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About three days ago I discovered an over the air software update for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and installed it. Since then, I have noticed a new icon in my notification bar - an eye. The assumption is that it has something to do with the "Smart Stay" feature of the GS3 - a feature that I have not yet been able to determine if it works or not. However, I turned off the Smart Stay feature, and the "eyecon" remains on my screen. What's up with this? Can someone provide a definitive answer, because I'm not at all convinced of any of this.

Thank you,

Ed Payne

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The only "eye" that I have seen is indeed for the smart stay function. The eye appears when the forward facing camera looks at you to see if your still looking at the screen.

I have been running AICS since I got my phone and I can't do any of the updates so I can't answer you question about why it's on all the time.

It functions as intended with AICS.

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