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I also am running TWRP 2.8.7 - there were some problems with newer a while back and I downgraded so I never went back (yet).


I just burned the firmware update file I made above using ODIN v3.12.3 in the AP slot and it worked perfectly. My baseband now has the PL1 at the end. I checked GPS with Maps and I have LTE internet. Seems all good to me - anything else I should check?


edit: note to the mods: if you want you could rehost this file locally instead of using my Drive account... I doubt there will be much call for this anyway, but you could keep it longer that way?

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On Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 8:20 PM, phalkon30 said:

Hey Brian, interested in making a new flash able modem file?

Sent from my SM-G900R4 (klteusc) running CM14 12.18.16

Sure I'll try. I wish there was a decent changelog! What this they fix and/or break this time?


EDIT: http://upload.teamuscellular.com/9ky

this is the firmware only for CQA1. I DID NOT TRY IT YET (might not even since I don't really need to), but I followed the previous setup which did work fine. Please let me know if you try it? Thanks!


EDIT2: I just tried it and it works fine. I'm now on baseband G900R4VXS2CQA1 (and running LineageOS 14.1-20170125-NIGHTLY-klteusc and opengapps same date 1/25). All is well. Just couldn't stand not knowing! Flash with Odin in the AP slot.


here's the commands used (make it easier for me next time :) )

unzip SM-G900R4_<whatever>
tar xf G900R4<whatever>
tar -H ustar -c tz.mbn modem.bin NON-HLOS.bin rpm.mbn sbl1.mbn sdi.mbn > G900R4<version>_firmware.tar 
md5sum -t G900R4<version>_firmware.tar >> G900R4<version>_firmware.tar
mv G900R4<version>_firmware.tar G900R4<version>_firmware.tar.md5

ps: I did a "diff" on the previous firmware files which does a binary compare and all the files are different. No idea what they changed. Just FYI.


pps: files from the update NOT in this firmware update (just for completeness):








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New firmware file: http://upload.teamuscellular.com/482

based on QB2 which is out now.

Flash at your own risk of course, but this is the same way I did it before in the previous link. I didn't try it yet either.


Good luck!


ps: anyone know if it's possible to flash this kind of file with TWRP or do we have to use ODIN? I know TWRP can do zips AND images? Think this counts as an image?

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Interesting (to me at least) is that one CAN use a linux tool called Heimdall instead of Odin. I don't see any benefit unless you don't have access to Windows somewhere - I dual boot for as long as I can remember... It looks like I could flash all the custom firmware files with a gui or command-line, the phone needs to be put into download mode then flashed. Very simple.


Just a FYI as I was exploring alternative ways to flash these files.


Have fun!

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I like to be notified whenever a new firmware is released - Does anyone know of a good RSS feed to watch for just that? I read lots of feeds everyday on Feedly...

Also I like to download the zip version of the firmware from here as the tar.md5 is about twice as large to download?

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latest cqc2 firmware file here

EDIT: I just installed this version of firmware and it seems fine. I can make and receive calls.


I'm not a very accomplished script writer, but here's what I got so far to extract firmware:


# mkfirm.sh - extract only parts of an official Samsung firmware file
# usage: mkfirm.sh SM***.zip 
# will output G900R4_$ext_firmware.tar.md5 which is only the modem stuff 
# - no system, kernel, or recovery. Uses the zip file, not the tar or md5.
mkdir -p firmtmp
unzip $1 -d firmtmp
cd firmtmp
tar xf *
f=$(ls -t -x *.md5)
echo $ext
tar -H ustar -c tz.mbn modem.bin NON-HLOS.bin rpm.mbn sbl1.mbn sdi.mbn > G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar
md5sum -t G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar >> G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar
mv G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar ../G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar.md5
cd ../
ls -lh G900R4_"$ext"_firmware.tar.md5
rm -r firmtmp


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