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I didn't make it, I didn't break it, and I'm not gonna buy it, 


Don't know protocol here on forums, but this seems to be a pretty decent running TW rom, and it's on the latest firmware rooted, figured have give a head up about it sense i didn't see mention of it anywhere else in the forums



The original post can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2253528


some of the info may get cut off, but you get the idea






Inside Omega v5.0:

Omega v5.0 Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Welcome to Omegas Thread for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505
Based on firmware XXUBMEA Android 4.2.2 (Date: 30/05/2013)

Discussion for Omega v5.0 starts from 

Omega Files:
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Omegas Official & Exclusive Themes:
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Omegas themers are working to port old Omegas themes to S4 and create new ones.


by Omegas Team member 

Omega Graphics:


Omegas Team:
Download Center:

anbech - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & Graphics

Annie the Eagle - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

cooza - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

Chris_84 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

devabhishek - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & themes

Jorq1H - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & 3D Graphics

gimmick56 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

gnarg - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

kalagas - Themes

kantjer - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

klarmacker - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

KeesStolk - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

motomoto00 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & themes

mythtrandyr - Thread |OP| & Beta testing & Mods

MVKA - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

nadmaj - Thread |OP| & Beta testing - Themes - Mods

Ninolina - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

OptimalKiller - Thread |OP| & Beta testing - Mods

oursoul - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

phil.o - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

Terry666 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

ttav - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

vegeta1 - Thread |OP| & Beta testing - Themes

Xode - Thread |OP| & Beta testing

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Discussion for Omega v5.0 starts from 

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 Thanks - Credits:

 To my wife
To Omega's Team
To xda
To Google
To Samsung
To l1nuxfre4k for hosting Omega Roms
To gsmgps for hosting Omega Roms
To djembey for his help and for being a good friend
To ATMOSF3AR for the S4 psd
To Chainfire for his CF-Auto-Root
To sammobile.com for the firmwares
To samsung-updates.com for the firmwares
To all of you who support my work and help me

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The ATT one is the closest one to Int. Converter on Note 2. Try the ATT s4 to USCC s4 Converter. I personally haven't had time to test it.

Sent via SCH-R970 S4 /w "x" rom

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Flashed it once couldn't get WI-FI up and running, then i read where i had to installed the MEA update first, which i tried, and Odin kept failing (Secure Check Failed message on phone, and fail in odin), so i reflashed to stock MDL for the night and will be trying an update with a different usb cable and port on the computer to try and get the stock MEA firmware update, 


on a side note, this rom has the second best looking boot loader i've ever seen, strangly enough, the best is ReVolt rom, also for the S4, and also not mentioned on this forum yet, 



Sent from work when i should be working, but instead, i'm reading this forum.

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Well dang sounds like we might need an MEA based rom first then get omega going. Stock MEA deodex update wouldnt be that bad... I mean app to sdcard support and camera features... mmmm

Sent via SCH-R970 S4 /w "x" rom

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Well I don't think that the firmware will flash with Odin.  It is for the international version of the S4.  I bet there are checks so that you can't flash that firmware for precautionary measures.  That would flash a completely different modem, kernel, etc.  and possibly brick the device.  Just a thought though.  Risqué

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Well im pretty sure there are some MEA based roms zipped without modems like some of the sprint roms. If not then hmm..

Sent via SCH-I925U Note 10.1 LTE

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Link removed due to Omegas Leader and team request on the Sprints XDA forums. Sprints Project was building on omegas rom without permissions.

Edited by xonone

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