★☞ [Rom] [TouchWiz][Stock Odexed jflteusc][05/07/14][R970USCFND1][4.4][Odin Flashable Modem Here too] ☜★

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Stock Samsung jflteusc Galaxy S4 R970USCFND1


  This is pure bone stock R970USCFND1 that is cwm - twrp flashable.


Bloat is included, it can be easily removed with the deboater posted below.


  • Flash with CWM – TWRP (I used twrp posted below - it worked flawlessly) 
  • Rooted - Chainfire's SuperSU v1.94
  • init.d Support
  • Bone Stock
  • Zipaligned
  • Busybox
  • Will not delete your internal SD
  • Bootloader and Modem not included



MD5: 31f8192ef79306b452d452274d731c0e


This version of TWRP recovery is known to work.

Odin flashable



ND1 Modem: (Open zip file - flash modem.tar.md5 inside folder using Odin)


MD5: cd31015a3fea7cacda199ad60560547a


If you don't have Wi-Fi you'll need to use a Kernel with Wi-Fi fix. This KT's 4.4 Touchwiz kernel, works great.


KToonsez Kernel (WiFi Fix):



Lost root? Flash this:



As stated above this is 100% stock with all the bloatware. If you want to remove it use the DeBloater which utilizes the AROMA installer. You pick and choose what to delete or keep, pretty slick.


Flashable AROMA DeBloater:




  • Do Not Dirty Flash
  • Install ND1 using custom recovery
  • Boot
  • If Wi-Fi doesn't work return to recovery
  • Flash Kernel with Wi-Fi fix
  • If you like use the DeBloater
  • Reboot and enjoy







Stay Thirsty my Friend


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