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Sega Game Emulator By Next Week!

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Today SEGA Game Gear and Master System submitted the first SEGA game emulator to the Windows Phone Marketplace and should available in 4-5 days. The actual game emulator is called Sonic's Jewels and it looks great. The devs really focused on the Metro theme of the WP. Some of the highlights of this game emulator include:

-Built-in SkyDrive support for importing your ROM collection

-Pinnable Live Tiles for each game

-Awsome progress indicators

-Game Genie Codes

-3 saved states per game

-Beautiful Metro UI

I can't wait to get it installed and start playing. When the link goes live on the Windows Phone Marketplace I will post it here for easy installing.

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This game is in beta with sound being tested and hopefully releasing the update my Wednesday. I've heard it may have a little lag on our older devices for sound but a negligible amount from my understanding.

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Just thought i'd update this thread, the app changed names and is now Blue Tomato (Sega Master System emulator).  the same developer also has Purple Cherry which is a gameboy color emulator.


* Purple cherry :

* Blue Tomato :



And there are a couple of NES emulators too


vNesLite (this is what i'm currently using... gets the job done)

* Free (ad supported) :

* Paid (ad free) :



* Paid :

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