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  1. Happy Birthday Snodrog742 (Adam, the owner of TUSCC) If you do anything today, send him a PM (or 20) wishing him a happy birthday! and Slykarma! From all of us here at TUSCC - we wish you a happy birthday! Have fun, stay safe, and remember, dont leave your drink unattended.
  2. Happy Birthday phince1 Wish him a Happy B-day HERE From all of us here at TUSCC, have a safe, memorable, and fun birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday popeye331 Monkey beast arcadeguest CARVERitUP Stalk their profiles, wish them a Happy Birthday!
  4. After weeks of rumors about the specs, price, and release date of the upcoming Nexus 5, it appears that Google's new Nexus Android smartphone is being listed on the Google Play store. The device appears next to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 along with the caption "Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways." Google lists the price as "starting at $349." However, when the link to the smartphone is clicked on -- the new page doesn't load. And not long after the phone appeared, it was replaced by the older Nexus 4 again. Rumors have been flying the past few weeks about what Google has in mind for the Nexus 5. Supposedly, the device will run Android 4.4 KitKat and be revealed in the coming weeks. The smartphone has been said to cost anywhere from $299 to $399 for the 16GB and $449 for the 32GB. Just last week, the first third-party cases for the device were spotted on Google+. While Google has stayed mum about the official release of the Nexus 5, it appears that such a device is most likely on the way. Accessory makers are eager to get in on the action. Several Nexus 5 cases are on sale at Amazon, with the retailer saying they'll arrive in stock on October 30, October 31, including November 2. See below for some images of the products. Source: CNET A white Ringke Slim case for the Google Nexus 5 phone, on sale at Amazon. (Credit: This purported SoftGel Flexible case from i-Blason and for Nexus 5 phones appeared for sale on Amazon. (Credit: Amazon is selling this Ringke Fusion case for the purported Google Nexus 5 phone. (Credit:
  5. Happy Birthday Johntriger! Stalk his profile HERE And from all of us here at TUSCC, have a safe, fun, and memorable birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday Scribble! Today is Scribble's B-day - but sadly we don't know how old/young he is!? Stalk his profile HERE From all of us here at TUSCC - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!11!1!one1!eleven
  7. Most popular questions How do I get my device out of "Safe Mode" (Springboard crashing)?​​ How do I fix iTunes errors and other problems when trying to restore/upgrade/downgrade my device?​ What are the correct steps for upgrading my jailbroken device and easily reinstalling my Cydia packages?​ How do I build custom firmware to upgrade iOS on my device while preserving its unlockable baseband?​ How do I restore (downgrade/upgrade) my device to iOS 6.0-6.1.2 or other non-latest iOS versions?​ How do I fix a device that isn't booting up properly (boot loop, stuck at Apple logo, etc.)?​ How do I fix this weird problem on my device if I'm not sure which tweak is causing it?​ Jailbreaking guides and definitions How do I jailbreak? What tool can I use to jailbreak?​ What's the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking?​ I'm considering jailbreaking, but what are any downsides I should know about, from legality to warranty to security?​ Does jailbreaking upgrade my firmware and/or delete my existing data?​ How do I remove my jailbreak?​ What is DFU mode, and how do I put my device into DFU mode?​ What is "pwned" DFU mode?​ Can I put my device into DFU mode with a broken home button?​ What's a tethered jailbreak? What happens when I reboot my tethered device?​ When will there be an untethered jailbreak for iOS x.x.x or an unlock for baseband xx.xx.xx?​ Where does iTunes store firmware IPSW files it downloads?​ Do I have to pay for any jailbreaking or unlocking software?​ Jailbreaking errors and troubleshooting Why doesn't redsn0w recognize the IPSW (firmware) file I downloaded with Internet Explorer? Post-jailbreaking troubleshooting How do I fix this weird problem on my device if I'm not sure which tweak is causing it? What can I do about unsatisfactory battery life after jailbreaking? Why isn't iBooks working on my device? Why have the apps on my screen "shrunk" to 1/4 size?​ Carrier unlocking Can I unlock my iPhone via ultrasn0w (software unlock)?​ Can I get some help with using Gevey SIM?​ What is hacktivation? How can I hacktivate?​ How to use SAM to get proper activation of my iPhone?​ How can I install ultrasn0w on my iPhone without Wi-Fi?​ More to come when I have time
  8. Happy Birthday medfordite! Stock their profile: HERE (say happy birthday, hi, or whatever) Hope you have a fun, SAFE, and generally inapprepropriate Birthday!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAZDRAE!! You can stalk the profile HERE From all of us here at TUSCC: Have a safe, fun, and memorable B-day! (iR1O Note: Don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do, take pictures!)
  10. Happy Birthday! mtiselin (check out their profile) Say happy birthday, wish them luck, or just include a picture of a moonwalking zebra: Happy Birthday!
  11. We've got TWO Birthdays Today! mblandnc AND Lgoddard85 Visit their respective profiles with the links above. Say "happy birthday", "sorry", or anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. From us at TUSCC, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. Source: KushMcDieselson and tanked89 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  13. 2 More Birthday Shoutouts! KushMcDieselson and tanked89 Visit their profiles, wish 'em a happy birthday, make sure they feel all "tingly" inside.
  14. Source: Happy Birthday ptaylor09 and InsaneReaper01!!
  15. Happy Birthday Diceman! Today Diceman1000 celebrates turning the dial ONE more notch! You can creep him HERE - if you haven't already (Diceman likes long walks on the beach, chick flicks, pop corn, and if I recall correctly he has a sweet tooth for "super ropes" - by far the most painful treat ever invented) Be sure to wish him a happy birthday, lets try to make him uncomfortable!
  16. Happy 26th Birthday amoser871!! Just in case you don't know, you can wish him a happy birthday HERE From all of us here at TUSCC - Happy Birthday! --Try to be safe, make good choices, HAVE FUN!-- *Note: "safe" is defined on a per-instance basis, we don't judge.
  17. We Have 2 Birthdays Today Trampeze is 21 today! (make good choices, stay safe, and finally throw away that fake!) Creep the profile: HERE Crimpshrine is 31 now! (should be helping Trampeze learn the ropes, and give 'em a shot of Yukon Jack, make a man out of him!) Make inappropriate comments: HERE Lets all wish these two a safe, happy, memorable birthday! Todays goal of "happy birthday" comments: 50 (if we meet this, I have a surprise for those that contributed!)
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DCLARK! DClark95 is 18 years old today - and we all know what that means... when you go to jail, they dont call mommy and daddy! (what did you think I was gonna say there!?) If you dont know who DClark95 is, you can stalk him HERE Poke fun, say hi, or just creep his profile until you think it's inappropriate!
  19. Phone prices are dropping tomorrow, we just received notice a few hours ago. Here's the complete list, yes these are a lot of older or EOL devices but the feature phone prices have been ticking a lot of people off lately. Chrono 2 $20- Down from $70 Pantech Verse $20- Down from $100 Freeform 4 $20- Down from $50 One V $30- Down from $100 ZTE Render free- down from $50 w/$50 MIR Electrify 2 $50- down from $100 w/$50 MIR So what do you fine fellows here at tuscc think? Bout' time.