[ROM][JB-4.2.2] XenonHD - d2usc V10 [06.17.13][KT747]

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Team Horizon presents XenonHD

built from source by nicklovell23


Base : Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39E : FULL AOSP BASE FROM SOURCE.
It's Rockstable,Blazing fast.
and now Buttery Smooth too!

JB 4.2.2 JDQ39E

Built with KT747 kernel:source

Kernel Changelog:
Change Log 5.29.2013
1. Linux 3.4.46
2. Linux 3.4.47
3. Sync'd with CM as of an hour ago
4. KTweaker: "Extras" Screen: Added GPU Governor selection
5. KTweaker: "Extras" Screen: Added Internal Read Ahead (I recommend 3072)
6. KTweaker: "Extras" Screen: Added External Read Ahead (I recommend 3072)
7. Some compiler tweaks
8. Couple updates from codeaurora

my KT settings: " https://www.dropbox....jfamkd1/balance" all you have to do is download it, place it in the ktweaker folder, open KTweaker app/restore setting and select the one you just put there.

Big thanks to Ktoonsez....

Here is my extremely low volts

Remember, if you get a random reboot, just up the low volt settings and please do not set these "at boot" until you know it's all good for you.
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages on your device.

Add reboot and screenshot options to power menu.
Additional tiles in Quick Settings.
Theme Chooser support. (Updated for 4.2)
Volume rocker wake. (Settings>Display)
Volume rocker long press to seek tracks. ("")
Show rotation lock in quick settings.
Bluetooth Message Access Profile support.
Improved scrolling cache.
Fixed December bug.
Fixed Google location service.
Add an option to change the device hostname.
New moto style softkeys.
DSPManager added with all the binaries.
Apollo Music player added and fixed for JB.
Added XenonHD wallpapers.
Louder output on speaker for Maguro and Toro.
Added Galaxy4, PhaseBeam and Holo spiral wallapers.
Run sysinit during boot.
Change sysfs permissions to allow user control ksm.
Wi-fi scan time to 100 to save battery.
Performance, battery life and other misc tweaks.
Init.d support with added tweaks and scripts.
SuperSU application for root.
CMFile manager added.
GPS, Camera, Keyboard gestures fixed.
Build.prop tweaks.
Battery life tweaks.
Some secret tweaks. wink.gif
I'm forgetting soo many things. Flash and see.

New navbar buttons.
Added a menu item in Browser called Close other tabs.
Open in incognito tab option in menu.
Increased tab limit.
Added menu option to open url in browser.
Enabled tablet like browser on grouper.

QuickMessage and Reply.
Custom notification vibrate patterns.
Timestamp options.
Input type selection.
Add reminder to calendar.
Templates functionality.
Split SMS functionality.
Emoji and Strip unicode support.

Phone and Contacts:
T-9 Dialer and with other stuff.
Dialpad settings.

Team Horizon:
pr0xy man1Ac


Clean wipe is always recommended

Works best if once you get your apps installed you reboot (wiping Dalvik doesnt hurt) before you really start using it as there are quite a few processes that are run at boot

Official XenonHD site:

XenonHD Settings backup tool:

Donate by buying this app from Play Store:

Please read General Xenon support thread:

Join our community on Google+: Edited by Clothednblack

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