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Please limit yourself in posting links to other sites. Posting links to other sites will slow down your overall experience and also cause yourself and others more input clicking.

If it's your information, please just re-post it here. Linking to other sites to your own work is uncalled for.

When people go looking for help, it's unnecessary for them to have to come here and then find that they need to follow another link to another site to read and then have to register there or come back here to ask for help. This also creates hard times for people here to assist them with help; we have to then go to another site to see what the steps required, causing even more of a delay in them getting the assistance they need.

If its someone else's work, you can ask them for permission to bring the information here and/or include a link at the bottom to link back to the site that the content was originally posted on. This gives credit to the person that wrote it and prevent the extra clicking and loading for the end user.

This is for the overall good of the site, each user, and helping others.

Please make the experience equally great for everyone and follow these easy steps to make things more streamlined and user friendly.

We will moderate this closely, and if you cant follow this easy process than you will be PM'ed and we can discuss the issue further in private.

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