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Found 20 results

  1. White Note 3 USCC

    Like new condition White Us Cellular Samsung galaxy Note 3. 32 gig. Clean ESN and ready to be activated. Still have the box.$350
  2. Heads up all - if you get a new iPhone with US CELLULAR - you will LOOSE your Voice mail Indicator!!! Or anything notifying you that you have a voice mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you use cellular data you have to have your WIFI OFF and your Cellular Data ON then you get voice mail notifications. Both Apple and US CELLULAR are refusing to make any exceptions - that is the way that it works. So in the OLD days if you have a voice mail waiting for you - you get a notification. Now the ONLY way that you will get that Notification is if you have DATA turned on. ( and your wifi off) So please beware that the new iPhone Lacks a feature that was very important - the ability to get voice mail notification(s) with your cellular data turned off - Now this may not be a problem for some people - a lot of people live their lives with Cellular data turned ON - Old phones had the ability to give you a notification that a voice mail was waiting for you - but the new iPhone uses visual voice mail - a feature that CAN NOT BE DISABLED - so be CAREFUL when getting an iPhone and KNOW THAT YOU WILL LOOSE VOICE MAIL NOTIFICATIONS with cellular data off !!!!!!!!!! Please people, I want some Input here as to whom else is having problems with this? I think that US CELLULAR did not think this through - every bit of DATA used costs toward your usage - so if you have say a 300 Mb account - and get hundreds of voice mails you will use up your data real quick. PLEASE GIVE FEED BACK HERE - Of problems with Voice mail on iPhones with US CELLULAR........... I Feel a bit dupped - like I have LOST a feature - unless I PAY more for it - IE use data! I am STILL waiting for a supervisor to call me from US CELLULAR - they where " to busy" to talk to me today........ and will call back within 24 - 48 hrs ( the 4th day of calling and waiting for over 25 Min on hold!) I am just being a dork here ? Or should this just work to send you a notification over cellular like a text message or something that you have a voice mail? My OLD PHONE gets my notification that I have a voice mail waiting for me! <-- OOps I literally have spent hours on the phone with US CELLAR - They are nice - but their tech support people do not have an answer - other than to turn off your WIFI and turn on Cellular Data! What a CROCK - Perhaps US CELLULAR was NOT ready to carry the iPhone - I know that I have been waiting YEARS for this -but loosing a service may be to much for me - I have not made a decision yet - but may go back to my old phone - I can not miss knowing that there is a voice mail waiting for me !!! Anyone else having issues missing voice mail notifications? ? ? We need to get as many people as possible involved here - EDIT - I lowered the font size for they where to busy to talk to me today - Also here is some MORE info - it CAN be done - generally this is the CARRIER's ability - ( or lack thereof cause they are not ready) And: - Ill post this as a NEW thread - and not edit this any longer....
  3. Note 2 Stock ODIN files now available! LJ1 - LL1 - MB1 - ME2 - MK3 - NE2 -
  4. It seems its a lot harder to unlock the Us Cellular version. Can someone point me in the right direction? Whether i have to be rooted or not, i dont care. Im just trying to help a couple people unlock it for another cdma carrier. I know you cant use it on GSM, thats not what im looking for. I know thats not possible
  5. Happy Birthday phince1 Wish him a Happy B-day HERE From all of us here at TUSCC, have a safe, memorable, and fun birthday!
  6. Hey all. Enclosed in this post is the Motorola Electrify Stock 2.3.5 SBF file. "What does this do?" I hear you ask.. Well listen up and I will tell thee. This will revert your phone back to Stock. This will RELOCK your Bootloader if you have previously unlocked it. (IE it will no longer be Unlocked) It will also remove ROOT and restore all data on all the internal partitions including preinstall, osh, system, etc. It will NOT delete your Data partition, all your apps etc will be intact, but if they needed root access they will obviously lose that.. Now there are some things you must know: 1) It doesnt delete your Data partition, as I stated above - so if you had any apps giving you issues they will still do so. If you wanted to go back to full stock, try and do a Restore Factory first before flashing it so you know you are totally back at stock with no pesky apps giving you issues. 2) You will lose programming on the phone. So even tho it will boot, no data, phone calls, sms until you do a *228 to provision the phone. DO NOT DO *228 IF YOU ARE NOT ON A USCC NETWORK (you have been officially warned) This is handy if you mess up your phone and didnt make a backup of your stock rom (Silly you) or if you need to re-lock the bootloader for a warranty issue. THIS WILL LOCK BOOTLOADER PERMANENTLY! How to Flash: You will need RDSLite 5.5 or higher (you will find them in the unlocking bootloader thread HERE in the zip file) Power off your phone. Hold Volume up and power on until you see RSD Programming mode on your phone's screen Connect phone to USB cable. Put the 1FF-sunfire-user-2.3.5-4.5.1A_SUN_USC_19.0-19-release-keys-signed-USC-US.sbf file into the filename area of RSDLite. Your phone will be shown in RSD Lite, select it and press start.. It took about 10 mins or so - so be patient. RSDLite will show success and your phone will reboot back to stock (notice no more unlock in the top left corner) That's it you are done! Now you can re-root, send to repair, whatever you want... Hope this helps for those who was afraid to flash due to no way of going back! Grab the SBF Here You will need to unrar it before using it. Uncompressed its over 2gb! compressed it down to near 1/2 gb! MD5 checksums are enclosed in the zip so you can check if they are OK too. Enjoy!
  7. Happy Birthday popeye331 Monkey beast arcadeguest CARVERitUP Stalk their profiles, wish them a Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday Johntriger! Stalk his profile HERE And from all of us here at TUSCC, have a safe, fun, and memorable birthday!
  9. The iPad Air, at least.
  10. Any word on the 4s, pricing, or colors available?
  11. Happy Birthday medfordite! Stock their profile: HERE (say happy birthday, hi, or whatever) Hope you have a fun, SAFE, and generally inapprepropriate Birthday!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAZDRAE!! You can stalk the profile HERE From all of us here at TUSCC: Have a safe, fun, and memorable B-day! (iR1O Note: Don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do, take pictures!)
  13. Want to root your S2 without losing any data/configuration? Then you're in the right place. This guide is a compilation of bits of information I found scattered about the interwebs, as well as instructions/files by JTuck, droidroidz, and the development community, so thanks/credit to them. I'm not going to skip any of the details that anyone with any experience would find blatantly obvious, so if you have almost no clue what you're doing, you might still be able to follow this pretty well. Before you follow this guide, make sure: You have a US Cellular Galaxy S2 (SCH-R760) with the latest updated stock ICS (Android 4.0.4 Build# FL26). Settings>About Device to check that.The phone's It's decently chargedYou've got your drivers installed (Odin won't detect your phone without them; if your phone's not being detected, try installing Samsung Kies)You understand nothing bad should happen, but in the off chance it does, I'm not responsible for your phoneUSB Debugging is enabled on your phone (Settings>Developer Options)Your phone is off and unplugged from your computer.You have read through the instructions before beginning, and are capable of completing them all.If you're good to go, then lets begin: Download and unpack S2 (attached to this post) In the extracted folder, open the Odin folder, then run the Odin3 application. Under the "Files [Download]" section, click "PDA". Navigate to the S2Root extracted folder, and select the SCH-R760 tar.md5 file. This is the stock kernel, except with ClockWork Mod installed, which we will use in a minute. Check that the PDA check-box is now ticked, and the correct file is selected. Hold the volume down and power button on your phone (which should be off) simultaneously to boot into ODIN mode. A warning will appear. Press the volume up button to proceed. Plug your phone into your computer with the standard cable. Wait for your computer to finish detecting your phone. The Odin3 application on your computer should say "Added!" in the message box to indicate your phone is detected. If it does not, check your drivers. Be sure that under the options pane, only "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" (the defaults) are checked. Click "Start" in the Odin3 application. Wait while the new kernel is installed. Wait for your phone to completely reboot into its normal OS. A yellow triangle will appear during the boot process. This is normal. The Odin3 application should display the message "Leaving CS" to indicate the process is done. You may now exit the Odin3 application. Your phone should now be on, with the updated kernel, but operating as if nothing had happened. Open up your phone's directory on your computer, and drag the file (from the S2Root extracted folder) into the root of your phone's SD card. Be sure to put it on the native SD, and not an external if you have one. This is usually called "Phone" (vs "Card" for the external) in your phone's storage directory. Once you have both files in the root directory of the SD card, safely unplug your phone, then power it off. With your phone off, hold the power button and the volume UP button together until you see the first logo. The will boot your phone into CW Recovery (which we just installed a few steps ago). In Recovery, you navigate with the up/down volume keys; the power button is enter. Knowing that, select "install zip from sdcard". Select the second option, "apply /sdcard/". If that's not available, you put the file in the wrong place. Either move it with your computer, or find where you put it via "choose zip from sdcard". Select "yes" from the next menu and wait for SuperSU (which is what is in to finish installing. Go back to the main screen, and choose reboot system now. A menu should pop up warning you that the phone might revert to stock kernel. Do as it suggests, and disable this reversion. Your phone will reboot, and you now have root! Install Titanium Backup to back up your phone and remove bloatware if you want.Things to note: The yellow triangle on boot will persist. You can try triangle away, but I didn't have any luck with it on this kernel. Don't follow this guide if you can't deal with it.Rooting using this method will not delete any apps/contacts/data/configurations etc. It only affects the kernel, and adds SuperSU.Flashing a custom ROM (not done in this tutorial) does delete data.You might want to try some of the one-click methods first (google one-click root or easy root, etc), but none of them worked for me.Despite what your system might say, you're now on an FK19 kernel. That means you're vulnerable to the security exploit present in that build. Consider patching it.Questions? You're probably better asking one of the long-timers, but I'll try to help out where I can. S2
  14. Happy Birthday! mtiselin (check out their profile) Say happy birthday, wish them luck, or just include a picture of a moonwalking zebra: Happy Birthday!
  15. We've got TWO Birthdays Today! mblandnc AND Lgoddard85 Visit their respective profiles with the links above. Say "happy birthday", "sorry", or anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. From us at TUSCC, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  16. Hi guys, I just finished following your excellent root guide for my little brother's Galaxy Axiom. It went flawlessly, thanks! The purpose of the root was to allow us to swap internal and external SD card locations by using a script. The Axiom only comes with 2gb internal, and with the new ban on moving apps to external storage we aimed for this solution. Unfortunately the only options are for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2. Do you guys have any advice? Thanks!
  17. I recenty got the Galaxy S3 (and found this forum ) I tried setting up my Google Voice to receive my voicemails, but to no avail. I found a list of codes to use, but that didn't work either. Now when I call my Galaxy, it says "Your call cannot be completed." How do I go about fixing it to receive calls again? And I'd love to find out how to get Google Voice working, also EDIT: Managed to get my calls going through again. Now if anyuone could help me get GV working, I'd appreciate it
  18. Second Wave Of 4G!!

    I got a call from one of my friends who works at a US Cellular corporate store and he told me that the second wave of 4G should be coming online this Sunday! This information should be pretty solid being as he's good friends with the tower tech, so just figured some of you might be excited like I am!! Also I put this within rumors because as always I don't work there, or have 100% proof, maybe more you guys do?
  19. Okay so I'm on my second Electrify and now it's having various issues, so I took it to US Cellular and they couldn't fix it so since it's still under warranty they are doing the advanced exchange through Motorola. This is what they did the first time. I will receive my replacement Electrify sometime next week but I'm afraid that I'll experience the same exact issues again. If my new replacement still does not work, do you think US Cellular will let me get a different smartphone since this would be my third Electrify?
  20. Alright boys and girls! This is the OFFICIAL build that TEAM Baked is now officially supporting!. Thanks to Noobnl who has submitted our device to their device tree! This has AOKP parts in it, but a lot of TEAM Baked's original stuff too! I am posting this with the permission from TEAM Baked. YAY! I am NOT a member of TEAM Baked. What is working: Everything from what I can tell. What isn't working: I haven't found anything yet, but haven't tested fully. If you find something, try to get a logcat if you can, otherwise post HOW you get it to force close, not work, etc. That will help the team to look into the issue, and provide a fix. They currently DO NOT have a USC SGS3, so any detailed error information we can get to them, the better the chance that things will get fixed! NOTE: If Messaging FC's when sending MMS, clear Messaging cache and data, and force stop it as well. I was able to duplicate this and per user suggestion that is what fixed it. THANK THESE PEOPLE: TEAM Baked (codemonkeyjava to answering my questions on GTalk as well!) Noobnl - providing the team with our device information so that this can get built THE GOODS: Android 4.1.1 Has AOKP parts in it, plus original code by TEAM Baked MMS themed by TEAM Baked (Stock MMS modded to allow you to change the background images, dark theme, this is awesome!) BAKED ROM Control - Build Prop modder and Init D Tweaks, Nav Bar controls, Toggles, Custom Carrier Label, much more! Blacked out stock keyboard, menus There's more, just flash it and try this out already!! FLASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Make a backup of your current system PLEASE! Download the ROM to your internal/external memory. Download gapps, I use jb-gapps-20120726, and they work just fine. WIPE (Factory reset, /cache, dalvik, /system) Flash the ROM first, and when that is done flash the gapps zip! Reboot Profit DOWNLOAD: http://teamicemods.c...aked-downloads/ CHANGELOGS: http://teamicemods.c...ked-changelogs/ TeamUSCellular Support Topic: http://teamuscellula...port-blackbean/ GREAT NEWS! US CELLULAR SGS3 IS NOW OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED! Please use the above link to download d2usc's ROM by TEAM BAKED! Plus, please use their inverted GAPPS package if you wish to update to inverted gapps please! Also at the posted link!