2usc. I've been having issues with some of my most used apps while I'm running JB and I want to go back to ICS. I tried following this guide here: But I was having trouble using Odin, flashing the .zip of the LG1 stock. I also tried to directly flash through cwm using this link: I copied the move me file to my root and attempted to flash it and got an error. Anyone know what's wrong? Could it be my current Kernel that's causing my problems? Try to make your explanation as idiot-proof as possible Current specs: SGS3 SCH-R530U Android version 4.1.2 Kernel version 3.0.48 cyanogenmod-ge67063c CyanogenMod version 10.0.0-d2usc ClockworkMod Version Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Note II - SCH-R950 - Deodexed Apps/Frameworks This DOES NOT contain the full stock ROM. (due to the size of the OS) This only contains the deodexed apps and frameworks! (no apps have been removed) Must be flashed over the top of the stock odexed ROM. It automatically wipes the old files with the new (: DO NOT WIPE ANYTHING STOCK DEODEXED ROM Happy flashing (: Download (525.6MB) MD5: eb9a160239d818afbe602a654724d76b If you need the entire stock system image I recommend flashing the ODIN tar image. Stock ODIN .tar
  15. I know you don't really gain much if you do not flash a new rom but I would like to run Titanium backup and a few other things but the stock rom is the only rom that NFC works that I have found. I tried AOKP, CW10 Liquid smooth I think I hit all the big ones. The phone is a Galaxy SIII I just flashed it back to stock and updated it to 4.1.1 currently stock rom and stock recovery I guess I want to know can I put Clockwork recovery on and install SU and still maintain the stock rom and if I can will rom manager or something like that allow me to make any changes like in CW10 etc. I know it will not have near the amount but some would be good. Thank you
  16. Okay, I was running CM 10 for a long time. Then today I updated to cm 10.1 nightly. Well i couldn't get service so i wiped dalvik, cache, and data and reflashed cm 10. I booted into it and got AOSP Keyboard Force closed. So i read on another forum that i had to return to stock to fix the problem. So i got the supported sgs3 odin from this site and LG1 frimware, booted into recover (Clockwork) and wiped everything. then pulled battery pluged into computer and booted into download mode. I put LG1 into the pda slot and started it but it says.. ID:0/003> Added!! <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. <OSM> Please wait.. <OSM> COMBINATION_R530UVXALG1_R530UUSCALG1_830554_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid. <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. <OSM> Leave CS.. <ID:0/003> Odin v.3 engine (ID:3).. <ID:0/003> File analysis.. <ID:0/003> SetupConnection.. <ID:0/003> Complete(Write) operation failed. <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1) <ID:0/003> Removed!! So now when i turn on my phone it says "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again. Please help!
  17. Thank you Chainfire for d2usc (USC SGS3) support for our device, and this app! This is nothing against Rub1Out's guide, or anyone else's on this forum. I've used their guides as well without issue. This is simply another means to get back to stock, and I'm feeling nice today. There is a this trend of users who don't know what they are doing, don't know what basic terms mean, and chances are, haven't done any reading of any kind before the attempt to root/unroot a device. Even with the guides here, the complaints are either they are "confusing" or "not enough info"...which, IMO, is untrue. I've seen users flash Verizon stock software to their USC device, load a Verizon bootloader, flash other carrier ROMs...the list goes on. If you cannot read an OP thread for directions, then you shouldn't be attempting to do what you're about to do. You should learn how to undo what you're doing BEFORE it's too late. If I say adb, ODIN, tar.md5, Android SDK, Recovery...there should be some familiarization with those terms. Just because you used a toolkit to root your phone doesn't give anyone the excuse to not know those terms. Even with a toolkit, you need to to use the toolkit. If you are against paying for an app, then this method is NOT for you. ChainFire offers this for free, but the EverRoot option is only in the paid for version. This takes less than five minutes to do, and does not require a computer. I'm done with that thought, it could go on...and on. What you need to download ODIN .tar.md5 file for either LG4, LI4, LK5 (LK5 is the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update as of Dec 2012). NOTE: The .tar.md5 files are HUGE, 1 - 1.2 GB (LK5 is 1.2 GB)!! LK5 update, Samsung SimpleUpgraderTool: NOTE: The file is like 854MB. Scroll down the page and hit the big black DOWNLOAD button, located at Step 1 of the guide from the link above. Mobile Odin app from Google Play (buy it, it's more than worth it) - Instructions NOTE: You need to be rooted to run Mobile Odin. I shouldn't have to say it, but I have to say it. NOTE 2: If you downloaded the .exe file from USC or Samsung, the tar.md5 file you need will be in that. You'll need to browse your computer to the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung Electronics\SimpleUpgradeTool\SCH-R530U_USCC\Binary. The Program Files (x86) folder will ONLY be there if you run a 64-bit Windows system. NOTE 3: There's two .tar.md5 files out there, if you downloaded it from Samsung, the file name will start with KIES_blahblah.tar.md5. This will NOT wipe your internal sd card. The other file name will start with COMBINATION_blahblah.tar.md5, and this WILL format internal sd!! So backup internal sd if you want to save pictures/music/other files just to be safe. You've been warned! 1. Take the tar.md5 ODIN file, and copy it to either your internal or external sd card. This is the ONLY part you'll need a computer for, and if you never delete it, you'll never need your computer again. For the love of my sanity, put it in a folder where you know it will be. I recommend external sd card and here's why: Your internal will be wiped with the official .tar.md5 for the LK5 update!!! 2. Open Mobile Odin. Grant it root access. If it asks for add-on download, turn on your wifi and say OK. 3. Scroll down to Open file..., click it, then browse to internal or external sd card based off of where you put the tar.md5 file. Select your .tar.md5 file. 4. It'll tell you what it's flashing, just hit OK. 5. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP, SO PAY ATTENTION: If you want root, check all 3 boxes under the EverRoot heading. (Enable EverRoot, Inject SuperSU, Inject Mobile Odin). Under the Wipe heading, check Wipe data and cache and Wipe dalvik cache. What you have now is the stock USC Odin file, which will load and Mobile Odin will root it. 6. Hit Flash Firmware. Wait a couple minutes, and you'll be 100% USC Stock ROM, rooted (or not if you choose not to root). Any time you are on an AOSP ROM or any other ROM, and you want 100% stock USC, repeat steps 2 - 6. It's that simple. If rooted, from there you can flash a custom recovery, and begin the ROM flashing process or if you need to make backups of your stock rooted setup. There it is people, you cannot get any easier than this. This thread will be locked, and you can PM me if you have problems. All of the information is there, and these are the exact steps I use when I want 100% rooted/stock USC TouchWiz.
  18. Here we go - The Deodexed STOCK LI4 Rom. This is EXACTLY as the update is, so it has the bloatware. - I will debloat and reup in the coming days. Cosmetically it is 100% stock, absolutely NO theme applied. *stay tuned though - I may have a few cards left to play* This Rom has a few specialized tweaks to enhance its performance: This zipaligns all of your .apk's automatically once per week. Vacuums out your sql database Scripts that load from int'd folder make it quite snappy Includes SuperUser INSTRUCTIONS Follow these instructions EXACTLY as they are, DON'T blame me if you screw up. **You MUST be on STOCK LI4 - NO Root** Follow my guide if you need to http://teamuscellula...-or-replacement ****All files needed are at the bottom of this post**** Once you are on LI4: (you don't have to sign in, update apps, etc.) 0. DO NOT ROOT 1. Enable USB debugging 2. Enter download mode 3. Open Odin 3a. Connect device to computer 4. Flash CWM Recovery v5 (device will reboot) 5. Boot into CWM Recovery (DO NOT wipe/clear/format ANYTHING) 6. Install zip from sd 6a. Select "Deodexed_Stock_LI4" - from wherever you saved it Device will reboot - ENJOI! Note - yes, you flash this OVER stock LI4. It roots, deodexes, installs SU, and tweaks the performance, all in one simple step. ------All credit for the creation of this rom goes to John Waite.------ ------I simply tested, fixed (at his direction), and distributed.------ THANK YOU!!! Downloads (Mirror: )
  19. Hey guys! I've been working on theming the HIDEOUS stock phone app (the one that comes up when you are in a call, not the dialer) and this is what I have so far. Suggestions? I'm mainly doing this for personal use since I hate BLUR and unfortunately have a locked bootloader, but I'll gladly share the files when I'm done. UPDATED: Keep in mind that the colors are much more vivid (exact ICS blue) on the phone itself. The screens are a little washed out. I also have a question about editing the dial pad number images, if anyone has time to answer. OLD VERSION: PROJECT ABANDONED. I no longer have this phone. I now have the SGSIII, and am working on themes for it. See: http://teamuscellula...cs-updated-718/