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[ROOT] Quick and easy root for LG Optimus U

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So I got bored today and decided to take this old brick of a phone out of its drawer. I used it way back when I was on a USCC prepaid plan, I had looked for a root method for it before and couldn't find one. Well I looked again today considering I have it off, and finally found a way to do it for US670ZV4's. V2's apparently were very easy to root, well now I found an easy way to do V4's and noticed it wasn't on this website, so here it is, the one click V4 root method. I have no idea if this works for the older versions or not.


LG Optimus U Root



1. Unzip the zip file into a folder, or just drag and drop the folder onto your desktop.


2. Make sure your phone has a 256MB MicroSD card inserted.


3. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled. Go to Settings>Applications>Development> Check USB Debugging



1. Open the folder where you unzipped the zip file.


2. Plug in your phone via USB while it is turned on.


3. Run the file Gignersnap.exe (Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users make sure you run as admin.)


4. Click root, wait for your phone to restart. The program may or may not hang for a bit while running the exploit, this is normal.


5. Enjoy root.


Huge note: The old Su Binary is version 2.3.1-ef, it would not allow me to update the Su Binary via Superusers tap to check for updates. I updated the Su Binary file for this root method to 3.1.1, Superuser should now allow you to update via its tap to check for updates.


.:: I take no credit for this program, exploit or anything at all. I just found the tools, updated the Su Binary and Superuser.apk the original Su Binary and Superuser.apk can be found renamed in the folder. ::.




Tested and working on an Optimus U with these specs:

LG Optimus U

Model #: LG-US670

Android: 2.2.2


Build: FRG83G

SW Version: US670ZV4




Screen shot of the phone rooted:


LG Optimus U Root Method (Gingersnap).zip

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