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The FIRST Thread You Read at TUSCC

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We were all once new to TUSCC.



Hopefully this section will help to address some common questions that new users have, and help you understand a bit more about how the TUSCC Forum works.



If you’re here at TUSCC to simply read and download files (or attachments), there is no need to actually register on the website – you can just get started.

If you would like to post questions, join in the discussion on the forums, or help out other people who are having problems, you will need to register an account on TUSCC. This is fast, free, and will only take a couple of minutes to do.


If you do plan on posting, you will need to look at the Forum Rules before posting. These are listed at the top of main forum page. If you need assistance, check out the “BEFORE YOU START A THREAD” area at the top of the forum, where you can find information about getting help from site staff.




Getting Help


Most people come to TUSCC to get help with a problem, or ask a question. Before you do so, please remember that this is a huge website, and chances are that your question has been answered many times in the past.


First of all, please read all of the stickied (at the top) threads and guides in your device’s General, Q&A and Development forums. These threads are stuck at the top for a reason, so there is a very good chance that your question or problem is addressed in these threads! While it may seem like a lot of reading to do, the information contained in these is guaranteed to help you some time, so have a read and take onboard what you can – one day that information will come in useful!


Being a helpful member of TUSCC is about reading more than you write. If you join up, and are immediately trying to post, you’re going to find it difficult to get involved at TUSCC. The users who are helping you will expect you to have read all of this information, regardless of how boring you may feel it is – they have put hundreds of hours into researching and writing it, it’s only fair you put a couple of hours into reading it all. This is as much about learning from others’ experience as it is about finding out the answer to your question now. With the basic knowledge you gain from these informational threads, you will save yourself much more time in future, by knowing what to expect and look out for.



Making a good thread


Writing a good post means that you first create a descriptive title for your thread. Never use titles like "Help Me" or "I Need Help" or "Please Help!!!"  Always use titles that briefly describe the question at hand, or the topic to be discussed e.g. "How do I take a screenshot?", "How do I return to stock frimware on my (insert device)?", "Looking for advice on how to (do something)".  Never try to post your entire question in the title. Ensure that the title is brief and to the point.


When writing your post, be sure take the time to explain yourself as best you can, and edit yourself for punctuation and grammar. If people have to work very hard to decipher what you are trying to ask then they may misunderstand and answer something other than what you were asking, or they might simply give up and go look for a post that the user took their time to create. In this forum, you will often find that the level of effort you receive is directly proportional to the level of effort you put in.


Never use text-message abbreviations when writing a complete sentence (you can use LOL and the like of course, but don't make people try to read things like "c u l8r!").


Never make duplicate posts or post the same question in different forums. When found, duplicates will be merged or deleted depending on the existing replies.



  • Spelling and grammar must be acceptable
  • Break your posts into paragraphs with lines in between each paragraph
  • Respect copyrights
  • Post things in the correct forum
  • Use capitalization correctly (no all caps or lack of caps)
  • Do not reply to yourself unless it is a bump (use the edit button instead)
  • One-line posts typically are bad, unless what is said is best said short
  • Use punctuation and contractions correctly (no !!!!!!!! or Ill and Im)
  • Post quality, not quantity
  • Keep your posts on topic
  • Use the search before asking a question
  • Argue with the post, not the poster (arguments on topic are good, but between members they are bad)
  • Do not post anything illegal, pornographic, or anything questionable
  • A forum isn't IM - write words out and avoid posting many replies to yourself
  • Do not avoid the word filter - it's built this way for a reason
  • Do not go overboard with the emoticons/smilies





Before you post anything, you should try to search and see if someone has already asked the same. If your question is about a particular ROM or piece of software, search within that thread. If it’s more general, search in your entire device’s forum. If it’s not an issue specific to just one device, search across the entire forum, try a few different searches to get the hang of it. There is a skill to effectively searching, and it’s identifying the right keywords to use. If you have an error message, try using a search engine like Google to look for it.



Using Thanks


Once you find the answer to your question through searching, you should give the user who posted the solution a “thanks” by clicking the button at the bottom right of their post. Use the thanks feature rather than making a post to say “thank you”, as it reduces the amount of needless posts, and helps other users to find the right solution. When a particular posts has a number of thanks, it can be an indicator that it has worked for other people.


Don’t use a user’s thanks count to judge their helpfulness – it is by no means an example of how helpful a user is. Many of the most helpful users on TUSCC do not have the largest thanks counts, rather they quietly help out where needed, and don’t post when they have nothing to say.




Respectful posting is expected at all times.  That includes no name calling, bashing, criticizing (unless constructive) and the likes.  Should you choose not to follow these rules, appropriate actions will be taken.


First offense: 2 days of post moderation and warning point.  Posts will need to be approved by staff before visible.

Second offense: One week post moderation and warning point.

Third offense: One month post moderation and warning point.

Fourth offense: Banned.





I have left the thread open to allow a user with any question pertaining to the site, or how to use it.  



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On 3/29/2015 at 5:10 PM, dBuster said:

When am I going to be banned??? I have replied to my posts many a times.... :(

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

I looked through your history - your replies to yourself are acceptable and reasonable, plus you used proper grammar and punctuation - which pretty much voids any other aforementioned rule.


Plus... You're a seasoned member, with nearly 4000 posts as of current.


If anyone can find fault then shame on them.





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