★☞ [Rom] [TouchWiz Deodexed jflteusc] S4 - 4.3 Custom MK2 [Aroma Installer] ☜★

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Custom Rom built with USCC R970TYUEMK2 as it's base.



One of several themes included


Aroma Installer Options:

  • Samsung - Google apps
  • Audio mods
  • Several Boot Animations
  • Ad Block
  • Xposed Framework
  • Wanam Xposed
  • File Managers
  • Aosp apps
  • Media (Sound) Choices
  • Keyboards
  • Music Players
  • Several Toggle Themes
  • Additional apps
  • Launchers
  • Transparent - Stock Accuweather
  • Note 3 apps
  • More


  • 1% Battery Mod
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Knox Removed
  • Zipaligned
  • Extended Power Menu
  • init.d Support




MD5: 4a96166a1a92e435e59eb0615b58240a


If you already have the MK2 bootloader you can flash and use this Rom as is. If you have a previous BL for example MJA or older , you'll need to use either Droidroidz or Ktoonez kernel with WiFi fixed.


Droidroidz Kernel (WiFi Fix):



Ktoonez Kernel (WiFi Fix):



USB MTD not working? Flash this no need to install and additional app.




Lost root? Flash Chainfires SuperSU:




  • Do Not Dirty Flash
  • Wipe dalvik , cache , data , system
  • Flash Rom and follow on screen promps and add remove what you want
  • After flashing boot and let things settle for a minute
  • If you are on MJA Bootloader or older return to recovery
  • Flash Droidroidz or Ktoonez Kernel with WiFi fix
  • Reboot and enjoy

Some apps I backed up using Titanium Backup became flaky. If that is the case delete and reinstall should fix the problem.

Let the Rom settle for a couple days and charge cycles before complaining about battery life.


Thanks to:
Droidroidz and Ktoonez for their Kernels





Stay Thirsty my Friends!

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