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****ROAMING or LOST DATA****How to get signal back on Samsung phone after flashing CM rom

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READ THIS THREAD if you're stuck in roaming or have lost data after flashing CM


Lost DATA - Read this:


S3 - S4 - Other Samsung Devices:


1. Restore your stock nandroid USCC ROM or Odin back to the USCC ROM.

2. Go to settings menu > backup & reset > factory reset (DO NOT FACTORY RESET WITHIN THE RECOVERY)

3. Congratulations, you should now have 4G working again!




DClark (for testing on the S4)







1. Grab build prop editor from the play store. (Must be on CM11 when doing this)

2. Open it up and look for a line containing "ril.subscription....=RUIM". Where the value is RUIM add "NV". So it'll be "RUIM,NV".

3. Follow the guide below to restore your signal.




Stuck in ROAMING - Read this:


Stuck in roaming? No matter what I flashed I was still stuck. If this ever happens to you, This is what you need to do!

1. First of all it obvious you need to be rooted. Then you will need to be on an aosp ROM. Not a touchwiz ROM!
2. After you have successfully flashed that ROM (I used CM 10.2) Go into your settings.
3. Look for Mobile network settings. Then as you look through that look for something like CDMA Subscription, or Subscription.

4. After that settings list pops up, put a check mark next to RUIM/SIM.



Nothing will happen until you restart your phone. Once it is rebooted you will see that you are no longer roaming. Now you can either flash it back to stock (I used ODIN) or keep it on that ROM.  If you by chance flashed it back to stock, you will need to go into your settings/connections/more networks/mobile networks/network mode/ (set to LTE/CDMA)


Go back once and click on System Select/ (put on Automatic)


Thanks to:




and anyone else involved - you know who you are!


Additional Threads:

Roaming for S3

(Thanks to veteranmina)


APN Settings

(Thanks to MANY members)




Should threads asking for this information be started - Please link to this thread.  It has been copied to EVERY Samsung device with CM roms

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Only thing I would change is it's not really lost signal, it tells you you're roaming. Other than that looks good sir. :D

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