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The new Motorola devices like the Electrify M and the Electrify 2 are close to the AOSP or "Nexus" experience although behind more on updates. Being that way there are going to be a few things that are different than being on a Modified Stock ROM.

1. You may have difficulty seeing ringtones already present on the SD Card in the normal ringtone menu when moving to the Electrify 2. You may have to move the ringtones using the File Browsing app to the following folder: Internal Storage >> Ringtones. Then reboot th device.

2. AOSP is not good at media items, sometimes they take a very long time to display in the proper menus. Some People have used the app Rescan Media to remedy this problem here is the link: Or you could reboot the device.

3. A similar problem exists with pictures. Sometimes the Gallery does not want to pick up the pictures on the SD Card. If you use an app called Quickpic it will show the files properly here is the link for that:

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