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First off, I must say how much I hate having to post this. To start off, Dark_Knight IS NOT BANNED here as I have no reason to ban him. However, upon my hours of investigation (Happy Birthday to me), countless conversations, many readings, many staff discussions (to some, not others... sorry) and my own gut/intuition, I have decided to LIMIT Dark_Knight from posting his work for the current time being.

Reviewing github and seeing no actual work but rather "forks" is a huge issue at the moment. Dark_Knight needs to get github straightened out, provide actual proof that this is HIS work, and once all of this is done and thorough investigation by our team... he is free as a clam to post his development efforts.

Hope this explains the current situation. Once again, Dark_Knight is free to post ANYWHERE in the community but cannot create new threads in Development areas. Once proper proof is shown, this limitation will be lifted. I hope he sticks around as a member and hope to work with him to get everything straightened out.

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