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Google on any phone


This will get google on any phone regardless if it has been restricted or not.

1st step! Make sure your phone is rooted! It will not work if it is not rooted(how to root the Alcatel onetouch premiere is one post under)

2. download the various files. First is 1mobile market. It’s where you can get a

Free version of root explorer which you will need. Make sure you download root explorer from 1 mobile market

3. Extract the three APKS from the ZIP file and copy them to the system/app folder on your phone with Root Explorer.

4. In Root Explorer click Mount R/W. Change the permissions of the 3 files to match the permissions of the other files in the folder (rw-r--r--). Then click Mount R/O and exit Root Explorer.

5. Reboot your phone.

6. Go to Accounts & Sync in your phone's settings, click Add account and enter your Google/GMail account details.

7. Go to your apps and Launch Google Play.

Side note, the apk is the newest one as of october 28 2013. You will have to find the most updated version or update it yourself, a place where you can get the updated version would be


if the links don't work or if you have any questions contact

like if this works for you so it keeps this thread high so others can get help.


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I recently got asked how to root the Alcatel One touch premiere. Since this phone is really easy to root ill just post it here.
These are the files

1.dial ##287# on the phone and check box the USB debugging

2.go to settings, then applications and check mark the Unknown Sources

2. connect it to your computer, when this happens an icon in your notification bar will say turn on usb storage, click it and turn usb storage on and install the apks to your download file on your phone

3.after installing you wont see any icon of minstro II.
3.just open POOT, it should update minstro ll and then click press here to poot.
4.Reboot phone
5.with the 1mobile market(posted in the op) get superuser installed and busybox
and your done



side note, if you want to uninstall the bloatware get titantium backup from google play and uninstall any apps you don't like that were preinstalled

gets more storage space on the really tiny storage space you intially get

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