[HOW-TO] Make Flashable Zip Files For CWM or TWRP

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This works for flashing files to the data and system folders of the phone.


Here's an example on how to make them flashable.

Say you have a modified app that you made called MyApp.apk and you want to flash it to the system apps.


You'll need to make folders for the location that they will go into. So flashing this file to the system apps you want to make a folder called system and a folder called app inside the system folder.


Then put your MyApp.apk inside the app folder. Then open the file with 7zip. Then drag and drop the system folder into the zip file in 7zip!


Then rename the zip file. Move to your phone, reboot and flash in your recovery.

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I don't even know what you mean. OC backup? What's that?  Restore with TW or CWM? That's extra confusing cause you're talking about restoring a ROM and Recovery.... IF you need to flash a ROM download and flash. If you need a Recovery download and flash. If your phone is jacked up. Odin back to stock...

I see you did something to your internal storage...but no idea what.

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