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[ROM][OFFICIAL][Nightlies][6/12/13][jfltespr] PAC-man [SPRINT] ****HELLO HALO****

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* All in One Rom [CM, AOKP and PA]* PhoneUI, TabletUI, PhabletUI* Latest Version 22.4.0* Some Features from AOKP* All Feautures from PA* All Features from CM* Of course JellyBean 4.2.2



* CM's bugs** Want to help with bugs...submit to [URL=""]PAC Gerrit[/URL]



* Download the ROM and GAPPS* Reboot to Recovery* Wipe data/factory reset* Flash the ROM and then GAPPS* Reboot your phone* Enjoy



* Download the latest version* Reboot to Recovery* Wipe dalvik cache and cache* Flash the ROM* Reboot your phone* And enjoy the latest version of PAC



* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!* If your phone breaks or run away from you, do not cry to us!* Do not ask for ETAs



* [URL=""]PAC-Rom site[/URL]* [URL=""]PAC Forum[/URL]* [URL=""]PAC Gerrit[/URL]* [URL=""]PAC Github[/URL]* [URL=""]PAC Stats[/URL]* [URL=""]PAC Google+[/URL]






 [URL=""]jflteusc PAC ROM v22.4.0[/URL][URL=""]Gapps[/URL]




 * [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]Cyanogen & his team[/COLOR][/URL]* [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]AOKP[/COLOR][/URL]* [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]Paranoid Android[/COLOR][/URL]* [COLOR="Red"]PAC Team (Including Me)[/COLOR]* [COLOR="Blue"]PulseDroid (Pac Team Designer)[/COLOR]* [COLOR="Red"] (For Hosting)[/COLOR]* [COLOR="Blue"]andromirror (For Hosting)[/COLOR]* [COLOR="Red"]basketbuild (For buildbot)[/COLOR]* [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]Google[/COLOR][/URL]* [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]Ropodope[/COLOR][/URL]* [URL=""][COLOR="Blue"]jamieg71[/COLOR][/URL]* [URL=""][COLOR="Red"]kendallc123[/COLOR][/URL]         If I somehow missed you, first off, I apologize. Please PM me so I can remedy my oversight

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Title says Sprint, you may want to change that.  I'm sure it will confuse some people.  Thanks for the ROM!

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What bugs are you guys experiencing? What features do we lose? I was running this on the S3 and really liked it. 

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Hey I think the download link is broken can anyone share a mirror? dropbox or something like that would be awesome. tx



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For anyone interested i have a nightly build i have done including a custom kernel with experimental sweep2wake functionality :D :D :D :D :D :D :D




this nightly build also has working IR blaster so you can use the peel.apk that comes on touchwiz and use your phones built in IR blaster


For those interested Todays build can be found here:




I build a nightly build for myself every evening so I can try to post them but the only thing I have for net right now is the tether from my S4 and i only get 3 bars of LTE at the house out here :D


@PapaSmurf I posted in your thread on XDA with the commits to fix the IR blaster



the custom kernel i build with my ROM allows:
Overclocking to 2.3 ghz

Underclocking to 81 mhz

Userspace adjustable VDD tables (voltage)

a LOAD of governors

GPU OC up to 650mhz

new IO schedulers

Gamma control

vibration control

fauxsound hacks support

and sweep2wake


kernel source is located here and is a fork of team-hydra's kernel with s2w support added:


swing by and say thanks to showp for being a good friend and helping me out with s2w


there is more coming guys :D

Kernel based Mpdecision (hotplug manager)

Kernel based thermalD

command line driven choice selection (never use a kernel tuning app again!)

forced screen off maximum clocks (set a preferred max screen off clock and it will be forced everytime your LCD panel is off)

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Things pop up differntly on my phone then they do on my computer:p

your in a old thread.

Sniper maintains the us cellular pacman now. n I take care of it over here.

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