★[ROM] ☆ DARTHSTALKER S4 ☆ | VERSiON 3 | UVUAMDL | 6.3.2013 ☆ - T-Mobile Edition

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Read below "BEFORE" downloading, flashing, and posting questions....

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, if your SD card goes dead, and everything else!


★ The Rom Is Based On The T-Mobile UVUAMDL 4.2.2 Base
★ Rooted
★ Zipaligned
★ Deodexed 
★ Busybox 
★ SuperSU
★ Sysrw + Sysro
★ Init.d Support
★ Carrier IQ Free
★ Supremacy Script
★ App/Data Support
★ Nano/Bash Support
★ CSC Feature Tweaks
★ No Incremental Ringtone
★ Resizable Pop-Up Browser
★ 1% Battery Percentage Mod
★ SonySketch As Default Font
★ Unrestricted Native Tethering
★ Bluetooth Tethering Enabled
★ Volume Boosting Sound Hack
★ Long Press Menu To Kill Mod
★ 4 Way Reboot / Advanced Power Menu
★ Tons Of Init.d And Build.Prop Tweaks
★ Performance And Battery Enhancements
★ 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LTE Speed And Signal Enhancements
★ Themed Blue Status Bar Toggles!!!
★ Black Status Bar Ticker/Background
★ Unlimited Contacts Joining
★ Unlimited Max Slide Count
★ Unlimited SMS Recipient Limit
★ TouchWiz Smooth Scrolling Mod
★ Tweaks For Cache Management
★ Messaging App Split-View Mode
★ Jelly Bean Blue Status-Bar Clock
★ Messaging App Screen On/Off Toggle
★ Modified TouchWiz Launcher For Extra Speed
★ Device Status Info "Official" Instead Of "Custom" Mod
★ Modified Stock Camera App With Disabled Camera/Camcorder "Low Battery", "Can't Use Flash", And "Unable To Start While In A Call" Alerts So Now You Can Use Flash/Camera/Camcorder Even When Your Phone's Battery Is Running Low Or During A Phone Call.
★ Use The Camera To Take Pictures While On A Call
★ My Modified Darthstalker Wallpaper Chooser App With 50+ Wallpapers
★ SMS To MMS Auto Conversion For Long Text Has Been Disabled
★ Save And Restore Text Messages Using The Messaging App
★ Youtube App With Screen While Off Playback
★ Adobe Flash Player Support [Third Party Browsers Only]
★ Increased SMS Hour Limit By 1000
★ Custom Themed "Android Version" Easter Egg
★ Jellybean Has Project Butter But I Present You "PROJECT FLOW" [silky Smooth UI]!
★ Faster USB Storage SD-Card Read/Write/Transfer Speeds
★ Darth Vader Default Background And Lockscreen Wallpaper


- None So Far...


I Recommend TWRP Recovery/You Can Also Use CWM Recovery. [Make Sure You Have The Latest Recovery Version!]


* First Thing To Do... Do A Nandroid Backup!
* Download DARTHSTALKER S4 Rom. 
* Place The Rom Into Your SD Card Or Internal Storage.
* Now Reboot Into Recovery.
* While In Recovery, Wipe "Data/Factory Reset".
* Wipe "Cache" And "Dalvik Cache".
* And Then Wipe "System".
* Now Install The Rom Until Its Finished.

* Flash the converter.
* Wipe "Cache" And "Dalvik Cache" Again.
* Now "Reboot System".
* Once Rebooted And In The Setup Wizard, DO NOT Touch For 5 Minutes!
* After 5 Minutes, Reboot The Phone... DONE!


★ 5.23.2013

★ 5.26.2013
- Implemented A Lot Of Galaxy S4 Stock Camera App Mods Such As Camera "Unable To Start While In A Call" Alert Disabled, Camera "Low Battery" Alert Disabled, Camera "Can't Use Flash On Low Battery" Alert Disabled, Camera Power And Volume Keys As A Shutter, Camera "Action Shot" Shooting Mode Volume Keys As A Shutter, Camera "Panorama" Shooting Mode Volume Keys As A Shutter, Camera "Timer" Shooting Mode Volume Keys As A Shutter, Camcorder "Can't Use Flash On Low Battery" Alert Disabled, And Camcorder "Low Battery" Alert Disabled Mods!
- Implemented A Bunch Of Stock Messaging App Mods Such As Screen On/Off Toggle, Save/Restore, Increased MMS Max Size, Increased MMS Image Size, Enabled Split-View Mode On/Off Toggle, Unlimited Recipient Limit, Disable The SMS To MMS Auto-Conversion, And The Increase SMS Limit Per Hour Mods!
- I Have Removed The All Apps Multi-Window Mod! [it Was Causing SHealth Force Closes And Messaging App Select Contacts Force Closes, I Will Add It Back Once I Get The Issue Resolved And Fully Working.]
- Now Comes With Jamison's PHANTOM v1.0 Custom Kernel With SETUID Restrictions Removed! [Thanks A Bunch Bro!]
- "Exit Internet?" Prompt Added Into The Stock Web Browser App To Confirm Whether You Want To Exit The Browser!
- Fixed The ES File Explorer Not Granting Root Permissions Issue And Also For Other Apps!
- Added The Text Template Button Next To The Attachments Button While Texting!
- Implemented The Device Status Info "Official" Instead Of "Custom" Mod!
- Disabled/Hid The "Software Update" Tab From The Settings Menu!
- Plus Added A Bunch Of Even More CSC Feature Tweaks!

★ 6.3.2013
- I Have Created My Own Darthstalker Wallpaper Chooser Which Comes With A Bunch Of 50+ Wallpapers That I Have Added And Customized For You To Choose From! [The Best Wallpapers You Will Ever See!]
- Removed/Reverted Back The Camera Power and Volume Keys As A Shutter Mod Since There Was Already A Setting For It In The Camera's Setting Menu!
- Created And Themed My Own Little Darthstalker Easter Egg! [Keep Pressing On "Android Version" In Settings-More-About Device To See It!]
- Added Floating Popup Web Browser App! [A Popup Browser That Works Well For The Galaxy S4!
- Modded The TouchWiz Launcher To Make It More Fast And Snappy!
- Added The Latest Google Play Music And Google Play Store Apps!
- I Have Changed The Grey/Transparent Status Bar Color To Black!
- Comes With The AdAway App! [A Great Ad Blocker App!]
- I Have Completely Themed The Whole Framework To Blue!
- I Have Implemented The 1% Battery Percentage Mod!
- Themed The Status Bar To Blue Icons And Toggles!
- Blue Status Bar Clock!




- Don't Ask For ETA On Updates

- I Most Likely May Not Be Updating Every Week

- If You Like The Rom, Make Sure To Thank My OP Section And Also Leave 5 Star Ratings!

- As The Developer Of This Rom, I Want My Roms To Be "EXCLUSIVELY" For SGH-M919 Which Means There Will Be No Porting Unless I Port It Myself To Other Phones/Carriers.

- For Best Results, Instead Of Waiting 5 Minutes After First Boot, Wait For 10 Minutes Instead For Everything To Load Such As Pics/Music/Videos And All The Files/Tweaks [Especially If You Have A Lot Of Pics/Music/Videos].

- To Zoom In/Out With The Stock Galaxy S4 Camera App, Just Pinch To Zoom On The Screen With Two Fingers.

- To Do Screenshots You Have To Hold The Power+Home Button At The Sametime For 3 Seconds.

- Feel Free To Contribute To Me If You Like, There Is A "Donate To Me" Button Under My Avatar. 

- Remember To Not Kang My Work! If You Want To Use Something Just Let Me Know By Sending Me A Private Message!

- There Will Be Limited Support. Sometimes I Can Answer Your Questions But Then There Will Be Times That I Can't. There Will Also Be Times I Don't Have An Answer So Please Don't Repeat Your Question Or Feel Offended Because I Haven't Answered You. If Any Other Users Have The Time, Please Help The Other Users Out With Answers To Their Questions Upon Replying To Their Post. I Would Really Appreciate That.


Check the XDA link in the second post for screenshots!


VERSION 3 MD5 Checksum - 9c544260f2112a498f1352aca16ddf92


This converter MUST be flashed after the ROM (Contains Stock Kernel) (Contains Droidz Kernel)



MTP Fix: (Sorry for the inconvenience. I will repack this into the converters at a later time) 

Flash this:

Download and install this app from the Play Store and select MTP Mode to enable it.

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