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Can't send/receive MMS-Cyanogenmod 7.2

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Just bit the bullet and installed my first custom rom Cyanogenmod 7.2 on my trusty old Desire. This far I have been making do with the standard rooted US Cellular rom, but trying to move apps around to find space got little old. Cyanogenmod seems great and I am really enjoying the app2sd-created extra space. I have encountered one problem though. I can't seem to send nor receive MMS messages. My wife sent me one (she accidentally sends her texts as MMS quite often). Messanger tells me that I have a message to download, but it does not manage to download it. I also tried sending one, with no luck. Little googleing suggest that I might have to set an APN somewhere, but not sure what that entails. Any hints?

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Just saw this now, glad you were able to find it. I'll try to get a sticky added with the info, since I can't remember if they're on our forum somewhere. For those who need them in the future, these are the APN settings for US Cellular

Name: USCC

APN: internet


Port: 80


Password: yourMSID



MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 120

Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP

APN type: mms

To find out what your MSID is go to Settings > About Phone > More Settings

To add an APN, use the Voice Dialer and say "Open A P Ns"

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I have used CM 7.2 on my Desire in the past and followed these steps to fix the MMS issue, however it nevers seems to stay permanently. Any solutions or reasons why?

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Not sure barndawg76

In those situations, my solution is usually to do a full wipe (data, cache, system), reinstall the ROM, and then setup the MMS settings again.

I'm running ICS and my girlfriend is running GB on our Desires currently, and once we put in the settings they stay.

If you find out the reason why, or if a wipe/reinstall works let us know.

I'll keep my eyes open for any other possible resolutions.

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